Motorhome Short Breaks

Finding locations and looking for motorhome short breaks, are all part of the motorhome adventure. Here at motorhomes campervans, we really do appreciate, finding places, to take those motorhome short breaks. Obviously, there are places to go for longer holidays. But, a short break, especially, over a weekend, may lead you on to finding holiday locations. The fact is, where do you really want to go? How long do you want to be driving? The best idea, is to take that map and make a plan. There are city breaks, as well as countryside stopovers, all worth consideration. Motorhome tours, are also an option to consider.

So, we thought it a good idea, to point out some short motorhome breaks and see what that brings. It will always be determined, by where you are going to start from! You may live in Edinburgh, therefore, a day out to London, would hardly be described, as a short break! On the other hand, if you live in Margate, it may be quicker to get to Brussels, in Belguim, than to London! Planning a short motorhome break, is all about, how far you want to go! Only you can decide, the one thing for sure, you can stop whenever you want to. As long as it is a safe place, then the world really is your oyster!

Motorhome Short Breaks – Where To Go

There are many places to consider, it will be best, if you keep an open mind. The United Kingdom, has vast locations of beauty and it really is just great to visit historic places. Many people, love just to take off without a plan! Others are more detailed and want to be more disciplined, in where they go and what they see. There is only so much you are able to do in a short break! Here are a few destinations to consider;

  1. London the UK capital and a host of things to see and do
  2. Edinburgh Scotland at its best in the history of Scotland
  3. Inverness Scotland’s famed monster retreat
  4. Cardiff the Welsh at its best in hospitality
  5. Cornwall the tip of a wonderful history
  6. Kent the garden of England
  7. Derby a gateway to the Peak district
  8. The Lake District a touch of England at its best
  9. Manchester and that red rose of England
  10. Leeds and Harrogate a gateway to the Yorkshire moors and dales

Motorhome Short Breaks – UK Destinations

So, where do you feel, will be a good place to go for your motorhome short break?  There are many counties in the UK that offer a lot. For example, Warwickshire and the Cotswold’s, home of Auto-Sleeper motorhomes. When you look on a map, this area is close to the centre of England. The site of Warwick castle, is worth a look. Surrounded by a countryside, that is most pleasant. As with much of England, it has rolling green hills and there are some fantastic tourist attractions. None more so, than at Stratford upon Avon, the home of William Shakespeare. With the beauty of Kenilworth, Warwick, Leamington Spa and Coventry with its historic cathedral. This is an ideal place to be based, on any short motorhome break.

Motorhome Short Breaks – Derby Derbyshire

When one looks at how far Bonnie Prince Charlie, got to in Derby, you know you have reached the gateway to the Peak district. This area, of rugged Derbyshire countryside, provides has some of the most impressive places to visit. None more so, than Chatsworth house, with the scenery of outstanding England. Both, in summer and winter. This is a wonderful spot to escape to. Just consider exploring, such towns as Matlock Baths and seeing the heritage and its different exhibitions. Sheffield and South Yorkshire, are not far away from this tranquil place. Derbyshire provides many different outdoor activities and the high peak region, is a must for walkers and hikers. The Yorkshire dales and the North Yorkshire moors, provide huge outdoor events and many stunning locations.

Motorhome Short Breaks – Lake District

Now, it is easy to see how a short motorhome break, becomes a long holiday in the Lake District. There is not a lot that compares to the scenery around the lakes. There are many places to see what is on offer, from Coniston waters that Donald Campbell, rightly made world-famous. Many of the small villages and towns, just remain stuck in time! There are so many places, close to the famous lake Windermere. Not far away and worth visiting, are places such as Kendle, the home of the mint cake! From the lake district we move onto the north of England. With Bamburgh castle and surrounding districts, some believe this is a very overlooked part of the northeast of England.

