Motorhome Sale 

Motorhome Sale. Now, let us have a motorhome sale, from motorhome dealers point of view, will solve our old stock problem? Maybe! Why would you do that? Talk about jerk reaction. Is it really your solution to have a sale every time, to help to sell motorhomes. However, how many times do people think, that a sale will get them out of old stock? Wave a magic wand? That would be a lot better and in some cases. Sales directors, often reflect on past successes. But, when they have that motorhome sale and nothing happens, then what? Well, they may blame it on the weather, the flu epidemic or even lazy salespeople! For example, this is not the case with the new McLouis Fusion. With an extras pack at value inclusive, that’s all it takes to grab the attention. This certainly makes a lot of difference, for customers to understand.

In this day and age, online especially on new motorhomes. There is no doubt, that customers have access to a lot of information. The customers probably know more than the motorhome dealers staff! This has to be a good thing for all involved. Because, if the customer understands what the motorhome has on it and what it is all about. Therefore, it should shorten the time spent explaining everything. There lies a conundrum for any motorhome dealer. How much information, are you going to provide the customer? The answer should be as much as they need.

Motorhome Sale Customers First

Do you really think that motorhome sale is going to attract a customer? Well, we doubt it these days of social media. However, it may put the buying thought into the customer’s mind! We believe that some customers do not look at price alone. For certain, providing a confident approach is key. Again, in the end, it will be about relationships. It may well be down to personalities but, out and out “motorhome sale” alone has little or no chance. So, what will attract those customers? Some of the very basics go a long way!

  1. presentation the motorhome has to be spotless inside and out
  2. information and break down on the price
  3. a friendly welcome absolutely essential
  4. knowing your motorhome specification
  5. maintaining the website
  6. using social media to help customers
  7. providing a detailed video online or VR even better
  8. answer emails asap
  9. show the customer that price is not everything
  10. presenting a customer service that goes that extra mile

Motorhome Sale Customers Old Stock Sales

If customers are smart, they will soon understand that all the dealer wants is the stock sold. There are some good deals to be had at many motorhome dealers. Dressing them up as a “motorhome sale” may not be needed. Certainly, instead of hard cash discounts, they may be better served by free additional extras. This way the customer gets a double helping of help. One a better-specified motorhome and building in value when it comes to selling on. Factory extras, instead of hard cash can really work well. When a customer realises, that they have been given FOC, this enhances specifications for free. Bingo, they will remember that when they come back again to buy!

Motorhome Sale Helping Customers

The fact is, that the first time buyer needs help. Any dealer, taking a first-time buyer into the old stock, needs to think twice about that. It is estimated that a customer has the potential of buying 5 motorhomes in a lifetime. So, maintaining the customer for another 4 sales has to have value. The greedy will always say that customers have no loyalty. However, we believe there is loyalty. But, it has to be earned. After-sales are really more important at times than the sale itself! So, just why do so many think that the motorhome sale is the answer?

Motorhome Sale Getting Customers For Life

I once heard a story, about a salesperson selling a vehicle. It was also, on finance and bragging how they had got top dollar for the deal. Overheard by the owner of the business, who asked for the finance documents and order. Right, come with me, they took a bus to the customers home. They knocked on the door and the owner informed the customer. Much to the embarrassment of the salesperson, the deal had been overpriced. They agreed on a deal, that saved the customer a lot of money. All was sorted and they returned to the showroom. The salesperson did not get it at all. So, the owner told the salesperson, that was to be the last time they ever overcharged a customer. Because, if they did they would no longer be employed. The customer returned at the weekend and brought his brother with him, asked for the same deal and got it! As the owner put it, look after customers and they will come back. The owner went on to be one of the largest dealers of all time. The customer and his family all brought vehicles and never went anywhere else!

Motorhome Sale Who Is The Customer?

As we understand these things, you are able to consider, that it is not customers who buy motorhomes. No, it is good folk like you and me. That is why all customers, should be looked after at all times. The motorhome sale tactic is only one way to sell a motorhome. Helping customers and using the sales tools. The many that are now available make the job so easy. Greedy salespeople will never prosper in the long run. So, is the motorhome sale dead in the water.?Just like a Brexit agreement, they probably are becoming more none ineffective.

Motorhome Sale
Motorhome Sale