Motorhome campervan show NEC manufacturers dealers attending

The NEC motorhome show is back, hopefully to much-awaited news on the supply of new motorhomes, especially delivery dates being a key to people deciding to buy a new motorhome or campervan. There has been a growing number of customers telling supplying dealers that “enough is enough” waiting 18 months for much-awaited delivery news is one thing, other issues are that the prices have gone up in the meantime! Some by as much as £16,000.

No matter how much you look at the situation, most people don’t mind a short wait, however, what is a short time? One month, six months, one year? We have to accept these things are a combination of supply chain issues, The pandemic, the viability of supply and Brexit yes, Brexit! The employment issues are real dealers cannot find salespeople or technicians some advertising for over a year. Why would anyone criticise a European manufacturer for withdrawing from the market? Big names like Citroen are prime examples and have stated they no longer will be making motorhome chassis.

Manufacturers  targets

Are the real issues at the manufacturer’s doorstep? Because vehicle manufacturers produce carbon emissions, manufacturers are still making internal combustion engine vehicles and chassis. European Union and global governments will impose punitive and substantial financial penalties if reductions are not reduced in line with targets set. Manufacturer’s penalties may well run into multi-millions of pounds. If targets are not met this hits the bottom line, just adding to the dilemma that manufacturers face.

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