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Here at motorhomes campervans, we take a look at motorhomes UK, with great interest. Let’s face it things are always evolving and in some cases changing. We need to keep ahead of the game, so to speak. We find, that by looking at as much information, on motorhomes and campervans sales, is most helpful. Cheap new motorhomes for sale are available, in the UK. We also like, to see information, about cheap new motorhomes for sale. As well as motorhome holidays and motorhomes for hire. All these are key areas, that are beginning to shape the leisure vehicles role. Also, private motorhomes for sale, do they sell? In addition, how people view buying from, motorhome dealers the UK, the best approach? As well as how they are doing, in selling used motorhomes UK and renting out motorhomes.

We, look at other publications, along with search terms. For example, like Autotrader motorhomes and motorhomes for sale Gumtree. Along with MMM magazine. All useful parts of understanding, what is and is not working, in the UK leisure vehicles, market place. Motorhomes UK is a diverse search and marketing term. So, we hope the information helps, any first-time buyers, to find, that dream motorhome. No doubt, today’s motorhomes UK market, is evolving fast. However, there is a historic likeness, to the UK car industry, of the past. The facts, then were that dealers had multi franchises. For example, Ford, Vauxhall, Rover, Jaguar, all being part of various development plans. Many, dealerships were then located in good central prime sites. With a lot of businesses family owned and 2/3 generations deep.

Motorhomes UK Dealers

There had to change, but, it was all fuelled then, by an oversupply of new car inventory. Larger groups evolved as families sold out. However, many of the new groups lacked a clear strategy or management structure. (nothing new here).  All backed by manufacturers, wanting to sell inventory. (is this the case facing motorhomes UK sales in 2019 and beyond?) Motorhomes for leisure time. Will we see a motorhome rental, business, take a more dominant role? Will people follow the US, RV market? We’re going to an airport, two hours early, with limited luggage and a load of security checks, makes RV rentals more attractive? Key similarities today compared with the past are;

  1. dealers on prime sites
  2. many families owned
  3. some sites ideal for residential development
  4. very few dealer groups
  5. today only (Marquis Leisure with 12 UK outlets)
  6. European manufacturers poised to sell in the UK
  7. motorhome rental companies expanding
  8. shortage of used motorhomes
  9. no PCP (personal car plans) for motorhomes
  10. finance led sales just beginning

Motorhomes UK Leisure Time

The popular places to go, are events and festivals, Glastonbury for example. The facts, are there enough motorhomes available to fulfil the rental demand? Motorhome rental appeals to the family, as it can be very cost effective. No hotel bills, no planes or trains to catch, and you take the kids, as well as the granny! Motorhome rental in Europe is and has been popular, for many years. Motorhome holidays in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are well-established destinations. Why rental makes sense. Try before you buy a motorhome is a good idea. Therefore, taking a motorhome holiday is going to help you a lot. How things work and getting used to all the controls, you may need a crash course. However, an ideal way to find your way around a motorhome is to rent one.

  • go where you like
  • take the family
  • no hotel bills
  • stay where you want
  • no planes to catch
  • see the world
  • go to events

Motorhomes UK Rentals

Will, our addiction to leisure time, drive us on, to rent a motorhome instead of buying one? This happens to be a leading question right now. With a screen price of £20K to over £100K, renting should appeal. However, where will the motorhomes rentals, figure in the motorhomes UK business model? So, far we have seen a limited amount of motorhomes holidays, rental evolve. We have seen the likes of unbeatable hire and just go, Both, have become established in the UK and attract investment. Are you ready to rent a motorhome? We believe that marketing motorhome rentals have only just begun. Take a look at motorhome hire in Scotland and see the potential.

Motorhomes UK First Time Buyers

  • All, first-time buyers, better known as (newbies) are important. They are unique, as they need help and guidance, in buying that first motorhome. If a dealer dedicates time, they will be rewarded. Because, as a first-time buyer, they usually buy more than one motorhome in a lifetime. Being a buyer of such a large cash product needs careful attention. Like buying a house for the first time, it is a big decision to make. What motorhome finance is available? How much is the motorhome insurance going to cost? Does, the motorhome warranty cover breakdowns? These are all questions to be answered.

Motorhomes UK Trigano Group

Trigano group, the French group has grown as a brand leader in Europe. Mainly by the acquisition of buying other motorhome manufacturers. They have brought out established brands in Italy, Spain, France and the UK. The Chairman François Feuillet joined Trigano in 1981. In fact, the company was floated on the French stock market. The group has continued to grow ever since. They sell a huge range of leisure related products, throughout Europe. Latest acquisitions being Adria 2017. UK Auto-Sleeper motorhomes and Marquis Leisure 2017. The Trigano group takes in many established caravan brands, as well as trailers. For the motorhome brands, being sold into the UK this is an important development. As the UK market is set to grow! McLouis Fusion, being an exclusive motorhome range for Auto-Sleeper motorhomes, this is a prime example of the reach of McLouis and Auto-Sleeper with Trigano help.

Motorhomes UK Erwin Hymer

The Trigano UK acquisition appeared to be quickly countered, by the Hymer Germany. They just brought Elddis a UK manufacturer in the North East. They then set up Hymer UK. No doubt with the intent of developing better dealerships. The Hymer motorhome brands and the ones sold in the UK. Being part of the Erwin Hymer group provides wide access to many of the Hymer motorhome brands. Hymer AG one of the largest motorhome and caravan manufacturers in Europe. The head office is located in Bad Waldsee, Germany. As time has gone on they have developed, some sophisticated models. In addition, to the listed company Hymer AG owns the brands that are sold throughout Europe. The UK has virtually all of the brands for sale via a dealer network that is growing. McRent being the rental arm, that is growing in the UK.

Motorhomes UK Sale Stats

The UK new motorhome sales are growing and 2018 were only circa 13,000 units. This does not reflect all the van conversions, that are becoming popular. Also, there are many van conversions, on new VW transporter vans. The NCC (National Caravan Council) Here are the basic numbers of new sales, that are available from the NCC.

  • 13,162 new motorhomes July 2016 to June 2017
  • previous 11,559
  • sales exceeded 13,000 for the first time
  • estimated 6,000 were European motorhomes!
  • estimated van conversions 2,000 units
  • Campervan VW conversions numbers unknown
  • used sales hard to pinpoint in actual numbers

Motorhomes UK Hymer

Motorhomes UK is all about selling a wide range of motorhomes. Into a very substantial market place of Leisure products. Many motorhomes are from Europe and from large groups like Trigano and Hymer. Alongside, other makes and brands offering a wider choice of leisure vehicles. The world of leisure is set to grow, motorhomes have a role to play.

motorhomes UK

Motorhomes UK McLouis Trigano

There is a vast choice, of berths and layouts to choose from. McLouis Fusion is a different example of fixed bed motorhomes. They are very continental in design and appearance. With an end garage and space for the family. This is a unique motorhome, being introduced at a time of growth in the Motorhomes UK market place. Many more models, will no doubt be for sale.

Motorhomes UK