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Motorhome servicing, is an important part of maintaining a good motorhome residual value. Keeping track of your serving and MOT dates are important. Because, we do not want to, run out while you are in the South of France on holiday. This is also an important thing to think about. Because, gas and electrical appliances need to be safe. They are also an important part of maintaining your vehicle’s value. Motorhome servicing, is unlike car servicing. With internal maintenance, called habitation checks, to keep thing safe, as well as the mechanical servicing like in a car. But, on a grandar sale. Consider, having your motorhome servicing, done at an approved workshop. Also, this will speak volumes, of how you have maintained the motorhome.


In addition, make sure that your Motorhome Mot, is up to date, we stress this is important. Standards being set to repair motorhomes have developed for the best intentions. A joint enterprise, between the NCC (National Caravan Council) and the Motorhome Camping and Caravanning Club. This recognises skills and training. To have approved status, means that not just anyone, is working on your motorhome. Qualified technicians are working in approved workshops. Internal maintenance, known also as habitation checks are carried out professionally. Habitation checks,are usually part of any motorhome warranty. This is where, motorhome servicing, is usually part of a maintenance schedule. In fact, both, mechanical services and habitation checks, usually, start just before or at the end of the season. Known as hibernation services.

Motorhome Servicing Top Ten Tips

Hibernation checks, usually undertaken, when the motorhome season, begins or comes to an end. If your motorhome is going into storage have the checks done annually. Also, some habitation services, on an annual basis are in some cases to maintain a motorhome warranty. These are to ensure things like, water storage tanks are clean. Waste tanks, are clean as well. Gas and electric appliances, also, need inspections by qualified technicians. Habitation and hibernation checks, make sense. Motorhome servicing, is also about, ensuring the service history is up to date. This will help when selling a motorhome, that have been carried out by qualified motorhome technicians. Checking for things like damp and water ingress, are important. Carry out a test with a damp meter, is easy to do. However, this should be part off an annual check. In fact, it is advisable to make sure the damp is not gaining ground. Full insulation kits and winterisation is now becoming popular by retrofit. Tips for motorhome servicing;

  1. keep motorhome servicing records safe
  2. make sure your service book is stamped after a service is carried out
  3. motorhome servicing is best carried out at a franchised dealer
  4. MOT keep an eye on the expiry dates
  5. look to use approved workshops
  6. check things regularly especially tyre pressures
  7. don’t forget that spare wheel or the get you home kit is OK
  8. look to carry a bulb kit and fuses
  9. carry a damp meter they are easy to use
  10. use a qualified gas fitter if you think there is a problem

Motorhome Servicing Water Ingress

Damp and water Ingress are not pleasant to experience. It is always sensible, as your motorhome ages, to carry out a test with a damp meter. This should be done on an annual check. In fact, it is advisable to make sure that any damp patches, are not gaining ground. Full insulation kits are now becoming popular by retrofit. Also, full winterization packs are now very popular. In addition, finding the right motorhome dealer to carry out your servicing, is important. The approved workshop scheme, at least provides you with motorhome dealers that should be trustworthy. This is a great way to make sure all services are done correctly. In fact, when three years old your vehicle will need a MOT test. So, when having a habitation service, remember to check the date of your MOT. Because, you could be in the South of Spain, when it needs doing. Mot’s and accessory fitting. Tow-bars. Bike racks. Awnings. Media and TVs Sat navigation systems. Winterisation packs. If fitted incorrectly, may lead to leaks and water ingress!

Motorhome Servicing Winterisation Packs

Winter packs are fast becoming standard on brand new motorhomes. However, servicing, requires some maintenance checks on winter issues. Fitted by motorhome servicing specialist dealers, winter packs may be adding value to your motorhome or campervan. Obtaining the right motorhome servicing, is important. Some warranty terms are subject to motorhome services. So, remember your new or used motorhome guarantee, may be subject to maintenance.

Motorhome Servicing McLouis Fusion

Having your motorhome serviced by a franchised dealer, is important for many reasons. When brand new it is required to keep the motorhome warranty up to date. McLouis Fusion is no exception. However, Mclouis Fusion is made by McLouis in Italy. Sold in the UK by an exclusive deal with Auto-Sleeper motorhomes. So, you can use the McLouis motorhome dealers. But, bare in mind that both McLouis and Auto-Sleeper are owned by Trigano Group. So, that is one large network to back up your McLouis motorhome servicing!

motorhome servicing

Motorhome Servicing Fiat Professional

Fiat and motorhomes, go hand in hand. The Fiat ducato range is virtually the largest to be found. So, how do you go about getting a mechanical service on a well known motorhome? Just look for the Fiat Professional sign, they are one of the largest networks in Europe. My Fiat is a great example. Many people have no real time, for motorhome servicing. Fiat Professional online make it easy. Log onto, the my Fiat and book your services online!  Your full service history is then a click away. This makes local motorhome servicing, for your Fiat motorhome easy to find

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