Motorhomes campervans staycation

Now, here is the dilemma how do you allow the leisure industry to return to any form of reality, what will be the new norm? So, many unanswered questions just where to begin and end up is going to be hard. In some cases unfair to others the relief to have stayed in business is a major achievement. It really is a dilemma just when and how do you agree to start? Maybe it has to be a gradual approach so, start all the factories up again, and spend a little time sorting out where they were up to.

It is knowing what is built and what stock the dealers may still have or have sold. That in itself will not be easy as everyone awaiting the motorhome they brought pre-lockdown will want it ASAP. So, what of the short and long term, it may be a matter of taking a one-day-at-a-time approach. The idea of conventional motorhome marketing has got to be looked into the current situation no motorhome shows and events mean no sales. The thought of going to a large venue with thousands of visitors less than two meters from you will not be forgotten. Many will not be keen to stay over let alone attend a show. The days of the virtual showroom have well and truly arrived.

Do motorhomes campervan staycation UK?

Waiting in the wings will be all of the motorhome rental and booking agencies trying to find a way forward. Motorhome rentals were defiantly attracting more UK rentals how do we kick-start things? On pure logistics alone, we are in for fun and games, will all the continental brands be sent out from the factories or are we only talking about the UK in the first instance? No matter what you think things have to eventually move across borders. Remember that little word Brexit and the overturning of the taxation issues, all need to be fully understood. Whatever way you look at it, who will guarantee that the motorhome is clean and virus free? It will be a long, hard struggle to come to terms with the fact that nothing will ever be the same.

Motorhomes campervans staycation campsites 

How can we open the campsites again and let people use the toilet and shower blocks? Maybe they will all insist on using their own facilities and avoid the public showers and toilets. So, other than emptying waste tanks and taking on fresh water and an overnight parking spot, even plugin into those mains hookups will bring back memories of wiping things down first. All of these things will live with us forever or at least in till a vaccine is found.

Now, here is a word you will be hearing a lot in the near future “staycation” to stay in the UK in a motorhome provides many good things, your own place on wheels has to be appealing. Venturing out in your own motorhome knowing that it is pretty safe, other than when it needs a service or some work done and has to go into a motorhome dealer. No doubt, more luxurious washrooms and toilets are going to soon be the key part of the motorhome as customers look for continued better standards and specifications that are extra hygienic.

Do motorhomes campervan staycation Europe?

There will no doubt be some soul-searching to find the right balance that motorhome owners are looking for. Will they still want to be in Europe and tour around or will it work in reverse? The French, Italians, Germans and Spanish will still want to travel but, they may well stay at home. Europe and the UK rely heavily on tourism and the shock waves already received are not going to mean overnight. A staycation may well be the first faze that people take to get back into the motorhome way of life.

Motorhomes campervans staycation Mercedes Benz

There has been a surge in interest in owning your own motorhome or campervan motorhomes campervans staycation is here to stay. The facts remain that buying into a lifestyle is one thing, however, buying into peace of mind is another. Your own hotel on wheels has to now have even more appeal, the fetcher motorhome a new Auto-Sleeper Stanton is a prime example. The idea, to take two in sheer luxury with the family of four berths became just as popular. Check out what stock is available today on the popular website,

Motorhomes Campervans Staycation