Motorhome Selling

Is motorhome selling an art or a science some would have you believe both? It never ceases to amaze me that many potentially good sales people are not fully trained. As they say “poor planning leads to poor performance” and that really is, unfortunately, true in some case behind most motorhome selling propositions lies the detail of success or failure. Sadly many in sales management miss that point that motorhome selling is all about the devil in that detail. The days of reactive motorhome marketing are over the customer really is king now looking after customers is a full-time passtime.

Selling the dream is the customer’s expectation likely to be totally wiped out by a salesperson’s lack of knowledge? Having a poorly trained staff does little but leads to lost sales. Having seen it all too often the cleaner has been promoted to the salesperson to the sales manager and the sales manager has a new title of sales director. The question remains where is the training who is understanding what the customer really wants to buy? Does the sales team really care what is the motorhome marketing spend for customer satisfaction? Why would a customer come back we have so much experience we cannot fail really, who is kidding who here?

Motorhome Selling This Article

I wrote this motorhome selling article, somewhat for my amusement, as we come across many topics running a busy website. My hope is that people wake up and smell the coffee, before it is too late. We all had a date in March 2019 and then the Brexit bus did not turn up. Just like the, be back bus, at motorhome shows! What does Brexit mean for motorhome selling and owners? More expensive European holidays? Higher taxes on diesels and leisure activities, higher prices? (Certainly hope not). However, we are a bit of a rudderless ship right now!

Customers deserve better, so motorhome selling standards, have to rise. I know that is part of our aim here at motorhomes campervans .net. There are many good motorhome dealers and manufacturers. Also, there are those who should have been put out to pasture long ago! As they say, if the cap fits wear it! We want to promote all the good things about motorhomes campervans. Especially, UK built motorhomes like Auto-Sleeper motorhomes, Auto Trail motorhomes, Bailey motorhomes and Elddis motorhomes, for example. All mean jobs in the UK! Anyway take note, customers are king and you need to look after them!