Motorhome Motability

What is the motorhome motability? So, firstly let us explain, our reference of motorhome motability. We do not want to confuse our term of motorhome motability. For example, with the car leasing scheme, run by the charity for disabled people MFL. We refer for reference of ease, in trying to explain, what mobility motorhomes, for disabled allowances, are all about. Therefore, clearly, there are questions sent to us, virtually every day, do motability MFL, have motorhomes on the scheme? The simple answer is NO they don’t!

Motorhome dealers, by all means, help us, please. Free, advertisements if you supply motorhomes to the disabled community. Also, any genuine disabled products, we will help to promote as well. Contact motorhomes campervans. Why not motorhomes on a disabled scheme? In fact, a motorhome could be very useful. In providing a dual purpose vehicle, like a van conversion, for example. Ideal, to combine a holiday or weekends away. Making an ideal break for a disabled person. This works both ways, for carers, for example, a short break or holiday in a motorhome, with the family, maybe more affordable. So, what do we hope to achieve with our information on this page? Simply to help with some of the questions.

Motorhome Motability VAT Free

VAT free motorhomes, are now only available to genuine wheelchair users. A very proven disabled person. As, with most disabled things, they were at one stage VAT free. Virtually to any disabled people. Apparently, people abused the situation; That is when HMRC (her Majesty’s revenue and customs) took an in-depth look at the modifications. Investigating the transactions of who was claiming a VAT free status. Why this page of information? To try to help disabled people, find up-to-date information. Also, we are getting, a lot of enquiries, about what is available to disabled people, wanting to buy a motorhome;

  1. questions are always, do we qualify to claim the VAT back
  2. on a new motorhome? on a used motorhome? How does it not work like on cars?
  3. VAT exempt status for the genuine disabled wheelchair users, how do we find one.
  4. how do we qualify is asked over and over again?
  5. disabled cars have special payments
  6. they specialise in cars mainly and other forms of mobility.
  7. Motability Scheme (MFL) is a charity providing people with disabilities;
  8. to lease a car, scooter or powered wheelchair.
  9. in exchange for the disabled person’s mobility allowance.
  10. why don’t the do motorhomes?

Motorhome Motability Conversions

Converting motorhomes, is that the answer? How do we go about purchasing the motorhome on behalf of a disabled wheelchair user? So, many people reporting in that because of all the issues with HMRC. Dealers are just not supplying motorhomes with VAT reclaim implications. Why is this? Maybe disabled people should at least know. What is the latest information and what is available? It would appear, that many motorhome dealers are paranoid about HMRC (her Majesty’s revenue and customs), Because, they historically have been taking an interest in their VAT (value added tax) implications for supplying wheelchair users. Without clarity, why would any motorhome dealers, want to find that they would be liable for the VAT? This is just not helping the genuine disabled wheelchair user.

Motorhome Motability HMRC

HMRC questions; we want to raise the issues with the HMRC on behalf of everyone. We believe, that the way things have been worded leaves everyone not knowing, what things really mean. Motorhomes are no like cars, far from it, they are ideal for a disabled person to use. Especially, adapting van conversions. So, why should the motorhome industry be penalised? Why should a disabled genuine wheelchair user, not have a simple scheme to buy a motorhome? They are allowed to buy a car from the motability scheme and not a motorhome!

Motorhome Motability Motability Cars

The Motability scheme, this is relating mainly to cars, motorhomes are not included on the Motability scheme. Why not you may well ask? What is included in the Motability scheme? To exchange all, or part of their mobility allowance and then use to lease a brand new car. Wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV), scooter or powered wheelchair. You are eligible to lease a WAV on the Motability scheme if you receive one of these mobility allowances:

  • higher rate component of the disability living allowance (DLA)
  • enhanced rate of the Mobility component of personal independence payment (PIP)
  • war pensioners’ mobility supplement (WPMS)
  • armed forces independence payment (AFIP)

Motorhome Motability Motability Information

However, currently, disable zero VAT, on a motorhome or campervan applies. Only if you are a genuinely disabled person using a wheelchair. Providing the motorhome has the need for modifying for that disabled person. This follows guidelines. So, it is important that any disabled person in a wheelchair understands the rules. There appears that in each case is individual, in the modifications needed. How do we change this? That is the million dollar question. The simple answer, tell your local MP to stop messing about with Brexit and help disabled people! Also, see the information for disabled people allowances and disability living allowances; So, many hopes have historically been built up, only to find disappointment and little help other than a car MFL option!

  • the disability act is useful to document to read
  • contact the UK support number 0800 220 674
  • or 0300 123 3356 (beware of the call charges)

Motorhome Motability Fiat Cabs

Fiat cabs have an option to choose the comfort matic gearbox option. This is very popular and a good option if you are a disabled driver. Many motorhomes use the Fiat cabs as an option. Such as the McLouis Fusion range who provide customers with a cost option.

Motorhome Motability

Motorhome Motability McLouis Fusion

The McLouis Fusion provides an excellent motorhome. With 5 variations on a fixed bed layout. The access level is well thought out. They do not have a VAT FREE option. However, the comfort matic Fiat option is ideal for disabled drivers.

Motorhome Motability