They think its all over for Boris Johnson it is now

Motorhomes campervans bring back Brexit to solve leisure issues now. Just when you thought it was all over as the saying goes “some people are on the pitch they think it’s all over, it is now” and for Boris Johnson, it certainly is over now! So that legend “Kenneth Wolstenholme” commentary immortalised that 4th goal scored by Geoff Hurst in the World cup final of 1966. We can honestly ask was this the last time we were a great nation? What has football got to do with Brexit you may ask? It’s simple to go back then we had a great captain and a team all working for each other all managed by one man “Alf Ramsey” and a sense of pride. Some of these beliefs have been brought into disrepute with the government not delivering promises and now the resignation of Boris Johnson. What does Brexit hold now we believe an awful lot of lost business with the EU has just disappeared. How many foreign registered motorhomes and campervans have you seen this season? We use football so we can target the older historic generation who have or are buying a motorhome or campervan.

A leader of standards 

Apply that logic to the Boris Johnson Conservite team it stands out a mile “you need to have a team that can win things with honesty and integrity” backed by a manager and captain to bring the team together. This comes down to “teamwork and good management” and an honest approach. Backing your players and keeping standards is a priority. An enduring image of England player George Cohen being stopped by a livid Alf Ramsey exchanging his shirt with Argentina’s Alberto Gonzalez, following a brutal quarter-final. Alf was incensed and reportedly said “George, you’re not to swap shirts with that animal” the photo went around the world with a no-nonsense approach Alf made sure his views were well known. Our point here is that if you believe in something and want people to support then you have to be seen to do the right thing. We believe that backing a Brexit deal and being told lies is not going to ever go away. How do we get those potential motorhome owners to actually stand up and say “we want to live the dream”sell me a motorhome now?

Motorhomes campervans bring back Brexit solve leisure issues now

Historically the leave Brexit team has divided the nation and as I have stated in the past (2016) Farage, Gove and Johnson were and still remain unfit for any form of government positions, it appears that they are a bunch of liers who used the older generation wanting to see times gone by return and telling them millions of foreigners would come and take your children’s and grandchildren’s jobs. Clearly now we can see what happened the opposite of what a leave vote said. We now have a real shortage of workers they have gone home and taken all their skills and taxes with them. Looking for sales and technicians really proves the point further some dealers have been advertising for staff for over 2 years! The red bus may have been replaced by the red wall and the questions remain how did we get here? One example “is Johan Lundgren”, CEO of Easy Jet said Brexit is to blame for the massive staff shortages at airports across the UK.

  • How much has Brexit cost no one has ever told us
  • Staying out is going to cost us a lot more
  • Why are many reluctant to face the facts Brexit has failed?
  • The red bus was a pack of lies and Johnson, Gove and Farage have a lot to answer for
  • As for the red wall that was never going to work and remains a broken promise when will people see this?
  • The workforce has fled and we are facing looking after an older population without enough workers
  • False promises without freedom of movement are looking at disastrous consequences
  • House prices are at record highs and inflation is out of control
  • Interest rates are on the rise and public debt is reaching record highs
  • The true cost of living is rising and we are told its a global problem well for those living in the UK it’s our problem

Destroy things in one go

I was asked by my accountant why did I dislike Boris Johnson way back in 2016? I said then he was no statesman and I could see through his bluster and lies his agenda was all about Boris the brand and he was false. He also reminded me of pigs getting their snouts in the trough £300 a roll of wallpaper says it all. The fact that the people wanted a swipe at the establishment via Brexit, provided just that. Boris Johnson delivered that swipe using Brexit as the ideal soapbox to stand on. Saying he was going to put the great back into Great Britain and get Brexit done well he did neither. The EU got Brexit done as well as Mrs May and others having a go and as for putting the great back into Great Britain, we are close to breaking up the union and we have Scotland wanting to leave the union and re-join the EU. Northern Ireland is in crisis with the sea border issues and Wales continuing not to receive the full EU grants and drifting further apart from the union.

