Motorhome Winterisation

Motorhome Winterisation. There is no doubt, that motorhome winterisation has really become the norm. In fact, it has opened up the use of motorhomes, beyond those summer months. Going on that winter adventure, knowing the taps are not going to freeze, is just great. Jack Frost has been set quite a challenge, the all year round motorhome is here to stay. So, what does one lookout for, when using your motorhome in winter? Making sure that you do have a plan is important. Snow and ice, are worthy opponents of anyone taking them on. Preparing to tackle the elements is one thing, being equipped to do so is the challenge. Many new motorhomes like the McLouis Fusion, use extensive insulation and high-grade heating systems.

The way forward has been found, to really make modern motorhomes winterproof. Nearly all leisure vehicles have become winterised. Not only are they insulated, to a high level. In fact, they are heated inside, just like the central heating in your house. Therefore, motorhome winterisation has made motorhomes home from home. Looking out of the window of the motorhome at a winters tale. This has provided a new dimension in the dead of winter. You will be snug, warm inside your centrally heated, leisure retreat. However, there is always the fact that in winter, driving conditions on the roads, may prove an additional driving challenge.

Motorhome Winterisation Winter Checklist

So, how about a little winter preparation, before you go on that winter expedition? There is stating the obvious before you go look at the weather forecasts. In the UK the Met Office provides email alerts and lots of online information. Just a postcode of where you are going and there you have what weather to expect. Now if you are venturing beyond the UK. Certainly, in some countries, you will need snow tyres! The issues and conditions may be a little more challenging. So, snow chains can make safe that winter skiing trip! A winter checklist may well be in order here;

  1. check the weather where you are heading and know what to expect
  2. have automatic updates via the UK Met Office
  3. make sure you have breakdown assistance with roadside recovery
  4. get advice on the best winter tyres to drive on
  5. snow chains or snow socks may be needed and a legal requirement
  6. servicing aside, how strong is your antifreeze?
  7. have everything checked or serviced your motorhome needs to be in tip-top condition
  8. screenwash take a top-up bottle with you
  9. check how the de-mister and how heating controls work
  10. turn on all the heating and see how it feels in full flow,
  11. check LPG tank is full, gas bottles full as well as spare
  12. jump leads, snow shovel, tow rope, thermal screen and bonnet cover
  13. de icer and spare can also WD40 for door locks

Motorhome Winterisation Stay Safe

Now, common sense should prevail in any weather forecast. If the weather forecast says danger, then it means just that! So, consider others safety not just your own! By going on, your actions may put others in danger as well! So, if things are bad maybe, postponing for a few days will help. Even staying on a campsite, with a hookup, could make a lot of sense. The road conditions when driving a motorhome, certainly need to be realistic. Snow tyres, snow chains and snow socks are not the perfect answer. The combination of ice and snow, impacting motorhome driving. This may prove to be a bit much, to say the least. Let’s face it how much snow driving have you really done? Keeping a safer distance from other traffic may be very advisable. Also, do you have a plan B if all goes wrong?

Motorhome Winterisation Be Prepared

Being prepared, is always a good thing. But, also remember not to overload your motorhomes with winter supplies. Overweight motorhomes may not only be illegal. They may well be, down right dangerous to control and handle. Yes, warm clothing is going to be essential. But, extra tins of food and other equipment, maybe overdoing it a bit? The facts are that you will need to remain warm, at all costs. Those, insulated thermal vests, may well be the answer. However, don’t forget some sensible footwear, are those snow shoes, overdoing it a bit? Also, if you are taking the dogs with you they may well need coats as well. As we stated previously, common sense, is the most important thing to have with you. There are other things in an emergency that always need to go with you and be checked over;

  • a good torch with extra batteries
  • some matches in a dry place
  • your mobile well charged up, even a spare battery if needed
  • checking the leisure battery is charging and working
  • some emergency food that keeps
  • first aid kit is up to date

Motorhome Winterisation Winter Holidays

The fact that motorhome winterisation has become standard, on most new motorhomes. Because, many folks just headed south in the winter, to the sun. Destinations to escape the cold such as, Spain and Portugal, provided many motorhome holiday winter locations. Now, more adventurers are taking that winter holiday a little further. Taking in colder climates and looking at those winter retreats. Winter sports such as skiing holidays are within reach. There is a lot of information online, just try a search “motorhome ski holidays”. There are many ski aires, out there that have the perfect locations near the ski slopes. Remember, those solar panels work in winter resorts as well! Motorhome winterisation certainly has been responsible for the rise in interest. Motorhome winter holidays are becoming even cheaper, as no accommodation or hotel bills mean that you can stay longer. If it gets too cold, you can always head back to the sun!

Motorhome Winterisation Boiler Upgrades

Older motorhomes for motorhome winterisation. Retrofit kits are available to convert and upgrade heating and insulation. This involves insulating areas such as wheel arches and places that cold temperatures reach. Using tank blankets and insulating all the popework and pums have to all be done. This is a job that needs to be done by professional motorhome winterisation specialists. This will improve a motorhome holding it’s heat. Many blow air systems do not reach such places as the cab. So, there are ways to pipe the air into those places. Motorhome insulation has come a long way. Having an efficient boiler and one that is powerful to heat all the spaces. This is a must, if going on winter holidays. Trumar and Alde are leading heating specialists for motorhomes. Many new motorhomes are now fitted with higher grade boilers or with an option to upgrade.

Motorhome Winterisation Truma Boiler

The Truma Combi is the one of the smallest heating systems. Ideal designed for motorhomes, it works with both gas and electricity. Often fitted as standard equipment, with frost control. There is the current-free drainage and safety valve. This is fitted for freeze control.

Motorhome Winterisation

Motorhome Winterisation Alde Boiler

The main principals of the Alde central heating system works just like a modern home. Convectors and radiators are fitted along the outer walls, and pipes go into the floor. This then heats up the air, that heats up the furniture and surfaces. Therefore, keeping a constant controlled heat.

Motorhome Winterisation

Motorhome Winterisation New Motorhomes

Many new motorhomes are all now winterised. A popular choice is to use either the Trauma or Alde systems. Motorhomes such as McLouis Fusion in the UK use the Trauma CP Plus with an LCD control panel. This is a Combi 6E heating system with air ventilation. This has integrated heating elements and runs in gas, electric or mixed mode. The very effective system is fast, providing hot water heating, in a very short time. Also, this system is renowned for very low power consumption. Launching any new model is all about specification and heating and air conditioning are important. Knowing that some of the best heating and insulation systems are being used. This does provide peace of mind. Something, that the McLouis Fusion is achieving. Now being introduced to the UK market. The McLouis Fusion has lots to offer on a winter holiday.