Motorhome Show Time

Is this going to be the motorhome show time, to end all motorhome shows? Why the question? There are so many new motorhome and campervan entries, into the UK. Do you know why? Let us dig down and ask, is there good reason for this?  Motorhome show time, is well and truly upon us. So, why are the NEC motorhome shows, so different to other shows? They are the key drivers in sales of motorhomes in the UK. Just when will be in Brexit land! Does, being out of Europe, hold some leading questions for motorhome show time?

If there were no, NEC motorhome indoor shows, what then for motorhome show time? We have come a long way from being in the great outdoors. Pitched up in a field and charging customers to attend shows! Letting them get a good soaking or burning in the sun! Oh, I forgot that still happens! So, what will a post Brexit motorhome market, look like? How will motorhome show time be affected? There are many unanswered questions? The fact remains we have investment into our UK motorhome manufacturers. Trigano group, Erwin Hymer motorhome group and now Thor, have seen to that. But, what about the motorhome marketing? What about that first time buyer? How much longer in charging customers entry into shows, going to continue. When the going gets tough, what will break first?

Motorhome Show Time Disappearing Brands

Everyday, we hear of different established retailers, going under. Brand names, we have grown up with and trusted, just gone forever! So, all our questions are aimed at the consequences of change. Something, I believe will have to happen and like it or not, it will happen. The choice for the customer buying a motorhome, has never been greater. That has to be a good thing or does it? More choice, more infrastructure, more shows? Where is the training and investment, going to come from. When you take a guess, how reliant are motorhome manufacturers and dealers, depending on two UK indoor shows? Well, many balance sheets, may well rely on customers turning up at shows. With the idea of buying there and then. Now, just wind back a moment. Most customers have to wait 6 to 8 weeks and longer, to get hold of the product! Will they want a quicker solution? What are the issues? Will they;

  1. still go to motorhome shows?
  2. pay to stay at motorhome shows?
  3. continue buying from a motorhome dealer?
  4. consider buying direct from a manufacturer?
  5. use virtual reality to select a model?
  6. compare more motorhomes online?
  7. wait for delivery whilst a motorhome is built?
  8. just discover, buy online without seeing?
  9. select online via a club membership?
  10. rent and not buy outright?

Motorhome Show Time History

Right we think we have identified, how this industry works, very reliant on customers, coming to the vendors! Ever thought of how that should be reversed? It is easy, when you know how! The technology is there, now to take the customer on a journey. That journey is all about product knowlage and what the customer, is really is looking for. The support from motorhome dealers, has improved tenfold in our opinion. They needed to and they need to see where social media and marketing, will now take them. How many customers historically, have brought the wrong layout first time round? How many customers, have been told this is the last one at this price? Yes, at times true, but, was that what the customer wanted? So, has living the dream, been manipulated for a long time? Will it change? Who will change the way motorhome show time, may be dictating choice and availability?

Motorhome Show Time VR Virtual Reality

Now, what do customers really want? I think, we may sum it up in real terms. Just to be treated as a customer, not to rely on motorhome show time. Especially, to find and be shown, how to find out key motorhome information, about the motorhome products. Not, having to move out of your armchair and buy a motorhome. Is that a dream or reality? How cool would that be? That may well be closer than we think! Certainly, in the world of VR (virtual reality showrooms), that exists now. The likes of Frankia motorhomes, displaying in VR, proves a point. Why, should we assume a customer will travel to any motorhome show or event in the future? Yes, maybe if there is a show and entertainment. But, selling at motorhome shows and making the customers pay an entry fee? Paying up for overnight motorhome stay overs and buy a ticket for the event! Oh and buy a motorhome or campervan, that may well be a compromise and one they do not quite like!

Motorhome Show Time What Do You Think?

OK, what is our point of raising questions, about motorhome show time? We believe, that any customer, should be provided with good information. Also, sound and free motorhome advice, all that makes sense to them. Yes, here comes the sales pitch! Well we have to justify our existence! In motorhome marketing, we offer services to help motorhome dealers. Ultimately, we want to help customers, to find the right information. Not just go to a motorhome show and buy the wrong motorhome! On this article, we have opened up comments. Why? In order that we are able to demonstrate, the need for improving. Comments, from you the customer, about how you were treated. Did a show visit work for you? What would you have liked to see?

Motorhome Show Time Brexit What Next?

