There are many ways, that motorhome dealers, are able to help motorhome customers. The choice of a motorhome dealer, is many times brought about by a personal relationship. You may have used the dealers franchise before. The fact that a salesperson, may have changed employers. Therefore, you like to deal with a salesperson, you have used before. There could be one reason that overrides all of these issues, what is that then? A great deal on the price being paid for the motorhome!

So, just what does a motorhome dealer, have to do to attract customers? First of all, for customers to find, that they are actually in business! How many times do you hear a customer say “we did not know you were here”? So, just where do you as a customer, find a good motorhome dealer? There is one way by reading on our motorhomes campervans website. At motorhome shows or on a motor manufacturers event. Now finding one you trust to deal with is the key question?

Motorhome Dealers Finding The Right One

Now, on forums and owners websites, you always get the one comment. Had a terrible experience, with this motorhome dealer? Funny because there always is the one comment,”we will never use them again”! Bounders, scoundrels, robbers, crooks, you name it the motorhome dealer gets the brunt of complaints, Especially, online where a customer may vent anger. There are always, going to be two sides to a story. Many times motorhome dealers, are not ever able to answer the allegations online. However, we don’t buy that any motorhome dealers, deliberately try to make a motorhome owners life a misery. Far from it! They all want to have a good relationship with a customer. What do customers want from a motorhome dealer?

  1. good information
  2. help with the motorhome jargon
  3. time to ask questions and get correct answers
  4. a good deal when it all comes to that last price
  5. part exchanges
  6. motorhome finance offers
  7. after sales 24/7 help on breakdowns
  8. after sales motorhome advice
  9. no pushy sales personnel
  10. trust to come back at any time

Motorhome Dealers Finding The Buyers

That you, as a first time buyer, needs extra help than an experienced owner. Then that is where, motorhome dealers should excel. Why not for all customers? Yes, well that is the point, the sales and after sale service, should be for all customers. But, when you are a first time buyer, you will need that extra trust. So, no matter what we may think, this is a large cash purchase. It may well be someones life savings, trusting motorhome dealers takes on a whole new meaning at that point. Consider that they are about to take off the customer, a lot of money. Not that we know why a customer is going to choose a dealer? We know that the customer is actually choosing a motorhomes or campervan! Narrowed down, that means the choice of dealer actually is always going to come second! After the motorhome or campervan that is.

Motorhome Dealers Finding Trusting The Brand

OK, we have established a few things, in our quest for good motorhome dealers. Lets just consider, why some are known as specialist motorhome dealers. For example McLouis Fusion dealers, have been selected to launch a brand new model in the UK. So, first of all the motorhome manufacturers have to put a trust in them. That is before a customers, even sees the actual dealer chosen. The manufacturer on this occasion is Auto-Sleeper motorhomes. One of the oldest motorhome manufacturers, in the UK. So, there is another element of huge trust of the McLouis brand name. That has come about by the Trigano group, owning both Auto-Sleeper and McLouis. But, when all said and done, the motorhome dealers are trusted with the brand and that is enormous in responsibility! So, customer service has just got a huge tick in the box!

Motorhome Dealers Finding Brands

Now, a motorhome dealer appointed to sell the McLouis Fusion range, has a big responsibility. To customers interested in the brand, you will find excellent Italian motorhomes. All backed up by Auto-Sleeper motorhomes! So, as a customer, trusting a McLouis Fusion dealer has a few ticks in the box before starting out! With any introduction the brand is important. So, a sense of trust is established for the customer in advance.

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Motorhome Dealers Finding Manufacturers

So, it is not rocket science, to see why a motorhome manufacturer, chooses a motorhome dealer. However, behind the scenes it may be a little more complex, than a customer may well think. The fact is the motorhome manufacturer, is trusting their brand with a chosen dealer! Reputations, are built over time and that means protection to customers is imperative. Choosing a motorhome dealer starts the ball rolling.

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