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Motorhomes Social Media Motorhome Luddites


There are always going to be those Luddites that make wise comments “we do not want customers to complain online about us” now not for them to admit that they have complaints? If you are a centre of excellence and good at providing services then, why not promote the fact? Maybe the truth lies that many older scholars think that they know the best boy, are they wrong but, who is going to tell them? Simples, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin and Pinterest for starters for ten. Now, take a look at the McLouis Fusion Dealers video about McLouis Fusion 2020 models it quickly tells potential customers of what changes and the new specification is so easy and so helpful.

Motorhomes Social Media Online Now

Sales by those using the motorhomes social media channels and the mighty Google are another good demonstration of “don’t bury your head in the sand” this was an article we wrote some time ago certainly demonstrating this opens eyes and  got many thinking they could do that some tried and failed miserably we laugh that from being a motorhomes social media Luddite to suddenly be the top blogger of all time, in one fell swoop truly priceless and that is not being smug or smart writing succesful motorhome articles takes time to perfect.

Motorhomes Social Media Stay Connected

Explaining motorhomes social media may be challenging as this is a really large topic for conversation especially for businesses using Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest who are now giants in the advertising world. Not to mention YouTube and many other platforms like Google and Bing designed for search there is so much to take in. Google trends are a real eye-opener the impact of promoting motorhomes via social media this is a key aspect of promoting any motorhome business. However, getting into the search term takes a lot of skill judging by it is what savvy customers expect is a fast way to find information about dimensions and specification. So, what is all the fuss about what makes some motorhome dealers, avoid social media like the plague? Maybe we live in an age that many do not understand or just do not know how to manage the changes have had customers come to them they now find the reverse happening. Social media provides so many free tools to promote and maintain customer interest you would have to be pretty stupid to ignore what is available.