Motorhome Jargon

So, how are you getting on with the motorhome jargon is it a little confusing? Thus, are you a first time buyer? Also if you first start to look for a motorhome or campervan as a first time buyer you need to know what things refer to. Hence, we set out here to put you on the right road. Also, to buying your first motorhome or campervan. So, if you reach a crossroads and do not the way to go, then please contact us. Thus, we are “happy to help if we can”. Accordingly, motorhome Jargon is very basic and not rocket science. So, once you get the hang of it just take this as a learning curve. OK your lessons in motorhome jargon are about to begin.

Understanding the Motorhome Jargon.

So, what does it all mean? Hence, some explanations to help you understand things better, if you cannot find the right motorhome. Also if you are still in doubt you can use our free service. Hence, the Motorhome Concierge is on hand so feel free to ask us about motorhome jargon “happy to help if we can”. There are many different dimensions and weights to understand especially, payloads, mass in running order and other technical references. If you need help then by all means contact us here on the Auto-Sleeper portal.


All new motorhomes are subject to VAT, at the moment in time it is 20%. There were VAT free sales for genuine disabled people. Today, there remains a lot of uncertainty and many dealers will not do VAT free sales.

Motorhome Jargon explanations.

A Class.

A Luxury top of the range Motorhome.


Automatic energy selection on fridges enables them to automatically switch between 12V, 240V and gas.


Anti locking braking system.

Air Con.

Air conditioning.


Al-Ko chassis replaces a standard chassis.


A free standing or attachment to provide cover and shade.

B Class.

American term for a size of Motorhome (RV).


The number of beds in the Motorhome.

Bike Racks.

Rack on a Motorhome for carrying one or more bikes.

Black Waste.

Toilet waste stored in either a removable tank or cassette.


The connection method to your mobile device.

Captains Chair.

Stand-alone seats that have a swivel base and arm rests.

Cassette Toilet.

Toilet waste contained in a sealed container.


Motorhomes built on chassis like on a coach.

Corner steadies.

Drop down supports to stop suspension movement.


A popular style for Motorhome seating layout with table and twin seats.


Dis-mountable body you can leave on a campsite.


Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency.

Electric hook up.

Electrical sockets special cables plug in for electric supply.


End bathroom layout


End kitchen layout.


Earth leakage contact breaker safety device.


Pricing jargon excludes on-the-road costs such as road fund license, delivery charge and number plates.

Motorhome Jargon explanations.


Fixed bed layout or French Bed with a curved end.


Fixed roof.

Fresh Water Tank.

Tank for water to be stored for washing and cooking.


Flame failure device for gas appliances to stop gas escaping into a vehicle if a flame goes out.

Fridge – Three Way Fridge.

Fridge runs on mains electricity, gas and 12V leisure battery.


Posh way to go on a Motorhome Holiday!

Grey Waste.

Dirty water from sink, bathroom not black toilet waste.

Habitation Checks.

Inspection of all of the tanks, gas and working appliances testing everything to do with safety inside a Motorhome.


High top roof conversion.


Liquid petroleum gas alternative fuel to gas.

Lay Out.

How things are arranged in the Motorhome.

Leisure Battery.

Referred to as a second battery.

Used to power 12V lights, electrical devices saving the main vehicle battery.


Low profile.

LPG – Tank.

Liquid Petroleum Gas held in a tank usually under the Motorhome.


Left hand drive.

Maximum Gross Weight.

The maximum weight a Motorhome can be loaded up to.

Over Cab Bed.

Located over the cab of coachbuilt Motorhome.

Panel Van Conversion.

Vehicles that are converted and started life as a panel van!


Total weight of everything in a Motorhome not part of the Motorhome.


Power assisted steering.

Pop Top.

Pop up roof with extra bed inside usually on Campervans and Van Conversions..

Motorhome Jargon explanations.


Statutory off road notification applies to any vehicle taxed on or after 31 January 1998. If it is not taxed it must be declared off the road.


Panels built around the lower edge of a Motorhome often used as storage areas

Roof Light.

Window in the roof lets light in and provides ventilation.


Right hand drive.


Rising roof.


American term for a Motorhome recreational vehicle!


Twin benches or beds layout.

Thetford Toilet.

The most common type of Motorhome toilet.

Traveling Seats.

Seat belts fitted that are approved for traveling.

Van Conversion.

Converted panel van.

Waste Water Tank.

Holds wastewater from the sink, basin and shower.


Grade 3 winterisation making your motorhome winter proofed.

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