Motorhomes Away 2018

Well is it time for motorhomes away 2018? That Xmas spirit has just about run out, no more Turkey sandwiches! So, just that credit card bill to land and it will be over! OK, we know we can pop along to the motorhome storage and have a poke around your motorhome. On the face of it a bit of Spring cleaning and you will be off to get that habitation service done.

So, taking those motorhomes away 2018 challenge, what will be your destination? Are you just going to finally do that round the coast UK trip? Well, you have spent some of those winter months watching that “coast TV program“. Could be a great journey to make, but which way do you go round and where do you start from?

Motorhomes Away 2018

The real question is how long is it going to take you? What would be the daily journey plan, how many miles will you travel in one day? Well, I guess it really is where is the nearest point for you to start from? Apparently, we are only 85 miles from the coast where ever we live in the UK. So, that sea air is not too far away!

Now let’s pick out some random starting points, how about Morecambe Bay? There is plenty of room to manoeuvre along the promenade and head up toward the Lake District. Turning up towards Grange over sands and up to Barrow in Furness, How about swapping coasts and heading to Skegness on the East coast, again you can go along the promenade and head North up to Mablethorpe and beyond.

A Coastal Adventure.

Now, if we want a real East Coast starting point then what’s wrong with Scarborough in Yorkshire? Yes, again a long promenade to cruise down! If we go from one extreme to another that Pembrokeshire Welsh coastal way is just magnificent. So, tempting to cross that Channel if we start out in Dover. However, you could take in Hastings and wonder along that south coast. Right down to Dorset, Devon and Cornwall.

A great starting point in Scotland has to be Edinburgh and head up to Golf country taking in St Andrews. From the other coast, kick-off from Ayr and head up to those Highland destinations. Inverness and a bit of monster spotting would not go a miss. If you end up on the top and come round to Elgin, another coastal gem. It really is endless Aberdeen and dropping inland at any point in Scotland will not disappoint. So, have we whetted your appetite? England, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Norfolk and Suffolk not to be forgotten, all have amazing coastal stopovers. That sea air will make you sleep well and also provide wonderful scenery to stay and take it all in. We guess that motorhomes away 2018, has just started your imagination going.

Visit and Tell Us.

Make that coastal journey a holiday of a lifetime, even if it takes you quite a while! Tell us your favourite coastal destination! So, get tuned into that shipping forecast and off you go!