Now, knowing what Brexit holds, frankly is anyone’s guess? What Brexit holds for imported European motorhomes is certainly a leading question? So, are UK motorhome manufacturers, at a disadvantage? As we well know, when we described in out “battle of the brands” article, watch this space! Now, that space, has got a little more crowded. Enter the mighty Thor industries, to take over the Erwin Hymer motorhome group. Who spotted that event happening? Does, that change the game plan? Motorhome show time, is big business. None more so, that the NEC events, held in October and February, every year in Birmingham. So, much depends on those shows, to launch new models for example. To display and promote motorhome show time and demonstrate to potential customers. Ensuring, that this is the one for you! Ever stopped to think, if like our changing high streets, these motorhome shows, did not get the support? What would be the consequences, for the industry and the consumer?

Motorhome Show Time Advertising

Carrying, all your eggs in one basket, may be something to contemplate. By relying on the motorhome show time, is this all about advertising and promoting new motorhomes, at shows? Yes, we know all about that side of things and offer alternative services for you to consider. We use the whole blog section, to promote different motorhomes and topical debate. Be it a debate on motorhome topics like, motorhome finance, motorhome insurance or finding a motorhome warranty. Just look around and find free motorhome advice. We love to help people as well. So, let us know how we may do to help you!

Motorhome Show Time Honey They Shrunk The RV!

Did, you ever think you would here that one? I will just give it to you again “honey they have shrunk the RV”. Well, they have and now. The fact, is that Thor from the USA, has taken over Erwin Hymer motorhome group. Is this the start of a whole new ball game? Thor are huge in size and stature. This will be a story to follow. Watch this space as the motorhome story unfolds! Technology is key! Using it is what will drive sales. Just as with many industries, technology means change and motorhomes are no different. If we are able to book a motorhome rental online, then why not a motorhome purchase?

Motorhome Show Time Auto-Sleeper Motorhomes

Auto-Sleeper motorhomes, have put a great effort into promoting new models, via You Tube videos. Auto-Sleeper, have been making motorhomes for over 56 years. They are very dedicated and helpful to all of their customer base. They research, to get to know how the customer likes the product. For example, the  new Auto-Sleeper Symbol plus. Adopting, to what customers like. They provide videos and images as a good insight, to what is on offer. The facts remain, who will win the race to sell motorhomes online? Will UK manufacturers, like Auto-Sleeper adopt that strategy?

Motorhome Show Time McLouis Fusion

Motorhome show time, introduces, the all new McLouis Fusion. For Auto-Sleepers a completely new set of 5 models, to add to a range from sister company McLouis. Both, have the same parent, Trigano Group. All layouts are fixed beds, with the end garage models. These are exclusive to Auto-Sleeper. Making the fusion of brands Auto-Sleeper and McLouis, come together, with those European features. Built with that McLouis Italian style, with some solid Auto-Sleeper influence. Based, on the fixed bed range; McLouis Fusion 331, McLouis Fusion 360, McLouis Fusion 367, McLouis Fusion 373 and the McLouis Fusion 379. This is different and yes the McLouis Fusion dealers will be at motorhome shows. But, look at the McLouis Fusion UK Facebook pages and Twitter along with the McLouis Fusion website. Online information and no Marquis Leisure dealerships, just the independent McLouis Fusion dealers.

Motorhome Show Time

Motorhome Show Time Social Media

When you start to promote a new motorhome model, you need to use all the tools available. None more so, that the use of social media. The fact, that the likes of Facebook and Twitter are so powerful. They are able to make or break a brand. That click of the mouse is a very powerful in the right hands. The SEO (search engine optimization) world, has in some ways had its day! Yes, that mighty Google search still is the holly grail to some. However, when you have a trend and that trending, the power of social media is astounding. That is what new brands are looking to do!

Motorhome Show Time

Motorhome Show Time Frankia Motorhomes

Frankia motorhomes, has been one of the largest motorhome manufacturers, promoting their new models. This is via VR (virtual reality) videos. This certainly takes the customers experience, to new levels. Virtually all Frankia motorhomes are displayed in 3D. All helpful to the customer, to get to know the product and take that one step further.

That step being not to race of to motorhome shows and events. Other than the cost of the VR shoot about a £200 spend. A customer may be inside the motorhome! Sat at home! Even see the deal available and buy via a key Frankia motorhome dealer on the phone. As the old BT add said “it is good to talk”.

Maybe we will see more of these promotions. On the Frankia website they are promoting all the motorhomes with a VR tour.

Motorhome Show Time Frankia VR