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What sort of motorhome franchise do customers want to buy a motorhome or campervan from we were asked what we thought about one, a bespoke motorhome dealer and two, a multi-franchise motorhome dealer? We have found that nearly all motorhome dealers are helpful and we think there is a reason for that. Because we believe that selling a motorhome or campervan is a very special purchase. For example, if you are buying a car that is a must-have vehicle to get from a to b. Buying a leisure vehicle is just that buying for using for leisure.

We all want cars to be reliable as some people will rely on a car for getting to work taking the children to school and getting the shopping done. Cars and commuting in them are an essential part of our lives. That purchase of a car is driven by being for essential use somewhat like committing to a motorhome broker, (limiting exposure and thinking we must use one to sell our motorhome). The fact is once signing up you are committing to those sales or purchase channel. With so many car purchases now being brought on a PCP (personal car plan). Once you are signed up (like a motorhome brokerage agreement) you are locked into a contract.

Motorhome Franchise Motorhome and Campervans Buying

There is a distinct difference in buying a motorhome or campervan from that of a car. Buying a motorhome or campervan is without a doubt a lifestyle purchase. Customers are buying into a dream that they may have had for a long time. Selling a motorhome or campervan is as important as buying one. Because when sale time comes who will buy your motorhome from you? The question is who will pay a good price for your motorhome, therefore, the residual value of your motorhome or campervan may be less depending on your options. Using a bespoke dealer provides you with certainty they will want your motorhome or campervan because that is all they sell. The multi-franchise dealer has a lot more options they may not be so keen on buying your motorhome for cash. However, if it’s cheap that may be a different case and some reasons why are all about price.

Motorhome Franchise Motorhomes UK A Lifestyle Purchase

Buying a motorhome or campervan places the customer’s attitudes in a different place most really want to buy one. Therefore motorhome dealers find more friendly customers who want to live the dream. Therefore making peoples dreams come true a dealer may be seen as the knight in shining armour. However, are they the wolf in sheep’s clothing? We have happy circumstances buyers wanting to buy and sellers wanting to sell. They all enjoy the transaction hopefully becoming a memorable and pleasant experience for any customer. As well as being a profitable one for motorhome dealers

Motorhome Franchise Motorhome Dealers UK

Back to the question bespoke dealers verses multi-franchise dealers? The bespoke dealer by dealing with one product has to have the edge because they have just one set of model ranges to understand. Knowing the product for any servicing and repairs becomes easier they don’t have to be the Jack of all trades. They focus on becoming the master of the make of motorhome focusing on what they are selling and servicing. They do not have to try and hold zillions of parts for different motorhomes or have to handle multi-franchise warranty claims.

Motorhome Franchise Dedicated Services

Hopefully providing a higher level of the customer after sales service, of a bespoke nature. They don’t have to be an encyclopedia of motorhome information just one product range no guessing things like payloads, MIRO and how high or long it is. The whole service becomes seamless so a customer gets what they want a top bespoke service. Bespoke dealers specialising and dealing with one manufacturer perfect what they do. This kind of enhances the Arthur Dayley “my word is my bond” because they know their products. They know what they are doing so their word may have a bit of Arthurs bond with it. Every aspect of providing a good service should be easy for a bespoke motorhome dealer.

Motorhome Franchise Multi Motorhome Franchised Dealers

How do multi-franchise dealers gauge loyalty to a brand just how does a multi-franchise dealer selling multi products be loyal to any one brand? Quite simply they are unable to do that through some would have you believe that they do. If they do this they may as well become a bespoke dealer. The multi-franchise dealer may well occupy a gin palace showroom with acres of space. But does the customer get a bespoke service? Does a customer buy from a wide range of makes and models understanding things are any easier?

Motorhome Franchise Sell The Dream Not The Layout!

If a customer wants a particular layout are they compromised into a decision? Because more selection was available at the multi-franchise dealer and there was a near fit available? Being the Devil’s Advocate how many customers just compromise everything they wanted? Because this one will do only to discover later it will not do. A typical example may be a surprise, we brought the one with the garage! Knowing that UK manufacturers tend to not have a garage because we cook a lot more in the UK inside. UK motorhomes take that garage space and use it wisely. That shiny open space made the difference? Or did the multi-franchise dealer convince you that was ideal to carry everything! Was this the compromise of ignorance did they mention overloading your motorhome? The point here is, multi-franchise inevitably sell foreign motorhomes with garages!

Motorhome Franchise Dealers

Having brought a motorhome or campervan from a large multi-franchise dealer the proof of the pudding will always be in the eating. Big is beautiful we hear the cry by that comment we mean will you receive that after sales service of those one brand bespoke special offers. If you have brands competing on price which brand will the multi-franchise motorhome dealer sell you? By nature, they all need a profit to stay in business that means a choice for the multi-franchise motorhome dealer. Do they sell you the one you like or the one they have the most profit in it or the one that happens to have been in stock for a long time? We will leave that to the customers to decide the outcome.

Motorhome Franchise Bespoke Dealer

Clearly, a bespoke dealer has more clout with a one on one manufacturer relationship. The points are those motorhome dealers want to provide a good service to all customers. Sometimes big is not beautiful quite the opposite. Having to deal with a multi-franchise dealer may become a customers nightmare. Because selling different makes means motorhome dealers have multitasking to carry out. Is dealing with a bespoke motorhome dealer the right way forward? Only the customers will decide the answer to that question.

Motorhome Franchise how did you do?

Before you answer the question or give an opinion who remembers the old days of Austin, Morris, Rover, Riley, Triumph, Jaguar, and British Leyland all under one roof / Flag? Does the multi-franchise motorhome dealer have a shorter life span than we think? Think what happened to Audi, BMW, VW, Range Rover, Mini, Nissen, Renault, Peugeot and Citroen. Yes, they all became bespoke dealerships will motorhomes follow the same route? Who did you buy from a bespoke dealer or a multi-franchised dealer? There are always debates about customer sales and after-sales services. On forums, you see good and bad comments that have to be a good thing! Whoever you brought your motorhome from enjoying and living the dream is what this is all about.

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