Motorhome layouts

How many people will be in the motorhome with different motorhome layouts people using motorhomes can be very unsure as to what they want. The number of people dictates what will do the job. However, motorhome layouts differ in personal choice seeing what is practical. Also, as well as what you may like all motorhome layouts come down to personal and practical use. There are many layouts to choose from, best be taking time and think about what you need. Facts are that many people get it wrong the first time. In addition, others like a change and go for a different layout every time.

Motorhome layouts beds

Motorhome layouts are about making life easy make sure that sleeping arrangements are essential and may be an important feature. Double and fixed beds are ideal for those who do not want to make up their bed every night. Hence, a fixed double bed is a simple answer. Also, fixed beds have storage space under them as well. 

You may be happier in a single bed as they are popular and mean individual single beds can be a great option. Again, not making beds up comes into play. With a single bed, most are a permanent feature. Now, for the piste de la resistance. 

French bed layouts are popular and an alternative to an island or fixed double bed. French bed layout having the corner cut-off provides that little extra space. Bunk bed layouts are the grandchildren’s favourite. They are usually at the rear of a motorhome and provide ample space. 

The easiest beds are drop-down bed layouts operated electrically located in the front or above the lounge area or usually over the cab. Island bed layouts, in any motorhome layout, the island bed, motorhome layouts, mean one thing, space. Also, usually, plenty of it you can walk around it with ease. Layouts are your Choice;

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  5. end lounge motorhome layouts
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  9. pop top campervan layouts
  10. fixed roof campervan layouts

Motorhome layouts kitchens 

Without a doubt motorhome layouts do need a kitchen that makes life easy. Sometimes people really want that cooking smells at the rear of the motorhome. Therefore, end kitchen layouts appeal to those who like to cook a lot, preferring to cook at the back of the motorhome. Many having the door at the back this makes it easy to serve food for outside dining. Also, those cooking smells kept at the rear of the motorhome. With the rear door open and a good extractor fan. The kitchen areas have many variations on a theme, such as smaller kitchens. Many feature a microwave oven. Others have hobs, grills with good sized ovens available ideal for that Sunday roast. But, motorhomes, used in warm climates, have a larger barbecue, outside space with areas to cook in.

Motorhome layouts bathroom washroom

All washroom layouts, just like any bathroom at home, the devil is in the detail and all about space, how the shower operates and its position. Plenty of fresh water storage and waste water tank capacity, are worth noting. The end washroom is usually the ones that provide some extra space. You often find luxurious bathrooms having separate showers or toilets. Many are across the back of a motorhome providing a space to use as a changing room. With fold-away mirrors and even toilets that pull out to save space. Washrooms have to be easy to clean, which means room to do just that bathrooms washrooms are an essential part of any motorhome layout.

Motorhome layouts lounge areas

All lounge layouts, need to have one aim in mind. To be a place, to sit and relax. Depending, on where the entrance door, is does determine, how the lounge area will work. For example, the front lounge provides space. However, has to be versatile to become a bedroom space. Also, a lounge that is directly behind the cab, may be restricted by swivel cab seats. Often, that front lounge makes sense, this leaves kitchens and bathrooms located to the rear. The rear L shape lounge, does work well, on some motorhome layouts.

Motorhome layouts campervan

Campervan layouts, in fact, campervans really are in a world of their own. Tending, to offer completely different styles and layouts. Also, many have rock and roll layout beds. In addition, to high roofs provide space. In addition, many have pop-up roofs that provide sleeping space options. Also, the long-wheelbase models, do have showers and toilets. With iconic VW campervans, many ideas, from the past, provide inspiration, Campervan layouts, are a bit like stepping back in time. Once, you have experienced a night under the stars, in that pop-top. Then the iconic camper badge is all yours. As, with cooking in a fixed-roof campervan, this provides a detailed experience, of home-from-home cooking.

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Motorhome layouts McLouis Fusion

McLouis Fusion models have been introduced into the UK motorhome market, they are special. Why you may well ask? The fact is the 5 models, are all fixed beds. They are in a continental motorhome layout style. That means a large garage, to the rear, to maximise the storage space. Also, providing drop-down beds and neat kitchen areas. McLouis and the Trigano Group with exclusivity to Auto-Sleeper motorhomes. They are involved in these classic Italian-style motorhome layouts. All, are designed to fit into the UK market. Having, such excellent motorhome layouts, with a fixed bed in mind take a look at a McLouis Fusion. The McLouis Fusion dealers will be happy to help.

Motorhomes layouts people using motorhomes video reviews