GDPR general data protection regulation

GDPR general data protection regulation

GDPR general data protection regulation is our process for implementing the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). We provide contact details for the main website motorhomes We are observing data protection regulations and providing customers access to their data upon request. They can be found by request by sending an email to;

  • Who Is  to see our domain registration
  • We own other domain names that may be linked from time to time on a redirection basis.

This is due to be introduced on May 25th 2018 changes. This is new and an overview is on the Main GDPR website (follow the links below). More information on this EU GDPR directive can be found;

Other Data Uses Incorporate

  • Our use of data is for our advertising purposes
  • Data and customer information is via login and password protected
  • We hold trade data (such as manufacturer and dealer details for advertising purposes)
  • We hold private customers’ data (those who are members of groups and requesting help to find a motorhome or campervan)

GDPR General Data Protection Regulation

Therefore, in the course of our business, we hold data in our website database;

  • Showing reports of the actual requests from customers.
  • Providing proof of how and when these actions were fulfilled.
  • Where used when in our possession.


ICO REGISTERED 00041380675

Our terms and conditions, including our privacy policy, are on a separate information page headed terms and conditions. These will have been superseded by the new GDPR General Data Protection Regulations.

Data Held

The data we hold is mainly of customers who either, advertise with us, or are members of groups that we administrate. Information and data compliments;

  • Customer Names.
  • Postal Addresses.
  • Email Addresses
  • Mobile Phone Numbers.
  • Main Contact Numbers.
  • Any Links to Customers Social Media Profiles (if provided or requested).

Use of the data provided

We use the data to promote the client and customers presence on the main website.

We promote via our social media channels accordingly on;

Customer Requests

We provide a dedicated email address to handle ant data enquiries;

  • For customers requesting that their data held should be removed.
  • For customers wishing changes to their data.

Action on Customer Requests;

  • The customer has to send in an email to prove that we hold the data.
  • This is by way of a form to be completed and emailed to us.
  • We then will confirm, we do hold the data or do not, as may be the case.
  • We will delete information if requested accordingly in our database.