Motorhomes Social Media

Motorhome Luddites

There are always going to be those luddites that make wise comments “we do not want customers to complain online about us”. Not for them to admit that they have complaints? If you are a centre of excellence and good at what you do, why not promote the fact? Maybe the truth lies that many older scholars, think that they know best. Boy, are they wrong! But, who is going to tell them? Simples, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin and Pinterest for starters for 10!

Sales by those using the motorhomes social media channels and the mighty Google are another good demonstration of “don’t bury your head in the sand”! An article we wrote recently, certainly had some thinking, that we can do that! So, they can, but, you have to laugh that from being a motorhomes social media luddite, to suddenly be the top blogger of all time, in one foul swoop! Truly priceless and that is not being smug or smart.

Motorhomes Social Media Online Now

Where do we begin, at the start may be a good idea, as motorhomes social media, is a real topic for conversation. Being such large scale businesses, the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest, all are now giants in the advertising world. Not to mention YouTube and many other platforms like Google! In fact, Google trends is a real eye opener! The impact of promoting motorhomes via social media, is a key aspect of promoting any motorhome business. In addition, it is what savvy customers expect. So, what is all the fuss about? What makes some motorhome dealers, avoid social media like the plague?

Motorhomes Social Media Ingredients 

Many comparisons may be made, it is just that theses things, are like baking a cake, add the wrong ingredients and it wont rise. Therefore, by listening and following a sound recipe, from a top Mr Kipling. We know his cakes are exceedingly good! It said so on his TV adverts!

So, is seeing really believing? We like to think so, that is why we built the website. Motorhomes social media, is all about the right recipe and then publishing something that people, want to read, then make and eat!


Facebook plays a leading role in our different ways that we promote motorhomes for sale. Whilst many are looking for used motorhomes for sale, we also include the offers and special deals, from motorhome dealers.


Nothing like a good Tweet to get you up and running. That is what the president of the USA likes! So, if it is good enough for him, it is OK to promote motorhomes campervans and recreational vehicles on Twitter. Can we deliver one to the White House? Why not!

YouTube & VR Virtual Reality

Nothing like seeing is believing and what better way than a video or a VR virtual reality tour. Looking at the details inside a motorhome from home must be classed as cool! To be able to walk round and see what it has got specification wise is great. Customers love the information.

Motorhome News

Motorhome news and what is happening from places to stay-over. From motorhome dealers, top deals and motorhome manufacturer offers. All part of our interesting motorhomes, campervans and RV information. Such manufacturers as Autosleeper Motorhomes and leading dealers like Marquis Leisure, Motorhomes and campervans are always in the news. So, we publish on our Facebook and Twitter promoting the many motorhomes for sale.

Motorhomes Social Media Help

Yes, you may need a little help, or just want to outsource everything regarding motorhomes social media, then just ask! We have all the tools and track record to help your business now and beyond!

Motorhomes Podcast

Motorhome podcasts, are a great way to keep in touch with what is going off! The basics are a Google hangout and then develop the whole platform on YouTube. It works!