All motorhome owners should be big on motorhome servicing tips. The facts are that if you look after your motorhome it will serve you well. So, there are 2 reasons to consider;

  1. safety
  2. safety again!
  3. because, servicing is critically important to safety and reliability.

So, if you view this purely as a financial investment, your motorhome will have cost a great deal of money. Therefore, just like any expensive asset, it will make sense to protect it as best as you can. Ensuring, that it’s regularly serviced, is a way to maintain that asset. (keeping in tip top condition).

Motorhome Servicing Tips Checklist

In fact, whilst there may be odd jobs of maintenance. that the owner can carry out. Taking your motorhome to a professional motorhome servicing dealer, provides both safety and reliability. Also, if you are thinking of selling via part-exchange or a private, a better price will be an option, having a full-service history. In fact, as important as money is, let’s not dwell too much on the financial logic. Let us look at that important factor safety,

Motorhome Servicing Tips Safety

Motorhome servicing has no comparison to servicing a car. Motorhomes may have the same engine and gearbox components as on a car. So, for example. Fiat, Peugeot, Mercedes Benz, VW. Many, manufacturers provide chassis cabs, that motorhomes are built on. So, components are often the same as cars. In addition, there are a number of aspects to safety;

Mechanical the actual engine, gearbox  and transmissions. Also, components like brakes and layouts of the chassis. Then we have the more motorhome manufacturers components; Like all the habitation equipment, ovens, grills, fridges, freezers, showers taps ect! Making sure that all aspects are safe, is all about motorhome servicing and listening to those motorhome servicing tips.

Motorhome Servicing Tips Electrics And Gas

However, motorhomes servicing tips have to really be precise, especially, when gas and electrics are involved. In fact, gas and electric appliances do need that dedicated maintenance. Just remember, that it is illegal to drive on the road in an unroadworthy condition. So, it still amazes us to find people risking anything to do with gas and electrics. This really is not a good idea.

So, you may have slept in a car on some occasion, however, a motorhome becomes home and living in it, you need to be safe! Just having someone to check the details of the electrical systems including pin plugs, cables, your road light and earthing systems makes real sense.

Motorhome Servicing Tips Gas Appliances

We cannot emphasise enough, that anything to do with gas in a motorhome is very importantly. In fact, the gas systems may look straight forward. However, checks should cover looking for any potential gas leaks, on all gas appliances. Things like regulator valves, cylinders, hoses and clips all need to be installed properly. Also, making sure that the flues and ventilation are in order and are not blocked. The fact is that gas may come in a bottle or be in a 25 litres tank under the motorhome, all need to be inspected and tested.

Motorhome Servicing Tips Electric Appliances

Motorhomes have electrical systems for lighting, heating, showering, heating water and cooking. They all need the right maintenance. Making sure you have fire and smoke detectors that have been tested, as well as other warning lights. Therefore, the functionality of the motorhome needs to be efficient and in working order always. Just testing the carbon monoxide alarm, may save your life! Other fire safety items need checking, like fire blankets and extinguishers.

Motorhome Servicing Tips Maintenance

All motorhome owners become experienced over time. However, taking onboard motorhome servicing tips, can save time and money. Also, modern motorhome and campervan manufacturers, strive for safety and easy maintenance. However, in many cases they are reliant on third party suppliers, especially in the choice of white goods. In fact, if there is a fault on white goods, it may be a simple maintenance issue. For example just like changing a worn out filter and replacing with a new one.

Spare Motorhome Parts

In fact, having a bulb kit is a legal requirement in Europe. So, having that spare may save you a fine. Just replacing a broken bulb or damaged switch may be routine maintenance. So, no matter what fault you may find, regular maintenance will prevent things escalating. Good maintenance will provide you with that safe environment, to drive and occupy all areas of your motorhome. In addition, having a few spare essential parts in the locker can also keep you legal and safe.

Motorhome Servicing Tips Ware And Tear

Without doubt, no matter how good the engineering excellence has been applied to motorhomes, wear and tear problems will arise.So, it is inevitable that your tyres and brakes, over time, will wear out. In fact, just keeping an eye on the state of the tyres and how the braking is working is important. Both, poor tyres and brakes will cause real damage if not checked regularly. So, that is why professional motorhome servicing tips, are well worth listening too. In addition, before things wear out repairs and maintenance done in a time frame will sev money.

Also, making sure that any wear and tear issues are picked up early are important. Therefore, whilst they may be only advisory points. Therefore, getting them done in the long or short term, is very much an important part of maintenance. Also, knowing that you are safe and legal, provides real peace of mind.

Motorhome Servicing Tips Water Systems

On a motorhome you need to monitor the water systems, how full are the tanks? Checking that drains are not blocked, including pumps and pressure devices. Replacing the different filters, this is usually straightforward but, carrying spare filters and the right ones is a good idea. The taps working correctly may sound common sense, but that dripping tap could escalate. Therefore, any water tanks, WC, cassettes, drainage does need maintenance.

Motorhome Servicing Tips Safety of Windows

All aspects of the bodywork covering windows, doors, locks and roof vents may need lubrication and maintenance. Therefore, not only do you want to stop any thief’s getting in, In fact, you may need an escape route in an emergency. Other Things to Check;

You may have overlooked a few things but, some matter more than others. Correctly displayed number plates are needed. Especially, now we have automated number plate recognition at ports. In addition, all furniture, blinds, flooring, screens need to make sure they all work. Converting lounge seats to beds all need testing as do tables being erected. Things do get damaged and just making sure that the functionality works is important.

Motorhome Servicing Tips Water Ingress

We would love to say that all water ingress issues are a thing of the past. However, testing for damp penetration is imperative to check. Using a simple damp meter will do the trick. Usually you will find damp in the corner areas but, sometimes in the most common places near a pipe inlet or waste pipe outlet. So, when you consider some motorhomes were screwed and nailed together, it was no wonder they leaked. Many motorhomes now have up to date joints that are fabricated and virtually water tight. Water ingress if not professionally repaired will just escalate and not only will it be wet, it will smell horrible!


There is no doubt that having a thorough service, cannot be carried out on the cheap or DIY. Professional motorhome servicing tips are all about leaving little or nothing to chance. So, there is always going to be a cost involved. Therefore, do not listen to cheapskates who tell you that they can do it cheaper In fact, avoiding that cost might prove to be dangerous. Ask yourself, how much do you value safety and reliability? So, we believe it is not worth contemplating your safety as a cost. Better to be safe than sorry!

Motorhome Servicing Tips