Motorhome Layouts

There are many variations of motorhome layouts to choose from. So, it does all depend on how many people are using the motorhome as to what will do the job. However, motorhome layouts differ in personal choice. Then is really a matter of seeing what is practical as well as what you actually like.

Thus, the different motorhome layouts differ in many ways. Also, in the end, it is always a matter of personal choice. So how many people are going to use the motorhome and what makes practical sense?

Motorhome Layouts

Thus, there are many to choose from. Therefore, take your time and think what you really need. In fact, many people get it wrong on the first time round. In addition, others like a change and go for a different layout every time.

Motorhome Layouts Double Beds

So, for those who do not want to make up their bed every night. Hence, a fixed double bed is a simple answer. Also, most fixed beds have storage areas under them as well.

Single Beds

The popular single beds mean individual comfort and that single bed is a great option. Also, again no making beds up at night time as most are a permanent feature.

French Bed Layouts

French bed layouts are popular. Also, a real alternative to an island or fixed double. So, with a French bed layout having the corner cut-off.

Bunk-Bed Layouts.

In fact, bunk beds are ideal if you do not want to make up a bed. Also, at night time kids love bunk beds. Thus, usually at the rear of a motorhome provides space.

Drop Down Bed Layouts

Thus, most drop down beds can be found in the front and usually in the over the cab. Also, many are easy to drop down some being on electric power struts.

End Kitchen Layouts

In fact, most of the end kitchen appeal is for those who like to cook. Also, prefer to cook in comfort at the rear of the motorhome. So, with many having the door at the rear. Also, cooking smells can be kept to the rear of the motorhome.

End Washroom Layouts

Thus, the end washroom is usually the ones that provide some extra space. So, you often find the luxurious washroom that has a separate shower with the toilet.

Front Lounge Layouts

Depending on where the entrance door is the front lounge provides space. Also, a lounge that is directly behind the cab. Thus, this leaves kitchens and bathrooms located to the rear.

Island Bed Layouts

Thus, an island bed motorhome layout means one thing space. Also, usually plenty of it as it says your bed is an island. So, you can walk around it with ease.

Campervan Layouts

In fact, campervans really are in a world of their own. Thus, tending to offer completely different styles and layouts. Also many have the rock and roll layout beds. In addition, to high roofs provide space. In addition, many have the pop-up roofs provide sleeping space options. Also, the long wheelbase models have shower and toilets.

Motorhome Layouts