Motorhome Tracking Trackstar

Don’t leave home in your motorhome without a motorhome tracking Trackstar protecting your motorhome. In this day and age, many insurance companies insist that you have one fitted. For the peace of mind, they provide it must be worth it. To know that the motorhome tracking Trackstar knows where your motorhome is at all times. So, a simple arrangement with Trackstar will get the tracker fitted to your motorhome. Then it is a matter of making sure you renew your yearly subscription and cover is in place.

With more leisure vehicles now being sold. This is making protecting them even more important. Stop that thief in their tracks and prevent the hassle of having your motorhome stolen. Motorhome insurance is always going to proffer that the Trackstar tracker system is in place. This reduces the claims process and sends a warning to any potential thief targeting your motorhome or campervan. They will not get far if they activate the Trackstar tracker system. Even the European police will even know about your motorhome being stolen. From a motorhome owners point of view, prevention is well worth the costs of installing the Trackstar Tracker system.

Motorhome Tracking Trackstar Activation

Many new motorhomes are fitted with the motorhome tracking Trackstar from new. All a new owner needs to do is register and pay the annual fee. Within about five mins the cover is in place and the motorhome will be being on the system. BMW and Jaguar Land Rover’s approve the supplier. Trackstar currently is the only approved stolen vehicle tracking suppliers for Autotrail, Autosleeper, Benimar, Marquis motorhomes and the Swift Sargent system, Quite an impressive list of know motorhome and car manufacturers. The Trackstar system comes as standard on most of the new models of those brands. Trackstar is known as Teletrac Navman Automotive and is part of the Teletrac Navman Group. They have been providing a diverse range of leisure vehicle services for over 30 years. They provide a global network of OEM vehicle manufacturers.

  1. stolen vehicle tracking in many countries
  2. carrying out concierge services
  3. emergency calls support for products (eCall)
  4. roadside assistance (bCall)
  5. traffic and navigation

Motorhome Tracking Trackstar Protection

The ease of fitting and the activation time will all be in place at your home or storage site. It is that simple but doesn’t underestimate how effective it is at protecting your motorhome campervan or car. There is 24/7 access to your account and plenty of support should you have the misfortune of an incident. You will be happy to see your motorhome in tact no matter where you park it. This has been a major breakthrough in reducing some Insurance quotes for motorhomes.

Motorhome Tracking Trackstar Insurance

More leisure vehicles are now starting to emerge into the used camper and motorhome market. There is an objective to bring about more avenues to market of the Tracker system. As well as targeting the new leisure vehicles that don’t have a Trackstar system. In fact, some used leisure vehicles have no tracking system fitted. There are no problems to protect and fit the system. Contacting Trackstar and you will soon be up and running protecting your motorhome or campervan.

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Motorhome Tracking Trackstar Insurance

As with accidents, they do happen and so does stealing motorhomes. The Police tell us that motorhome theft is on the up. So, Trackstar knows the value of their products. So, don’t leave home without one fitted or even consider not bothering. Your motorhome is in danger of going walkabout if you don’t have Trackstar or a tracker in place. You are able to sign up for Trackstar online they will even fit the tracker for you at home or storage site. Contacting them or sending requests for more details is simple.

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