So, good motorhome storage tips will not go a miss. Especially, if it is your 1st visit to the motorhome storage place. In fact, before you know it, we are close to going into that motorhome storage for the winter. Thus, it will then soon be Spring and time to get it out again. (the season begins in February). Also, at that point we hear a big “hurray”, it is time to enjoy your motorhome again.

Secure Motorhome Storage Tips

In fact, we have lived in hope that this winter might bring some days of sunshine. Alas, not to be, it has virtually lashed it down every month. Therefore, that water ingress problem will be certainly needing to be looked at. Most motorhomes in storage live out in the elements and that is just the name of the game. In fact, many farmers set aside space for storing motorhomes. Also, many dealers have space designated to allow customers to store their motorhome, in a secure place.

Motorhome secure storage is all about security and convenience

Security goes without saying, is important. Convenience, comes in being close to where you live and ease of access to your motorhome.

Motorhome Storage Tips

motorhome storage tipsIn fact, there are always some concerns when placing your motorhome into storage. Making sure that the storage will not affect your motorhomes condition is so important. Maintaining your motorhome and keeping it in peak condition;

Protecting from the elements and other wear and tear issues

All will depend on how you have prepared your motorhome, for those storage periods. Here are some motorhome storage tips and suggestions to help you prepare for storage. Also, to winterise the storage of your motorhome. So, start with that insurance policy and look if there are restrictions regarding storage. Some insurance will ask when you enter the details of where the motorhome is to be kept. Many will typically have obligations, as to what you need to do when storing your motorhome. In fact, keeping your motorhome in a secure storage may lead to insurance companies offering discounts. The key here is all about your motorhome being kept at a recognised storage site – speaking to your insurer for clarification on this point is a good idea.

Mechanical Condition For Storage

There are many take the view, that they will take their motorhome for a service when the winter is over. However, a full mechanical service may wait until nearer the time of use. However, simple things to maintain your motorhome mechanical condition such as; changing the oil and consider adding a fuel storage stabiliser, may help maintain the motorhomes condition. Additives may well help to combat corrosion, but always check what a dealer / manufacturer recommends.

Will My Motorhome Start?

Going to the storage location and starting the engine too often, may just circulate the acids and sludge things up. Also, that can lead to things like dirt accumulating in the systems. So, do not just start and switch off, make sure to run your motorhome for a while. Let it get up to temperature and check for leaks. Also, there is a strong case for disconnecting and removing the mains battery. Especially, to maintain the leisure battery, disconnecting them may well help keep them fully charged.

Exterior Motorhome Maintenance

Just like you, remember that your motorhome needs to “breathe” when it’s not in use! That dreaded damp patch may appear at any time. Keeping air vents open, will help keep the damp and mould at bay. However, beware of our furry friends taking up residence via an open vent! Covering the motorhome with any type of covers could do more harm than good!

Paintseal Motorhome Protection

Consider having your motorhome Paintseal treated, both inside and out will really protect it. Whilst you may be very capable of cleaning your motorhome, a good wash and clean of the exterior will help. However, a professional valet may make more sense. Just setting out to lubricate mechanical parts, maybe with the best intentions. Other than lubricating door hinges and locks what will you lubricate?

Inspect The Tyres

Tyres, are the most important to be aware off becoming damaged. Being stored in one place can lead to flat spots. In fact, make sure that you check the tyre pressures and inflate them to the recommended working pressure. If possible, consider raising the motorhome on axle-stands thus taking the weight of the motorhome off the tyres. Remember to check that spare wheel tyre pressure as well. In fact, tyres with a slow puncture may lead to a flat when in storage. So, that spare wheel or that get you home kit needs checking.

Interior Condition

In addition, maintaining your motorhome interior in storage is an important part of the maintenance. So, start by thoroughly draining down all water systems. When empty, where possible, just blow compressed air through the pipes to ensure no water remains in the system. You may think that is a bit excessive, however, this is an essential precaution to stop any form of freezing. Frozen pipes lead to all sorts of problems and they can be avoided.

Batteries Maintenance

We mentioned disconnecting batteries earlier, again auxiliary batteries may well be better in a dry place where they will not freeze. Also, remember to keep them charged, old batteries do not like cold weather and this leads to effective working life. On a safety note, make sure that you disconnect and remove any gas (butane or propane) cylinders. Again, make sure that you store them in a safe and dry place. So, if you have a flat battery, during storage time, then charging batteries regularly, using a solar trickle-charger is a solution. Also, remember where alarms are concerned and other immobilisers, see what a dealer / manufacturer recommends.

Just jump starting a battery is not a good idea?

This can distort and damage the control panel / board, like any computerised systems a reboot is one thing. A high charged jump start may cause a spike in the motherboard and cause even more damage.

Extra Cleaning

When you clean the interior, make sure you give particular attention to the food storage areas. Fridge freezers with food are not a good idea. Making sure that those kitchen and bathroom areas, have no chance for the growth of mould. Just make sure they are defrosted and dry. Also, while you are at it now is definitely a good time to take out all the bedding and soft furnishings. Giving them a good wash or even take them for dry cleaning. Also, then store indoors in a warm place. Also, whilst we hope no unwanted residents take your motorhome for their winter residence; Keep a lookout, traps may be the only answer should they be found.

Where do you keep your motorhome?

Currently, most new motorhomes come with winter packs fitted or available at an extra cost. So, it must make sense to winterise your motorhome. Most motorhome dealers will do this for you and it may not be as expensive as you think. Therefore, this also provides you with extended use of your motorhome and fewer storage costs. Those chilly Autumn days may well be a thing to enjoy from your warm motorhome! Finding good motorhome storage is all about the location. No point storing too far away from home.

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