Motorhome Potholes were written in 2017! Taking a simple ride in the countryside proves to now be very challenging, just simply avoiding motorhome potholes.

  • In fact, it is enough to drive you mad!
  • Why have our roads been left in such a state?

In fact, avoiding potential motorhome potholes is downright dangerous.

How to Avoid Potholes

Simple answer stay at home! Also, you may have sat navigation and even a map of the road. However, potholes are not displayed or even warrant a warning sign. In fact, most councils seem to have abandoned road maintenance altogether!

How to Fix Potholes in Roads

motorhome potholesWhen did you last see a roadside maintenance man? However, how can this be a saving? In addition, all we see are the potholes just get deeper and deeper. So, what are the fuss and challenge really about?

Before you set out and become a victim; So, let us see if we can share this article; Then make this stupid problem be dealt with! Why let this one go?

Whilst, some would say it is not the main problem and they have more important issues! Here we are trying to attract tourists, spending millions of pounds on “visit Britain campaigns”.

  • We do not have roads fit for the purpose to do so!

What do you tell tourists in their motorhomes to attract them Come potholing in Britain takes on a whole new meaning.

Motorhome Potholes

In fact, you could set up a pothole spotting club, this would keep the children occupied full time.

  • Hey look out, that was a lucky miss!
  • Flipping heck that one was a big one.

Yes, here we are in this day and age and it would appear to have gone back in time. Country lanes being a bit bad is one thing, but, this is beyond a joke! Driving along on ring roads, city streets and they are there as large as life!

  • In fact, this whole subject is no joke!

If you land in a pothole, when in your motorhome, a lot of damage can be done! Apparently, one in ten mechanical failures on UK roads are caused by potholes! Believe it or not this is costing motorists an estimated £730M per year!

Pothole Maintenance Resuming Soon! 

There you are being careful and you pull over to let oncoming traffic pass. Before you know it, you are sinking on the roadside, or landed in a large pothole you did not see. In fact, we should have warning stickers, “beware of hidden motorhome potholes”.

  • “Driving on this road could be costly”.

Motorhomes are heavy and soft verges may look OK in the first instance. Then, before you know it, you are landing in a hidden pothole. The none repair of potholes, combined with no kerb maintenance, is becoming dangerous.

A Real Tourists Attraction

Obviously, we want to attract tourist to visit our green and pleasant land! In fact, how do you explain the state of our roads to motorhome tourists? Well, “visit Britain” no doubt could come up with a campaign!

  • “A whole (hole) new experience awaits you”
  • “Drop in and see our countryside”.

We believe that many tourists, would not believe what they are seeing! Embarrassing, it is darn right total short-sighted.

Causes of Potholes on Roads

Who took these decisions, not to maintain our roads? They need to be given a pick and shovel, with some tarmac and sent to fix them!

  • How do we expect to attract motorhome owners to holiday in the UK?

Please mind the potholes whenever possible! This is just a mess and not funny, sooner or later someone will get hurt.

That Sinking Feeling!

So, you could just be being careful and a sinking verge, could soon render you well and truly stuck!

  • How ridiculous is this in this day and age?
  • We need to really get a grip with this problem!

In fact, whilst being told that the government has set aside millions to fix the roads. Where are the men by the roadside? All we see is the holes getting bigger! In addition, not only are the roads bad in the countryside, but, also in the towns and cities!

What Do We Do Now?

Therefore, what if you damage your motorhome by landing in a pot hole? Simples, stop where it is safe and take a photo of what you landed in.

  • Then make sure you have a date and accurate time and place.

Take your motorhome to a dealer and get an estimate for the damage, be it a new tyre or wheel or damage to the underside. Then ring your local council’s highways department and report the incident. Write to them and tell them where why and when and enclose the estimates and request payment. Also, a good idea is to measure the potholes width, if you have a tape measure with you that is! Maybe, the new rule is do not leave home without one!

In addition, just note anything else about the pothole, such as its position on a hidden part of the road.

Success They Paid Up

We did this and after a little debate and threats of a solicitors letter, they paid us out. This was £275 for a tyre and mud flap!

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