Motorhome Holidays 2019

Where are you motorhome holidays 2019 going to be taking you? Maybe into the land of the unknown, Europe. Yes, all because of Brexit there remains questions to be answered. So, better become a boy scout and “be prepared”. How stupid, in this day and age we appear to be going backwards. Now, here comes the first hurdle, to possibly overcome. How many of you, remember the days of green cards when travelling in Europe? But, no matter your opinion, in or out, that is where we maybe heading. Back to legislation and to proving you are insured when driving in Europe and beyond.

No doubt, take a deep intake of breath. Spare a thought as you park up, in the line of lorries on the motorway. Awaiting, your turn to board the motorhome ferry. Yes, the one you missed yesterday will soon be going! Sounds unreal. But, as we write this, we have a short time left. No one quite knows, what to expect or what will be required to travel in the EU. Just food for thought at this point, as the hours pass it won’t be that funny. You may well be soon fed up of waiting and turning back. Well, heading to Scotland or Wales, may not be so bad after all. No point in spending, your motorhome holidays 2019, on a motorway, parked up. You may as well have a plan B ready for enjoying what’s left of your holiday. Before it is to late, this now will need some form of contingency planning to be in place!

Motorhome Holidays 2019 Seeking Sunshine

OK, worst case scenario, you find it impossible to cross the English Channel. Motorhome holidays 2019, may well be better planned this year. How? Just simply by just deciding to see some of the British isles. Not bothering to go into Europe at all. Maybe, historically the weather has been the main attraction, for going overseas. However, that sun did not disappoint last year in the UK. In fact, far from it, we had long spells of sun and hot weather. So, maybe if all the UK motorhome owners, stay in the UK for motorhome holidays 2019. Just think what that would do? Certainly put some more money and investment, to help jobs in stopovers. Some great destinations are in the UK here is a few;

  1. Edinburgh
  2. Loch Ness
  3. Stonehenge
  4. London
  5. Cardiff
  6. Swansea
  7. Seaside destinations, Skegness, Great Yarmouth, Woolacombe etc
  8. Yorkshire dales and moors
  9. Snowdonia
  10. Lake district

Motorhome Holidays 2019 Freedom Adventure

Freedom of speech and freedom to choose, this takes on a whole new meaning. So, as we look to buy motorhomes for leisure use. We know that many motorhomes, will have been made in Europe. We doubt that will amount to very little. However, they do not have on the tin, do not use in the UK. There, needs to be a bit of flag waving, especially, for the UK motorhome tourist destinations. Again, with that would come, seeing more motorhomes on the UK roads, sending the message that leisure is getting better. So, why do we take our motorhome holidays abroad? The answer, has to be sunshine and that sense of adventure. For sure, our love of French and Italian food and wine have some say. Alongside, that Spanish and Portuguese sunshine. So, that if your motorhome holiday 2019, turns out to be a disaster. Full of delays and form filling. Well, this is not something to look forward to. Then that will also be driving us on as well, next time round. Never again, will anyone want to experience, long delays, parked on motorways. OK, well we get the message, Skegness, here we come!

Motorhome Holidays 2019 Destination UK

Just how many places in the UK, have you actually been to? Motorhome holidays 2019, could provide a start point. Now, we think that is a good question to ask? In the old days, that rear of the caravan, was full of laces visited stickers. Places that your family and caravan had visited. Proudly displayed in pride of place, on the back window. Will those stickers make a return? Maybe, we are a little more reserved now. Just imagine admitting, with a sense of pride, that we had been to Lands end and John O Groats, in the same year. It could become like visiting football grounds and collect the match day programs. Is taking that motorhome holiday in the UK all bad? No, we don’t think so. Unless you have tried it, how are you going to know?

Motorhome Holidays 2019 Weak Pound

What a message, taking motorhome holidays 2019, in the UK. This would also send out a great tourist trade message? Now, this may well never happen. But, hey, never say never. The whole idea, has been done before, in a fashion. That was way back, when we had a fly the flag. That was then a  buy British promotion, on British Leyland cars. This captured the imagination of the great British public. However, back in the late 1970s, there were many issues! Without doubt, you could ask, was that our finest hour to support UK trade? In fact, it worked to some extent. However, maybe that was the last throw of the dice, for the UK car trade. British Leyland, at least went down with all guns firing. So, with a real focus on what motorhome holidays 2019, could hold in store. Now, don’t just dismiss the idea. Consider that 17,4 million voted to leave Europe, so, how many were motorhome owners? An interesting question, would be around the tourist trade. Just who backs Britain? What does that mean to attracting tourists? A weak pound and the tourists apparently, will flock back! Or will they?

Motorhome Holidays 2019 Ferry Delays?

Motorhome hire in the UK, continues to attract interest. Here again, maybe a great UK motorhome holiday, is well worth consideration. More and more motorhome dealers are renting out motorhomes. In Scotland, for example, BC Motorhomes and Scot Motorhomes both, are renting out motorhomes. These may well become, very positive times to set the stall out, for renting motorhomes. Also, a positive way to really promote, those motorhome holidays 2019. All it needs is some imagination. Just who will to go and see, what the UK has to offer? Well, it beats sitting on a motorway, waiting for a ferry! Get out and see for yourself, what the UK motorhome holiday, has to offer.

Motorhome Holidays 2019 Motorhome Rentals

In Scotland the McLouis Fusion dealers, BC Motorhomes rent out motorhomes. They have an airport in Scotland, meet and greet service. So, that also takes in major Scottish railway stations. So, book and collect and you are on your way!

motorhome holidays 2019

Motorhome Holidays 2019 McLouis Fusion

The McLouis Fusion brand are ideal motorhomes to be considered. They provide ideal family motorhomes and have ideal layouts for family use. Buying one could not be easier. Just ask for more details from the McLouis Fusion dealers.

motorhome holidays 2019

Motorhome Holidays 2019 Motorhome Hire

Scot, motorhomes in Scotland provide motorhome hire, with meet and greet service. With vast experience of selling and renting out motorhomes in Scotland. So, look online to book and collect, for that family motorhome rental holiday!

motorhome holidays 2019