CaSSOA approved leisure vehicle storage sites

Motorhomes campervans caravan storage secure insurance cover. An essential part of leisure vehicle ownership is making sure when your motorhome is off the road it is in a safe place. Many people have to rely on storing their vehicle in a secure storage facility. Well, we all cannot park on the drive, can we? So, when it comes down to finding a secure storage facility is one thing, finding one where your vehicle is insured and protected 24/7 is another one. Placing your leisure vehicle into storage is often about the recommendation for that peace of mind. However, having access 24/7 not too far away are all part of finding convenient and trustworthy storage. There is an option to help pay for the storage that is hiring your vehicle out via the Goboony motorhome and campervan hire portal. This is very easy to do and is well sort after by like-minded people wanting to rent a motorhome, campervan or caravan. Finding motorhome insurance can be a time-consuming thing so, finding a recognised insurance provider is also key to either hiring out or storing your leisure vehicle.

Find your nearest CaSSOA approved leisure vehicle storage site

Many storage experts have grown significantly and there are a large number of approved secure storage sites across the UK. Finding storage that is accredited, motorhome, campervan and caravan storage sites that are independently assessed is important. Things such as security features, access and amenities are all key to a good storage site. Such things as remembering to get the vehicle ready to come in or go out of storage are equally important. When it comes down to storage and being insured then making sure they provide superior levels of protection from theft. So, if you go online and search for approved storage sites nationwide, there are a wide range of accredited caravan storage sites to choose from. In many cases, you won’t have to travel far to find your nearest site.