What is the motorhome motability for the disabled persons all about? So, firstly let us explain our reference of motorhome motability. We do not want to confuse our term of motorhome motability. for example, as with the car leasing scheme, run by the charity for disabled people.

We refer for reference of ease, in trying to explain, what mobility motorhomes for disabled allowances are. Therefore, clearly there are questions everyday, do motability have motorhomes on the scheme? The simple answer is no they dont!

Motorhome Dealers Help Please

Free advertisements if you can supply motorhomes to the disabled community. Also, any genuine disabled products, we will help to promote as well. Just opt in to give us permission to help you.

Disabled Motorhomes For Sale

  1. they specialise in cars mainly.
  2. other forms of mobility.
  3. Motability Scheme (MFL) is a charity
  4. providing people with disabilities to lease a car, scooter or powered wheelchair.
  5. in exchange for the disabled persons mobility allowance.

Why Not Motorhomes?

In fact, a  motorhome could be very useful to provide a dual purpose vehicle, like a van conversion for example. Ideal, to combine a holiday or weekends away for a break for a disabled person.

This works both ways for carers for example, a short break or holiday in a motorhome with the family may be more affordable. So, what do we hope to achieve with our information on this page? Simply to help with the facts.

Motorhome Motability

VAT Free Motorhomes

Therefore, to find out what motorhome use is available to a disabled person VAT (value added tax) free. As, with most disabled things, they were at one stage VAT free to any disabled people.

  • Apparently people abused the situation;

And that is when HMRC (her majesty’s revenue and customs) took an in depth look at the modifications. Investigating the transactions of who was claiming a VAT free status.

Why This Page of Information?

In fact, the main reason for this page;

This is to help disabled people find up-to-date information. Also, getting a lot of enquiries about what is available to disabled people.

  • questions are always
  • can we claim the VAT back
  • on a new motorhome?
  • on a used motorhome?
  • VAT exempt status for the genuine disabled wheelchair users.
  • how do we qualify is asked over and over again?

Converting Motorhomes

Also, purchasing the motorhome on behalf of a disabled wheelchair user. So, many people reporting; Dealers not supplying motorhomes with VAT reclaim implications. Why is this? Maybe disabled people, should at least know the latest information and what is available.

It would appear they are paranoid about HMRC (her majesties revenue and customs) taking an interest in their VAT (value added tax) implications for supplying wheelchair users.

Fiat Ducato Comfortmatic Gearboxes McLouis Fusion Option

Can I Get a Mobile Home on Motability

The answer apparently is only if you are totally wheelchair relient.

Understanding The Situation

This page has the latest information about wheelchair users and buying motorhomes with VAT exemption. Apparently people are finding that they need to provide a lot of information, that is confusing to dealers and wheelchair users.

Hence, evidence to your supplier to demonstrate to qualify for zero VAT.

Adapted Motorhomes

In fact, demonstrating that you need to be a wheelchair user and have the correct modifications. There would appear to be more help required. Hence, us trying to help people;

Certainly in helping genuine wheelchair users. To find out if they qualify for the VAT exemption.

What Does the HMRC Document Say?

So, supplying motorhomes VAT free to the genuine disable persons has been a hot topic. In fact, so hot that dealers and HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) have been to court.

Clearly, the HMRC having lost the case decided to review the whole thing. However, what determines the adaptations to assist the disabled person in qualifying to pay no VAT?

No doubt there are a number of key points, a wheelchair disabled person and the dedicated conversion of the motorhome.

Coachbuilt GB

Coachbuilt GB certainly would appear to be very knowledgeable on the subject and happy to help. See there video and other videos online.

HMRC website please read;

  • 4.1 Eligible vehicles.
  • 4.2 Motorhomes.
  • 4.3 Substantially and permanently adapted motor vehicles.
  • 4.4 Less significant adaptations that are neither permanent nor substantial.
  • 4.5 What is meant by ‘adapted’ for a disabled wheelchair or stretcher user.
  • 5.1 Qualifying use.
  • 6.1 The 3-year rule.

An interesting point 5.1

  • suppliers cannot zero-rate vehicles supplied to finance houses.
  • finance house is purchasing the adapted vehicle for business purposes.
  • how can you fund your motorhome?
  • does not make a lot of sense you cannot have finance for it!
  • see 2.3 VAT reliefs on motor vehicles disabled people.

Can You Get a Camper Van on Mobility?

