Motorhome marketing beyond achievement expectation

Motorhome marketing beyond achievement expectation that makes motorhome marketing beyond expectation? I was adding information to the website and social media pages. Reading, articles about motorhome shows and I got to thinking. What really does drive motorhome sales?  Is it the makes and models, the salesperson, the magazine advert, motorhome shows or the customers? When we add an address to other factors, like supply and demand, does it get any clearer? In fact, it is none of the above! Has he flipped his lid, I hear you all cry.

Motorhome marketing Beyond achievement expectations a logical look, at what really drives motorhome sales and I have concluded. There is a factor being created all the time, and that factor is “expectation”. The fact remains, waiting for shows, sunshine and great deals, is it the expectation that drives it? The fact is that “expectation” is being raised all the time. So, do you stand back and ask why?  All the time that nagging question does creating “expectation” make a difference? We build up expectations by restricting promotions constantly. Telling people we are having a sale. So, that expectation of a good deal, the seed of expectation is sowed!

Motorhome marketing beyond expectation or great expectations

The point is that many people just do not get it. We have been very frustrated, by the attitudes of what I call the old guard. People in the industry, are fixed like rabbits in headlights and cannot see the wood for the trees. They advertise, which they have done for years. They go to motorhome shows because that is what they have always done! They do not understand, how to tap into the expectation that is and has been created. Unless we address that expectation, how will the leisure sales of vehicles move on? You could write a book about motorhome marketing and find that motorhomes are no different to any other form of sales expectation. At Xmas, we create expectations of long-awaited gifts. Summer, our expectation moves to a holiday. By default, we are creating expectations. So, what does that really all mean? That expectation restricts the flow of sales, yes, we are a seasonal industry. Really, now winterization is here does that really apply? Are we bottling exportation into a bottle we only open when it is safe to do so? Or does the old guard like it? Remember, what happened to Napoleon’s old guard?

Motorhome marketing beyond expectation fact or fiction?

We find that expectation, is driven by factors created by ignorance. That is a fact that they do not know that expectation is taking customers away from making a decision. Just look at periods before motorhomes shows take place. Customers are expecting a good show deal! So, their expectation keeps them away from a decision to buy until then. Outdoor shows have come under the weather. No one stops rain, snow or sunshine. But, expectation, means that customers are expecting a good deal. So, seeing that dream motorhome at a show, is that expectation? They will if the weather dictates take that expectation and save it for a rainy day.

Motorhome marketing beyond expectation first time buyers

Not only that, we have talked to first-time buyers. They are definitely driven by expectation, the expectation of buying their first motorhome. Sometimes they have been thinking of buying for more than a year! Some, have the money burning a hole in their pocket and are trying to spend it. However, expectation makes them wait. This is because they do not want to get it wrong. Or there is an expectation of a better deal to come along. Do we constantly promote great end of season sales? There you go creating that customer expectation of a deal being better later! Online, we now have the tools to turn expectation on its head. How? Well social media deals in real-time, live and now. So, that means no expectation is going to be created. It is here now you can buy one today! Expect, no more or no less, it is for sale now, drive away.

Motorhome marketing beyond expectation McLouis Fusion

Being able to create the here-and-now, means we are able to promote better offers. That means, that any new persons on the block do get a look in. No need to build expectations, on buying a McLouis Fusion. Yes, we may have created some expectations, that they were on their way back to the UK. That lasted about two weeks and now they are here! So, now we do not have expectations. The here and now makes it all relevant to be able to buy one today! The models are;

  1. McLouis Fusion 331
  2. McLouis Fusion 360
  3. McLouis Fusion 367
  4. McLouis Fusion 373
  5. McLouis Fusion 379

Motorhome marketing beyond expectation McLouis Fusion fact

Motorhome marketing beyond achievement expectation

Motorhome marketing beyond expectation McLouis Fusion not fiction

Motorhome marketing beyond achievement expectation