Motorhomes Overlanding adventures beyond the pale

Just what it says on the tin motorhomes overlanding adventures beyond the pale online so just what is overlanding all about? From the day you spot your overlanding destination it has to be adventure offroad all the way. Overlanding is a self-reliant form of adventure travel and if that means what it says the better. Overlands combine camping with driving off-road. Motorhomes and some campervans are a popular choice for Overlanding, from the outback in Australia to the deserts of the Saharas they offer a comfortable and spacious way to travel and camp.

Motorhomes Overlanding making a plan

When choosing a motorhome for Overlanding, it is important to consider the following factors. Overlanding is a great way to explore the outdoors and have an adventure. With the right motorhome and gear, you can travel to remote places and experience the beauty of nature.

  • The type of terrain you will be driving on If you plan on doing a lot of off-road driving, you will need a 4×4 vehicle
  • Size of your group you are travelling with a large group, you will need a larger motorhome.

Your budget and how you will spend it

  • Motorhomes can be expensive, so it is important to set a budget before you start shopping
  • Once you have chosen a motorhome, you will need to outfit it with the necessary gear for Overlanding

This gear might include

  • Camping gear includes tents, sleeping bags, cooking gear, and food
  • Off-road gear includes a winch, a shovel, and a first-aid kit
  • Solar panels can provide power for your appliances and electronics when you are off-grid