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We set up or motorhomes campervans Facebook group, to do a few things. Most importantly, to allow people who love motorhomes and campervan to share their knowledge. The simple aim, to build a group that is helpful to all its members. Especially, first-time motorhome owners, remember we all had and have to start somewhere.

So, there you have the gist of what we want to do. However, it does not end there! Because we are looking for offers for members to take advantage of. A group that motorhome dealers can trust. Place their motorhome stock for all members to see. Making sure that motorhome manufacturers are able to launch their latest models. Knowing a motorhome and campervan audience is waiting to see the latest specifications. Motorhomes campervans Facebook group has an aim to make things easy.

Motorhomes Campervans Facebook Group Dealers

Value for members old and new on our Facebook group. So, please join us and become a member of our motorhomes campervans Facebook group it’s free. You can post information for help to buy or sell a motorhome or campervan. You can ask other members what they think of different models. If you are looking for motorhome finance then we will find links for more information from lenders. Remember, they must be FCA approved to lend money. We will post as many events as we can and ask our members to post where they have stayed over. Tell us what is and is not value for money. Customer feedback, on motorhomes and campervans, is extremely important. So, from campsites to pub stay-overs please tell us. Motorhomes campervans Facebook group has the latest offers we can find. Make an effort and become a member today.

Motorhomes Campervans Facebook Group Members

Our members all have to take out motorhome insurance and buy a motorhome warranty. In both cases, we want to help our members find offers. Building up a profile that motorhome insurers, want to really support and motorhome warranty companies want to do business with. Yes, it may take time, but, currently, in the age of motorhome magazines we think are offering very little. They just want your money monthly! Nothing wrong with that, but, again where is the value? The caravan clubs do a great job, however, for our members, we want to do better if we can. Motorhomes campervans Facebook group sets out to help any motorhomes owner. Be it motorhome advice or simple instructions. We are happy to help.

Motorhomes Campervans Facebook Group Online

We know, that there are some great motorhome groups, on Facebook right now! Now you may not have a lot of time to keep up to date. However, you are able to contact motorhomes campervans, with an option to send us a quick email. Better still, this will not take you long, to join our motorhomes campervans Facebook group. Then you can contact one of our team on Facebook messenger. For deals and offers, with updates on many popular motorhome topics. For those interested in stuff like motorhome accessories. Where to get motorhome parts and motorhome advice for free! How to book a motorhome holiday, taking out a motorhome hire for the first time. Yep, that is what our group is all about, for the old experienced motorhome owner and the first time motorhome owner. “HAPPY TO HELP ANYONE!”

Motorhomes Campervans Facebook Group New Motorhomes

So, looking at all of those motorhomes for sale brand new is a challenge. Therefore, we are breaking that down a little. We list posts from as many motorhome shows as we can find! Also, we post events that are forthcoming. Anyone wanting to find out about a new model can then do so. Just trying to keep up is a challenge. But, if you are looking for Auto-Sleeper motorhomes or one from the Trigano Group you will see the topic. As we say “it is not rocket science” however, at times finding things out is time-consuming.

Motorhomes Campervans Facebook Group Used Motorhomes For Sale

Finding a simple post to show a photo of the motorhome with a price is what is needed. Yes, more detail even better! A trip around your motorhome from a youTube video fine! Virtual Reality tour even better! You will have these options, to get the best-used motorhomes for sale promotion going. The one ingredients that count will be many of our members are looking to buy a motorhome. So, here buyers will hopefully, meet sellers! Looking for motorhome finance or motorhome insurance the same applies. Look at the topic and just go!

Motorhomes Campervans Facebook Group Join Our Members

Well, you think you are getting a good deal but are you? How do you find out? Buying motorhomes and campervans can be stressful and they are usually very expensive. But, you have lived the dream for so long no, we just have to buy this one! So, become a member of our motorhomes campervans Facebook group and ask the question. Is it a good deal can you help us save? Until you ask we just do not know! So, join and post some questions that you need to be reassured about. Remember, you are not alone!

Motorhomes Campervans Facebook Group What Our Contacts Say

We have many motorhome contacts who we asked about group ideas. Therefore, we have the basis for motorhomes campervans Facebook group. Here is what some of our contacts have said to us. What they feel we must aim to provide. Interestingly, virtually all want to be updated, as near to real time, as possible. Thats is why we have formed the group! Customer feedback is essential, in our case we took it a little further! Top ten ideas;

  1. ” Ask an owner ” Joe, Derby
  2. ” Holiday in Poland in a motorhome ” Alex, Grantham
  3. ” Finding motorhomes for cash ” Neil, Burton on Trent
  4. ” Motorhome stopover ” Ella, Scunthorpe
  5. ” Warranty issues ” Matt, Grantham
  6. ” Finding leads ” Tomas, Edinburgh
  7. ” Extra px makes a difference” Neil, Newark
  8. ” Dealers social media ” Jason, Margate
  9. ” FCA Motorhome Finance ” Simon, Cheltenham
  10. ” Better than anything else” John well I would say that!

Motorhomes Campervans Facebook Group How Do We Do That?

Now finding out how things work is one thing! Finding out how to fix them is another! So, when members need help where do they find it? Hopefully posting on the group to our motorhome solutions topics, there the solution hopefully is found. All of those posts will be posted on our motorhome solutions topics. If you are a member search the group, for example; “Leisure battery no charging” hopefully, we will have replies to those sort of question.

Motorhomes Campervans Facebook Group