VAT Free History

In fact, we urge anyone claiming VAT free supplies to disabled people to make sure what they declare is correct. Also, if in doubt contact the VAT helpline in the UK. Looking back, as at January 28th, 2015, HMRC went out to consultationTherefore, in April 2016 publishing a responses to the consultation.

Interesting Article Regarding Taxation

This is from a Google search on HMRC tax vat on motorhomes. The article is called VAT zero-rating rules for adapted motor vehicles by Kelly Sizer. It sets out the key points raised and also explains more about the HMRC ruling.

Also, pointing out what is confusing and potentially unfair for a wheelchair user.

Are Wheelchair Users Able to Buy VAT free?

In the past, we have seen the HMRC wanting suppliers to verify that the vehicle is for the domestic or personal use. Now that can only be for the disabled wheelchair user. In fact, other questions were, who is paying for the vehicle and who will own the vehicle?

Also, who uses the vehicle and does the family member/carer have another vehicle? How often will the disabled wheelchair user use the vehicle?Clearly things needed clarification and possible still do.

Disabled Motorhomes For Sale

In fact, currently, disable zero VAT on a motorhome or campervan applies.

  • only if you are a genuine disable person using a wheelchair.
  • providing the motorhome to need modifying for that disabled person.

This Follows Guidelines.

So, it is important that any disabled person understands the rules. Also, see the information for disabled people allowances and disability living allowances.

  • the disability act is useful document to read.
  • contact the UK support number 0800 220 674.
  • or 0300 123 3356.

Information on Disability Allowances

This information can be found on the government’s website. It takes a bit of navigating so, we have below provided an overview of what is available. Please be aware individual circumstances prevail.

  • we have included the contact numbers.
  • (beware of the call charges).

Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

The government’s welfare reform programme; This sees the replacement of the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) Now with a new benefit called Personal Independence Payment (PIP). This is for disabled people aged between 16 and 64.

See information here.

The PIPallowence is made up of two parts. To actually get both depends on how severely your condition affects you. Part one is the daily living part this is the weekly rate for the daily living part of PIP;

  • either £55.65 or £83.10 per week.
  • part two is the mobility part
  • the weekly rate for the mobility.
  • part of PIP is either £22 or £58.
  • enhanced rate of the Mobility component of Personal Independence.
  • payment (ERMC PIP).
  • as of 10 April 2017, this allowance is £58.00 per week.

War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement (WPMS).

This allowance is provided by Veterans UK. As of 12 April 2017, this allowance is £64.80 per week. Armed Forces Independence Payment (AFIP). This was an allowance as of the 12th of April 2017, this allowance is £58.00 per week.

(this refers to the mobility element, which is the same rate as HRMC DLA and ERMC PIP).

PIP enquiry line beware of the call charges.

Before you call, you’ll need:

  • contact details, for example telephone number.
  • date of birth.
  • national insurance number
  • this is on letters about tax, pensions and benefits.
  • bank or building society account number and sort code.
  • doctor or health worker’s name, address and telephone number.
  • dates and addresses for any time you’ve spent abroad.
  • or in a care home or hospital.

You can then call the PIP claims line. DWP – PIP claims Telephone: 0800 917 2222.

  • textphone: 0800 917 7777.
  • calling from abroad: +44 191 218 7766.
  • next Generation Text (NGT) relay service.
  • dial: 18001 then 0345 850 3322.
  • available from Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.

Document of Recommendations.

Above is a link to recommendations made by the low income reform group. Well worth a look over as it makes some very good points about disabled people.

Vans on Motability Scheme

Motability Scheme Relating Mainly To Cars

No motorhomes are not included on the Motability Scheme.

  • why not you may well ask?
  • what is included on the Motability Scheme?
  • exchange all, or part of your mobility allowance.
  • to lease a brand new car.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV), scooter or powered wheelchair.  You are eligible to lease a WAV on the Motability Scheme if you receive one of these mobility allowances:

  • higher rate component of the disability living allowance (DLA).
  • enhanced rate of the Mobility component of personal independence payment (PIP).
  • war pensioners’ mobility supplement (WPMS),
  • armed forces independence payment (AFIP).


Also, we want to raise the issues with the HMRC on behalf of everyone. We believe that the way things have been worded leaves everyone not knowing what things really mean. Motorhomes are no like cars far from it, they are ideal for a disabled person to use.

Especially adapting van conversions.

  • why should the industry be penalised?
  • why should a disabled genuine wheelchair user?
  • be allowed to buy a car from the motability scheme.
  • not a motorhome?

Coachbuilt GB Video

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