Motorhome Leads

The task we want to discuss, is not just how we generate leads, it is what our contacts do with them that counts. There are many customers who do not want to become a lead, but, do want the good motorhome information. Unfortunately, one usually accompanies the other!

With the GDRP, general data protection regulation and the latest privacy policy 2018 in place. It would appear that legislation, is become harder than rocket science, to understand. So, just to give customers what they are looking for, has become a challenge.  The question set, is getting even more harder, are they login in now? Have they opted in, to accept email? Do we have their permission to help them?

For the very genuine enquiry and reply, trust would appear to have gone out of the window! Yes, endless privacy policy re writes, all to get a lead and help someone, to find good information. For sure, we do want to ensure that any data is kept safe. All we want to do is to help anyone find good motorhome information. Remember, that is what the day job is all about! However, that genuine person, wants help and not being held to ransom.

Especially, by the sign here, do this and do not do that, attitude. Those buy one and get one free days, may soon be over. But, what happened to common sense and helping genuine customers in general?

Motorhome Information

Most customers, just want good motorhome or campervan information! Then, they need that helping hand, to make sure it is the right motorhome information. At some point they want to know why, we may recommend a certain dealer to help them.

Also, what makes us, recommend that dealer, over another one and are they a genuine motorhome dealer? Therefore, we really hope that provides confidence, that the customer can call a dealer on recommendation and be helped in a very professional way.

When Leads Go Nowhere

Many folk on receiving a lead, may well make the initial effort, to be in touch with the customer. But, if they don’t get an instant reply, many just park the information for another day. The days of instant success tell a real story, we think at times, the world moves to fast. Especially, that social media world, good as it is, customers do need some breathing space.

Many customers, cannot just give up the day job, to instantly reply to a hungry sales person! Why does that impatience attitude, mainly found by sales people, happen? Quite simply, many sales people are lazy and DO not think about what has been asked of them! They have been given a lead and because a customer has requested information! At times to contact that customer, is not instantly possible.

A Lottery Winner

Bad attitudes, are not what the doctor ordered. For example, if you were being introduced to customers, knowing that they were lottery winners, how would you approach them? Hey there, how are you? Now you have loads of money, lets get stuck in and take some off you!

The point we are making here, where is that customer friendly attitude? Just forgetting the nice thing of saying, many congratulations on your good fortune. Courtesy must be shown to everyone, from the guy wanting a spare part, at the same level as to someone, wanting to spend a £100 K on a new motorhome!

Getting In Touch

So, why having been given a good lead, why do some sales people, just do not get the fact, that someone needs help? There has to be a way to extend that courtesy, to anyone asking for help? Everyone, must be worth at least 3 attempts of contact them, within 24 hours of receiving the lead. Then one and two weeks later, to try and be in contact again, as they may have gone on holiday!

Just taking on board they filled a form in and asked for help! Yes, they can change their mind! However, give them every chance to getting a reply! Also, many times that courtesy is not extended, especially, to the person providing a lead! They may be piggy in the middle, but, the fact remains that lead started life by their efforts!

The Lead Provider

You hear of motorhome dealers, giving different forms of discounts. Many think they can generate leads and sales by just having a new flash looking website! How far from reality they really are! Many hoping offers of free holidays and things like Marks and Spencer vouchers! They think they will be inundated with leads!

Do those ideas really hit the soft spot, for a lead to be forthcoming? Other, examples really show how out of touch, some people really are;

  • old fashioned bird dog incentives?
  • asking customers, to become lead providers.
  • what does the customer really value?
  • a genuine offer of actual cash discount or a voucher?

It is the same as a lead offering, an incentive to be considered for an offer! If all the customer wants is information, why bombard them, with things that they do not want? Make the offer clear and understand, that the customer, in many cases is providing a lead. A lead for information!

In fact, information is usually the main driver! So, let us get back to that lazy sales person and all that investment in getting a lead.

Why do they not see the value of this?

Quite simple, it may sound harsh, but,they are not fit for purpose!

Help I Am A Customer

Yes, its true I am a genuine customer, all I want is some motorhome information? It is just that simple, I have found a motorhome website, what is more it is easy to use. Now all I need is some answers, to my simple motorhome questions. HELP!

Now just a moment it cannot be that simple? In this day and age, sadly a lot of the time, it is not that simple. However, we believe it should be! The legislation reminds us of the leading role, in sales persons management, the CP officer! Motorhome leads will never be the same!

CP Officer?

Well for those who do not know, the CP officer lives on! The “customer prevention officer”, born out of lazy sales people, who just take an attitude that the customer is always wrong! Yes, they exist, I bet you some who are reading this motorhome leads article, will have met one in recent times!

The whole point of this motorhomes lead article is to set out to never see a CP officer at work! Customer service, has become the buzz word, but, we believe there is still a million miles to go! Eventually, the reality will be that there are more motorhomes than customers! Then we will see what real customer services and motorhome leads management are all about.

Motorhome Leads The Source 

There are many places to find motorhome leads from. However, what makes a lead a good one? Yes. you got it the one where a customer gets the right information, gets on well with the contact. Then all they want to do is try a motorhome and buy that dream motorhome!

Sounds easy doesn’t it? Well far from it, you may well read hundreds of posts and articles online. Leave a comment and suddenly find that holy grail of a motorhome lead. Someone actually has taken the time, to trust us to help them. Nothing better than learning that the motorhome lead you responded to has found a buyer, a motorhome! Just bliss!

Motorhome Information Please

Motorhome leads

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