Motorhome insolvencies

Motorhome insolvencies payments arrears repossessions are not the best topic to discuss. However, buying motorhomes involves a lot of cash. None, are exactly cheap and most are in excess of £30K. So, how do motorhome insolvencies, become reported? Well, like any insolvency, the bigger they come, the harder they fall. Bad news travels fast! The difficulty in buying a new motorhome is that usually, it is a factory order. Nothing wrong with that, except you pay a deposit to a motorhome dealer! This can be at least 10%. So, paying by credit card may give some protection. However, many pay for the motorhome via a loan. Therefore, the customer may well have passed that on, with a deposit, over to the motorhome dealer! Make sure you know who you are dealing with!

Checking the payments

So, as nagging doubt, now kicks in, you begin to see why. Whilst, a finance company will grab the title, to the actual motorhome, when its registered. However, in the interim, you are in no man’s land! Now, dealing with long-established, motorhome dealers, is all well and good. But, in this day and age, who are we able to rely on? Thankfully, the dangerous motorhome insolvencies, usually revolve around sale and return agreements. That is what happened in Scotland, when an unscrupulous dealer, failed to pay out. Apparently, this involved £800,000 of motorhomes. So, we flag all of this article up, to act as a little warning. In addition, we suggest that people research, who they are dealing with! This takes us to why talk about it now. Well, we think the UK, may be in a real Brexit mess. We wanted to point a few things out, that may concern potential customers.

Motorhome insolvencies Brexit effect

At last, the nights have draw out and happy summer days, may paint a different picture. Now, before our sun tans have worn away! So, let’s compare the last years lovely summer weather, to how Brexit is affecting us all. Motorhome insolvencies aside for a moment. Taking an analogy or for the use of better words. Just a comparison, of people’s moods. No, it is no fun to hear, that so many people are finding, that they are running into debt, before pay day arrives! Where, do you motorhome owners, all fit into this planned exit of the UK, from the European Union? A real set of questions await us all here! Buying and selling aside, what will be the real effects. We have discussed this before, but, a weak pound really does cause concern. Motorhomes being exported may benefit. But, what about the imported ones? The components, for just in time manufacturer? Things a Brexiteer will have forgotten all about!

Motorhome insolvencies Brexit effect continued

Let us focus, on the article 50 notice, kind of sounds like a suntan cream, if only it was! At least factor 50, stops you from burning from the sun. Article 50, is is just beginning hotting up. Yes, it may be revoked. However, sadly many businesses, in the meantime are and have been getting very burned. Not on their bodies, but in their wallet! Whilst, we are all awaiting guidance and leadership. Something, that does not seem very forthcoming. How do I have the nerve to say that? Because, look around you and by that, we have all switched off and are hoping to enjoy the summer. I have time for everyone’s opinions. But, what has become of common sense? If you buy into something or order a product and it’s not delivered, that is a pain to sort out! If you find you have the option to cancel the order, as things have changed, would you not take it? This is Brexit in a nutshell!

Motorhome insolvencies are the high street changing fast?

Yes, we know the world of retail, is changing. However, this is not funny, the collapse of our high streets coincides with a number of issues. The Brexit notice. I hear people say, no, you are wrong, retail was changing anyway, long before Brexit! Looking at the numbers, it all started to fall apart in 2010! Now, who not going to say that Brexit, has had nothing to do with the retail high street downturn? Those, who have lost their jobs or just ask all the high street landlords, what is it like to have no tenants. They are still paying the reduced council tax! Slowly but, surely every month people are getting in deeper. The facts remain, how many people have put off buying a motorhome? Awaiting, a Brexit conclusion, customers deserve better! The whole thing may have to get worse before it gets better! We may never know the real damage and cost to date!

Motorhome insolvencies who has gone bust 2019? 

Thankfully, as yet we have not had many motorhome insolvencies. Let’s have a bit of good news, we have seen two of our homegrown motorhome manufacturers Auto Sleeper motorhomes and Elddis motorhomes slip into French and German hands. Why now? Hopefully, the jobs will stay in the UK! Just how many jobs, will this Brexit take with it? Now, here comes the real whammy, there will be loads of jobs when we have left Brexit, just wait and see. OK, put the Vera Lynn song on “There will be bluebirds over, the white cliffs of Dover, tomorrow, just you wait and see”! I love that song, because it meant what the words said, at that time! But, they don’t apply now. If you believe they do, you will be in for a big surprise! I have a better song to sing now by Eric Burden and the animals “We have got, to get out, of this place, if it’s the last thing we ever do”! Here are some reasons why;

Check This Out Who Went Bust?

Motorhome insolvencies who will be left? 

Brexit you could say, seemed, like a good idea at the time! However, now those blue skies are not out every day and we miss them. Will you be missing free passage to Europe, the right to go and visit in your motorhome? Even to go and live there, with no fuss? Secure borders, that is what we have at the moment! Wait till we are out, if that ever happens that is? At this point then, you will know about borders. You will be spending an enormous amount of time, just waiting to cross them! So, what is my point? In my time of life, it appears a matter of who cares what happens. Well, I have lived through good and bad times. But, if you look who has gone bust, from 2010 to 2019, it is unbelievable. Long may those motorhome insolvencies stay away! Let us think, about how we may reassure potential motorhome customers. There, is at least hope, that we will wake up to see what politicians are really all about. The damage done by Brexit to date, has to be paid for by someone. Let us make sure we learn the lesson. That dream motorhome may still be delivered soon!

Motorhome insolvencies buy now?

Buying, motorhomes has been put on hold by a lot of customers. You are unable to blame anyone, who has adopted a wait and see what happens approach. The facts, remain they are not cheap. However, some motorhomes, right now are real value for money! Take a look at a McLouis Fusion for example, launched right into the UK market from a cold start! No Brexit issues here! Only happy customers.

Motorhome insolvencies payments arrears repossessions

Motorhome insolvencies enjoy your motorhome

This is all about providing customers, with excellent service and an irresistible sales proposition. That is just what the selected specialist McLouis Fusion dealers have done. They have provided customers with a product that is desirable. Fixed bed layouts, with end garages. With 4 berths and up to 5 travelling seats. Downsize options to 3,500kg. Therefore, you are able to drive on a standard UK licence!

Motorhome insolvencies payments arrears repossessions

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