Motorhome Groups

Why are motorhome groups so useful? Why indeed? Well, it is not rocket science or is it? Before social media networks took off, online communities and forums just provided a way for people to interact. The word collaborates, maybe a little strong. However, the idea to share motorhome content has really begun to appeal.

Motorhome Owners

There are many like-minded motorhome owners, out there, certainly fact not fiction! Even we have embraced the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and now other social networks. However, how does one keep track of the many different motorhome groups? Simples, just join the ones that will really promote your brand! Many different motorhome groups, forums, and online communities are really powerful marketing tools.

Many set up for the social media effect, are what motorhome manufacturers have been driven to participate in. Please excuse the pun but “driven” because they have to have been driven to have a Twitter or Facebook page!

Motorhome Groups

In fact, you may ask the leading question why? Is leisure way behind a car buying world? It is like going back in time. Purchases of cars an essential. Being part of our need to commute. There is no doubt that many leisure brands. Find it harder and harder to gain exposure. The power in Google brings. Leads, leads and more leads. Now done correctly business flows! However, reaching fellow motorhome owners, fans and followers on platforms like Facebook is only one thing. Building a trusted motorhome group has to be a step better than that!

Motorhome Trigano Group

Motorhome Groups

Club Motorhome Stopover

Also, motorhome people today, more than ever, like the idea of a sense of belonging. Motorhome owners are usually a friendly bunch, so, that helps build a genuine audience! Recommending motorhome stopovers are very good. Maybe, like our target, motorhome owners deserve a little more than the norm. So, many motorhome brands are seeing a more internet savvy target customer. How are we able to meet that motorhome customers needs beyond the conventional dealer? Well, we believe with the right approach we will be able to express, learn, and share what motorhome groups have on offer. We believe that even dealers will want to join in. Therefore, helping customers find good honest information.

Our Motorhome Groups

Larger brands are focusing on the potential of Facebook, Google+ Communities, Linkedin Groups, and online communities. How will that pan out when all are in a similar position? What next? Our passion has been to see what we can do, to provide even more information. Hence, we believe that our motorhome groups will grow.