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Motorhome Complaints. What are the most common motorhome complaints? Well, that is a leading question, for sure! Just the fact that you may be involved in motorhome complaints, affecting your own motorhome. That is what many would not perceive, as a problem to be resolved. Nine times out of ten, genuine motorhome complaints, revolve around component failures. When you consider, that there are many white goods in a motorhome, that may fail. So, getting to the bottom of why motorhome complaints, may have to be referred to a third party. That is just the way it is. As the saying goes, two is company and three is a crowd! So, when we get to the who said what, all hell may break loose!

Now, mechanical failure, is all part of the world we live in. So, how on earth do motorhome complaints escalate? Usually because common sense does not prevail! Once people have locked horns, then stand back and light the blue touch paper. The most important thing is to understand, what the actual complaint is all about. Many people start blaming the actual people, who are trying to mend the problem. Why don’t people think, that just sometimes they are the problem. However, the point is, how do people become so enraged? Leading to all logic and reason to go out the window. OK, good motorhome advice may, be a solution here.

Motorhome Complaints Social Media

So, if we just focus on how to resolve motorhome complaints, simply. As Churchill said “jaw, jaw, jaw not, war, war, war”! Firstly, you may be enraged, that when you went to buy your motorhome, how you were treated. In some cases, with little respect. Remember, the pushy salesperson had no time for your time-wasting. They were too busy eating, at their desk! They virtually told you to hang on while they finished lunch. So, that went down like a lead balloon! Before, you know it, this is no longer about a component failure or a poor sales experience. This is now about social media beating the drum! Now, we are on our way to conflict. Break out the tin hats, batten down the hatches. Here comes the barrage of abuse. All out of hand and in many cases people venting their anger. That motorhome dealer just did not care. They never offered a test drive, the after salespeople were awful! Comments are needed to be respectful. Sadly many are not! So, watch out for what will be a barrage of comments;

  1. rubbish service
  2. hopeless after-sales
  3. rude salespeople
  4. no support when we broke down
  5. would never go there again
  6. they just did not care about us waiting
  7. never even replied to our email
  8. took our comment off their Facebook page
  9. got us banned from the forum
  10. we are in litigation over this mess

Motorhome Complaints Diplomacy

Now, here is the worst scenario about to happen? The dreaded solicitors letter. Well let’s not see that happen. Firstly, document your problems. It takes away some of the emotions. Diplomacy is needed. Make sure that a dialog, will take place and remain calm. Hopefully, people will see the errors of their ways and compromise, to find a solution. You may always take your complaint and issues to an ombudsman. If there is one that covers the topic. Arbitration may also be a solution. A good dealer, will always resolve issues. A bad dealer, will rise to the bait and enter into hassle with the customer. Especially, online one upmanship. This usually ends in tears, with forum admins banning all parties! So, is there anyway to avoid conflicts over motorhome complaints? If everything fails, no way forward, no one will give in! So, then it will be out with the dueling pistols and see you at dawn! LOL. You need to consider, if we are able to help? Just contact motorhomes campervans, we will do our best to help anyone.

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Motorhome Complaints

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Motorhome Complaints