Motorhome Pollution

Motorhome pollution is of concern to everyone as with other types of vehicles may be too late to stop polluting the cities and countryside, however, the CAZ clean air zones have been rolled out across major conurbations in the UK this is part of the cleaner air campaign following on from the LEZ low emission zones campaigns. This must be a way forward to stop pollution in its tracks as there is an urgent need for cleaner none diesel leisure vehicles they would be most welcome especially electric or hybrids at a lower cost leisure vehicles with incentives to buy making motorhomes environmentally-friendly leisure vehicles is a way forward to stop pollution and help save the planet.

Motorhome Pollution The Issues

There are many causes of pollution diesel engines are the main power units of motorhomes so, using diesel power is currently the only option, therefore, motorhome owners need to be aware that new anti-motorhome pollution zones will soon affect their motorhomes and become costly as charges rise. Anti-pollution schemes have been in operation since 2008 mainly covering Greater London however, the schemes are soon to be rolled out in other large cities. As for London, they are not on the M25 or connecting motorways where the highest pollution takes place to be serious about motorhome pollution then all major roads must adopt the schemes motorhome owners need to be aware of the issues pollution brings all required to help as soon as possible.

Motorhome Pollution Problems

Why is pollution a problem this was the name of the initiative in Scotland with Glasgow being the next UK city to operate a LEZ (low emission zone) scheme that means certain diesel vehicles will have to pay a charge for driving through the city area? Scotland’s transport minister Humza Yousaf said; “our position is that local authorities should be ambitious and all vehicles including private cars, should be included in a LEZ in a phased manner” therefore, we assume that means no motorhomes exemption. Scotland is in some ways reliant on the tourist trade are they in a difficult position? We recognise they really need to attract more visitors especially, the UK and European motorhome owners. Why would you visit Glasgow and be taxed for the privilege? Thus, a comment like “local authorities, should be ambitious” sounds like a call to let the dogs out and get charged.

Motorhome Pollution How Bad?

Clarification is needed on how the different charges will operate as seen in France this may be confusing industry bodies are investigating with the likes of the  NCC (National Caravan Council) Caravan and Motorhome Club Camping and the Caravanning Club investigating. They would appear to be lobbying behind the scenes to make motorhomes exempt however, we believe that we all must get real with this problem lobbying the government is not the answer helping motorhome manufacturers to become greener faster sounds better.