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Is motorhome selling an art or a science, some would have you believe both? It never ceases to amaze me that many potentially good sales-people are not, fully trained. As they say “poor planning leads to poor performance” and that is, unfortunately, true in some case behind most motorhome selling propositions lies the detail of success or failure. Sadly sales management miss that point that motorhome selling is all about the devil in that detail. The days of reactive motorhome marketing are over the customer is King now looking after customers is a full-time pass-time.

Selling the dream is the customer’s expectation likely to be wiped out by a salesperson’s lack of knowledge? Having a poorly trained staff does little but leads to lost sales. Having seen it all too often the cleaner promoted to the salesperson, the sales manager has a new title of sales director. The question remains where is the training who is understanding what the customer wants to buy? Does the sales team care what is the motorhome marketing spend for customer satisfaction? Why would a customer come back we have so much experience we cannot fail really, who is kidding who?

Motorhome Selling This Article

I wrote this motorhome selling article, somewhat for my amusement, as we come across many topics running a busy website. My hope is that people wake up and smell the coffee before it is too late. We all had a date in March 2019 and then the Brexit bus did not turn up. Just like the, be back bus, at motorhome shows! What does Brexit mean for motorhome selling and owners? More expensive European holidays? Higher taxes on diesel and leisure activities, higher prices? (Certainly hope not). However, we are a bit of a rudderless ship right now! Customers deserve better, so motorhome selling standards, have to rise. I know that is part of our aim here at motorhomes campervans .net. There are many good motorhome dealers and manufacturers. Also, some should have been put out to pasture long ago! As they say, if the cap fits wear it! We want to promote all the good things about motorhomes campervans. Especially, the UK built motorhomes like Auto-Sleeper motorhomes, Auto-Trail motorhomes, Bailey motorhomes and Elddis motorhomes, for example. All mean jobs in the UK! Anyway take note, customers are king and you need to look after them!

Motorhome Selling Motorhome Salespersons

Motorhome salespersons no matter where you look that first contact with a customer is vital. How many times have you visited a motorhome showroom or lot and seen the staff talking away to each other? Taking little time, to even acknowledge, that you the customer exists? Well, finishing off the conversation with each other, is far more important? Especially where they are going after work and what they did last night! What about the salespersons, appearance? Many times you see that no one identified. Do they work there? Yes, they have the dog tag on, but, is their appearance smart? Well, they all have the same jumpers on, usually black ones! Where is 007 when you need him? The corporate uniform reminds me of walking into a bank, with the staff dog tagged, that’s the joke.

Motorhome Selling Customers Welcome

Horses for courses, so, why send people on advertising and sales management courses? Product knowledge and social media. The rest are all out of date. Why would an advertisement company offer free lessons on how they work? Possibly, to get you to advertise with them! Well, they gave us a free lunch! Hello, customers welcome. What customers want are simple greeting, from someone who is smartly, but, casually dressed. A friendly smile will not go amiss either! Yes, every customer is a potential buyer someday. Someone popping in to buy a motorhome fuse, deserves that professional customer service and any help, as someone spending £100K on a motorhome purchase!

Motorhome Selling Product Knowledge

Now, this is the hot topic, never in the history of information, has so much motorhome information been available, for so few to learn and pass on. Sounds like a Churchill speech! Just take a look online, there is everything available, images, videos and even VR virtual reality. You want it online you can find it this applies to salespeople, as well as customers! Marketing tools, So, why are salespeople not using these motorhome marketing tools? They are there for salespeople to help their customers and have an advantage? Next time visiting a motorhome dealer, remember, do a simple test, ask the salesperson, what is the payload and how high and wide the motorhome is? Most salespeople will shuffle to the ticket in the window, for the answer. An instant answer, then you have found the holy grail, a proper salesperson.

Motorhome Selling Motorhome Leads

Motorhome leads are the lifeblood of any motorhome dealers. Now, take on board that anyone taking the time to fill in a form deserves the full motorhome selling service. That is to say, answer the customer by the channels they have requested. How many times do you get emails that have asked for a call, not a text or a message on Facebook! A motorhome lead is a jewel in the crown and every customer who sends one in should be treated like royalty! If the customer has requested anything then that request must be done. No ifs or buts, this could be someone spending £100K! Make it happen!

Motorhome Selling Do Leopards Change Their Spots?

Most unlikely, so, do bad dealers and customer services get better? That one you can answer for yourself. All we say is everyone deserves a second chance! In fact, what happened to the old “the customer is always right”? If you were spending up to a £100K, you do not need telling you are wrong! Is buying motorhomes like courtship? Finding a friendly, helpful sales person, is like going out on a first date, you chat and think about holding hands. Not yet, Tiger, this may not be the one for you. However, having been taken out for a posh dinner, no not fish and chips, a real posh dinner, things improve. Will there be an engagement party? Have you fallen in love at first sight?

Motorhome Selling Motorhome Wedding Bells

Does that mean, we need to buy a new suit and a new hat for her indoors? OK, it’s a yes, let the party commence. Will it end in tears, will you go off your choice? They say there are three ships not to sail in! One Courtship, two Partnership and three a Sinking ship! Avoid those and its plain sailing! Apply those rules, to buying a motorhome and all will be well! Do not rush the engagement, take your time and get to know, what is on offer, does it fit the bill and layout. The grand day of collection and hopefully no divorce, in later use.

Motorhome Selling Made Easy

If you just stand back and think motorhome selling, will never be made very easy. That is, if you manage and make the motorhome marketing, fit the proposition. Then that will help a lot. There are really too many people, just going through the motions, we did it that way before. Why is it not working now? The fact is, change does happen and what is this motorhome selling all about? It is about appearance, knows how, and above all trust! As they say trust only in God and all others pay cash! This may also apply. So, the next time a customer walks in your showroom or onto the lot, think positive and as the boy scouts say “be prepared”. Your whole appearance needs to be 100 per cent spick and span. Providing customers with good motorhome advice has to be positive. It really does help especially, first-time motorhome buyers. Trust and explanations may take time, but, customers will appreciate the help. Contact motorhomes campervans, happy to help improve motorhome marketing.

Motorhome Selling Know What You Are Selling

Not just a motorhome, but, the whole package, your appearance and product knowledge are vital parts of the sales proposition. As is being a really good adviser of what will help a customer to buy from you! If you do not know the answers to simple questions, how do you expect a customer to know? Poor planning means failure and lost sales are hard to get back next time around.

motorhome selling

Motorhome Selling Know What You Are Buying

Yes, the history of a product and who and what you are dealing with are important. Check out what is being said to you as a customer and remember buyer beware! There are many good motorhome dealers, yes, some are living a little in the past, but, know what you want from the relationship and stick to it! Buy only what you want is key!

motorhome selling