Motorhome Short Breaks – Scottish Borders 

Before you know it, there is a coastline, that from the east coast train is stunning. But, we are in a motorhome! So, no problem, just following the coastline around this part of England, is accessible and magnificent. From Berwick to East Berwick, none better! In addition, one more place not to miss is a visit to Lindisfarne. The vibrant places, such as Newcastle upon Tyne too, are worth the detour to see. Then as you progress north through the Scottish Borders, Scotland unfolds, before your very eyes. The Scottish Borders, are often bypassed, with their rolling country roads, using the main and old A1 to Edinburgh instead. There is no doubt, the Scottish Borders, opens up the countryside and leads on from towns such as Jedburgh and Kelso. Many of the towns such as Coldstream, all remain unspoiled parts of Scotland. Distinctive, from the UK.

Motorhome Short Breaks – Scotland

So, you reach Edinburgh, soon you will be on your way to Inverness and the Highlands. But, first don’t miss Sterling, Perth, home of the Scottish seat at the Scone palace. Onto, following the east coast, with Saint Andrews, the home of golf and other delightful stop overs. Thus, continue all the way to the north coast at Aberdeen. Sotland is an endless adventure, especially, in a motorhome. None more so than Glasgow, Ayr and the west coast, with the Isle of Skye. Check out motorhome hire in Scotland, there are some great starter deals available. Discovering the highlands and Islands is an experience, all on its own. Fort William, Balmoral and beyond are just truly amazing. With Ferries to the northern Isles and place like Mull, Ullapool and a west coastline, that takes you back in time. Mystical lochs, like loch lomond and of course Inverness. Monster watching becomes a passtime!

Motorhome Short Breaks – Wales

Wales has a history of adventures, from Cardiff, Swansea and onto Conway (Conwy). The gem Saint Davids and all of the North Wales coastline. With a stop off when in the North of Wales, at the Snowdonia National Park. Welsh dragons and castles, are all part of the Welsh experience. The Pembroke coastline, leading onto Aberaeron and Aberisworth. With Anglesey awaiting further on. All are worth those motorhome short breaks. There are so many sights in this area including places such as, the Blaenau-Ffestiniog railway. Port Merrin an experience all in itself. You cannot miss places such as, the great Orme at Llandudno. Just getting them all done in any short break, certainly is going to be a challenge.

Motorhome Short Breaks – UK Coastline

As you can see by this short article, that there are many motorhome short breaks to consider. Many of them turn into epic journeys. It is not surprising, that the more you look at the UK coastline, just how spectacular, it is. From such counties as Norfolk, Suffolk and Lincolnshire. Right along the South coast from Dover, Brighton, Bournemouth, Hastings, Weymouth, Southampton and navel ports like Portsmouth and Plymouth. The UK coastline North, South, East and West, all will keep you occupied, for some time to come. The facts are there for all to see, you begin to understand that just following motorhome shows, will provide good short breaks. So, it all begins with buying that motorhome, a map and closing your eyes. Placing a pin in the map. Off you go and enjoy your motorhome short breaks, there are plenty to consider! Iconic seaside locations, like Blackpool, Brighton, Morecambe, Skegness, Scarborough, Weston Super Mare, all await that day visitor! Don’t forget to send us a stick of rock!

Motorhome Short Breaks – McLouis Fusion Short Break Buster

Taking a motorhome for a spin, is a way to see what you are getting into. Motorhomes, makes and models are all out there. The choice is for making a decision, which to buy? New or used motorhome? That is down to the customer. A good option, maybe a new McLouis Fusion. They are great for both a family or any first time motorhome buyer. McLouis Fusion dealers, are very helpful and worth a chat to. Getting familiar, is all about seeing one. That short break, via a motorhome hire, may just do the trick!

Motorhome Short Breaks

Motorhome Short Breaks – McLouis Fusion Something Different

Why, has the McLouis Fusion become so popular? With Italian style and practical layout, hows that for starters. The fact is, they are all four berth motorhomes. The layout is a fixed bed and we have a very large garage. Taking four passengers is simple, some of the models have five travelling seats. So, you have options of downsizing to 3,500kg and diving on a standard UK driving licence. Seeing just the many reasons, demonstrates the point. None more so than the entry price!

Motorhome Short Breaks