Motorhome marketing matters

Well MMM, motorhome marketing matters, a lot in this day and age motorhome campervan leisure vehicles marketing methods matter. So, where do you start? Where do you begin to understand what is needed to find success? You may well ask! But, this is not rocket science or is it? I feel sorry for people who try to manage a way around online marketing. It is a minefield of suck it and see. However, that takes time and time costs money!

Motorhome marketing matters how daft the world can get, you can target anyone with an Internet connection. Yet, sometimes getting a connection online, stops everyone in their tracks. I have to sometimes pinch myself, as it seems just yesterday, plugging Windows 95 on disk onto our PCs! Yes, 1995 was the turning point where all the staff wanted was the latest screensaver! All we wanted was for it all to work! Eventually, it did and as they say, the rest is history! A history that soon, many will not even know existed. Talk about progress how much marketing can you do online? When it comes down to motorhome marketing matters, the answer is loads and loads of stuff. Most of which is all in the public domain. You need to know where to look!

Motorhome marketing matters MMM

Motorhome marketing matters is an old joke. As the “drunk rang the police station for a lift home, officer I can hardly stand up, hick” “Are you drunk and disorderly, where are you, sir? The reply came after a pause “Wouldn’t you like to know”! Something that actually costs very little. But, what price is the knowledge? Yes, today our friendly drunk, would be tracked on his phone or Facebook page, telling him and the police where he is! Our day, press button B and get your money back! Or press button A and insert four pennies! Priceless how time flies.

Marketing money matters

Motorhome marketing matters So, back to the MMM (motorhome marketing matters) and there are issues. How we have seen online things grow and grow and fast! So, where do you get on and off the bus? At a bus stop stupid! Where do you get on the motorhome marketing matters bus? Well right here reading this for starters. I went online and posted a simple video “is your motorhome advertising working” That was a fair question I thought at the time! Now the loaded question there were the search terms, if you had the best motorhome stock, the best prices and no one finds you then what?

Motorhome managing budgets

Having been around the block a few times, we despair as people believing they can do everything in house! Why bother I have said it is all about knowlage and turning that to a customers advantage. It moves so fast and how are we expected to keep up? Simple, look online, find that drunk and go and join him! Why because, he may have been celebrating finding a bitcoin strategy. He may have posted his lottery ticket online and hit the jackpot. He may have just sold his motorhome for a fortune on our website.

Motorhome marketing matters so what next?

Or just plain and simple, he has got the sack, for not being an online expert! Let’s hope it’s all much nicer than that, think what would be a nice ending for him! By the way, our drunk could have been a lady! So, how about installing Windows 2095! that will not be on a floppy disk or CD. Answers please on the back of a twenty-pound note, usual address. If you have any cash that is. As we head towards a cashless society, no phone boxes, virtually no pubs left and no one to answer the phone at the police station! Can you just start to remember these things because just like the MMM recognition? Even magazines may soon be a thing of the past! As my pal said last week “best thing since sliced bread” that new Auto-Sleeper Symbol Plus! Really when did sliced bread come into it? Does not sound like an orchestral instrument either. Hey, have you heard the Baby Shark song? No well, have a bit of this!