  • Boris Johnson has destroyed and lost the trust of a nation in one go
  • Leave everyone wondering who can be trusted to deliver anything
  • Shatter your party and show them up for what they are
  • We are where we are let us move on

Johnsons Gove Farage red bus of lies

There are many people who voted exit realise now that they were told a pack of lies and the Brexit deal was the worst negotiation ever to be passed and implemented. Take a look at what has been done and think back to what were the worst bits about Brexit;

  • The movement of people was a real lie showing old migration pictures
  • The security of borders and the terrible loss of life continues
  • Control and securing our borders still have not happened
  • Deport people to Rwanda is a national disgrace
  • Where are the new policemen and women?
  • The red bus was and is a pack of lies
  • More doctors and nurses and new hospitals where are they
  • New trains to link the nation
  • Levelling up the biggest con of all they will never leave London

UK tourists are somewhat bewildered the condition of the UK roads and infostructure is terrible. There are many that believe everything delivered via the Conservative party based on Johnson’s lies and fraud should be undone. We hear from his resignation speech the herd is out and moving fast. So, let’s have a real review including Brexit and GE (general election) how much Russian money found its way into the Conservative coffers. Here we are listening to virtually every conservative wanting to be prime minister let’s face it they are not fit for the purpose and we need a clean start.

UK Supreme Court Parliament had been unlawfully prorogued in September 2019

OK, we have pointed out many of the wrong things about Brexit and the tragic consequences of Johnson being prime minister. Like it or not show me one piece of support shown by these conservatives for our leisure industry? I have deliberately not mentioned the pandemic as it was and remains a conservative hide-behind story every time we hear if it had not been for Covid this and Covid that etc etc. The Johnson rein could not believe their luck to have this dreadful thing land and take over the news daily for 2 years plus! Brexit swept under the carpet and every time it was mentioned the blame was the border in the Irish sea let’s break international law that will cover up loads of Brexit stories just like proroguing Parlement lets stir things up. The biggest cover-up is still to come.

  • The war on Ukraine why has Johnson been first in line to help fight against Putin’s war
  • Is there a hidden agenda here we have been reminded about Sailsbury and Oligarchs?
  • The facts remain we go from one story to another and anything to cover up Brexit the better.
  • If we had stayed in the EU we hear how we would not have gotten vaccines early?
  • How much did the UK’s PPE bill cost how much did MPs declare?
  • Don’t forget the corruption in some police forces
  • Worst still our streets are not safe we have daily children being stabbed

If Boris goes Brexit goes 

Michael Hesslestine has said that “if Boris goes Brexit goes” for many that could not come soon enough. Remainers must “never” give up trying to rejoin the European Union, and we must return to be part of the EU strength. Having held many government positions he has seen many situations unfold and his words are well chosen. The issues are that we have seen many things that have not come along to help sell motorhomes and campervans. More important is to enhance the manufacturing base and protect jobs. The fact that we have witnessed all sorts of supply chain problems with new vehicle lead times remains uncertain. Heseltine claimed that anti-Brexit campaigners should start making the case for the UK to rejoin the European Union. This would keep support for Scottish independence at bay and re-establish better trading relations with the EU. The facts remain that both Hymer (Thor USA) and Trigano invested in January 2017 in the UK proving the point we need to be closer to these giants in manufacturing leisure-related vehicles.

Protecting and creating leisure-related jobs 

Here at motorhomes and campervans, we talk to a lot of leisure-related workers all having something to say and we hold all sorts of opinions and share them with our readers. We try to tell it as it is and not how we think. However, we believe we have lost a lot of leisure-related jobs and something needs to happen to get a stable workforce and create new jobs. The facts remain difficult and we know of a good example of a salesperson being headhunted only to discover that stock was so low then they would not earn enough commission to survive. Needless to say, they returned to their old job and were welcomed back with open arms and a pay rise.

Rising prices and component shortages 

The cause of the price rises on used motorhomes and campervans stems from the build-up of first-time buyers flocking to take UK-based holidays known as Staycations. Many people just brought motorhomes and campervans and then set out to use them in the UK with little or no experience. The fact that storage and campsites filled up rapidly and stock held by dealers dwindled to record low levels. There are trade buyers who know how the dealer’s stock issue has been flagged up for some time. See “we buy any motorcaravan” for trade information.