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Motorhome Jargon

Motorhome Jargon

So, how are you getting on with the motorhome jargon, is it a little confusing? Are you a first time buyer? When, you first start to look for a motorhome or campervan, it is a bit of a challenge. Certainly, as a first time buyer, you need to know what the motorhome jargon means. Hence, our aim here was to put you on the right road. We know from experience, buying your first motorhome or campervan, may become a bit stressful. So, if you reach a crossroads and do not the way to go, then please contact motorhomes campervans. We are “happy to help anyone”. Accordingly, when you understand that motorhome jargon, is very basic and not rocket science. So, once you get the hang of it, just take this introduction to motorhomes, as a learning curve. OK, your lessons in motorhome jargon, are about to begin. Hit, the plus button below, to see what motorhome jargon is about!

Understanding, the motorhome jargon may be easier than you think. So, just what does it all mean? Hence, some explanations, to help you understand things better. Frustration sets in, especially, if you are unable to find the right motorhome or campervan. Therefore, if you are still in doubt and give in, then just use our free service. Hence, we are on hand hand to help anyone. So, feel free to ask us about motorhome jargon, “happy to help anyone is our intention”. For example, there are many different dimensions and weights to understand. Especially, payloads, mass in running order and other technical references. If you need help then by all means contact motorhomes campervans. For reference to VAT FREE motorhome sales; All new motorhomes are subject to VAT, at the moment in time it is 20%. There were VAT free sales for genuine disabled people. Today, there remains a lot of uncertainty and many dealers will not do VAT free sales. So, on that one it is not straight forward at all! See; asking motorhome experts and motorhome FAQ frequently asked questions.

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Understanding Motorhome Jargon

How do we begin to answer so many questions about understanding motorhome jargon we decided to give it our best shot alphabetically if we have missed something we are bound to have done that. Many people get very frustrated because they cannot find an answer, to a motorhome or campervan question. We want to drive those problems away, sooner than later. If you have a question or jargon buster, then please let us know. Just contact motorhomes campervans, by email. We will add anything that helps people. We like to help people find things ASAP, that is jargon for as soon as possible! Don’t you just love when something works? When wanting to know something very simple about motorhomes there is motorhome jargon that is not quite as simple as first thought? No doubt, important at the time with gas or electric safety that first call is to ask for an expert who is qualified to help. We are answering questions on what we know about but, when it comes to safety first we will flag it up as dangerous, therefore, please do not rely on safety question answers ask an expert at a motorhome dealer first here are a few guidelines what questions arise.

  1. motorhome questions about the safety
  2. finding a supplier who has an answer
  3. motorhome tips
  4. motorhome accessories
  5. retrofit motorhome specialist
  6. service work on motorhomes
  7. motorhome dealers
  8. motorhome manufacturers

Motorhome Jargon A to E


Actual total weight

Motorhome contents when loaded that includes clothing and water in tanks.



The number of beds in the motorhome for people to sleep in.

Blown an air heating system

That blows heat through a ducting in the motorhome.


Caravan and motorhome club

Providing related services to members offering support and sales facilities online.

Camping and caravanning club

For national members a club that sponsors motorhome shows and events.


Chemical disposal point

Wastewater and chemical drainage often found on campsites and filling stations.


Caravan registration

Identification scheme to check on ownership and thefts of motorhomes and caravans.


Certificated campsites certification

That grades the facilities being used by members in general.


DP Diesel engines

Powering motorhomes virtually all motorhomes have diesel engines.

DH Diesel heating

Using the diesel to heat motorhomes and campervans.



Electric hook up points and cables

Found on sale at camp shops and motorhome accessory shops.

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