Motorhome Cycle Insurance Stolen Bikes

Approximately 376,000 bicycles stolen every year in the UK with only 5% of home contents policies included bikes according to Covering bikes on the back of motorhomes is debatable are they on the motorhome insurance? Some home policies cover bikes but, not for certain thefts like on a motorhome, theft of a motorhome is bad enough losing the bikes as well is frustrating. No doubt cycling is on the increase to that end more bikes will be requiring insurance cover. Stop tempting thieves by having secure bike racks attached to a motorhome with approved cycle locks, many bicycle thefts are from outside the victim’s homes, therefore, relying on house insurance hence motorhome cycle insurance is worth having in place.

Motorhome Cycle Insurance UK Legends

Cycle insurance continues to be in demand many cycle dealers and manufacturers have their own cycle insurance cover a staggering statistics is that it is estimated around 2 million Britons are regular cyclists, this is small in comparison to Europeans. With many famous cyclists, becoming knights of the realm. Sir Chris Hoy and Sir Bradley Wiggins due to achievements in the Tour de France and Olympic Games. Along, with other now cycling legends Mark Cavendish, Laura Trott, Chris Froome and Victoria Pendleton their participation and success, has led to a boom in the cycling industry. For many the reason to buy a cycle is to help keep fit for others they are ideal motorhome companions for popping to the local shops make sure that that cycle lock goes along otherwise it may be a long walk back.

Motorhome Cycle Insurance Companies

We go off-roading on our bikes and never consider the consequences what if we fall off finding yourself injured and unable to work. Loss of earnings could really cause a problem why insure your bikes more interest, more bikes, more thefts there is a lot of cycle insurance information online just look at offers when buying a new bike? Many have cycle cover at sensible premiums. Online cover most aspects of cycle insurance, for example, see the likes of Wiggle cycle insurance. Evans cycle insurance offer cover basically, they may provide free cover when buying a bike from them. Raleigh bicycles originally the UK number one and Giant cycles all have forms of bike cover.

Motorhome Cycle Insurance UK Law

Interesting legal points riding a bike on the highway applies to what is known as cycle law. There is a case for examining bicycle insurance law as with the many cycle insurance tips knowledge is everything protecting the bicycle is one thing being liable and insured for any actions is another..

  1. statutory law
  2. common law
  3. highway code
  4. bylaws
  5. local provisions

What does cycle insurance really cover check out the scope of the cover and detail protecting the bike maybe one thing protecting yourself maybe another thing? Causing an accident or damage to someone’s property may be liable to check out what cycle insurance public liability is all about. As we all know accidents do happen and falling from a bike is no joke, it hurts. We know that cycling on a busy road or even pedestrians crossing may be a hazard even more if you’re responsible for damage or injury to other road users public liability cover is a good thing this is an essential cover benefit to protect financially against a claim.