Motorhomes Virtual Reality

What makes motorhomes virtual reality special? A question that motorhomes campervans, put to our guest author, Joe Clark from V21 Productions. Who now have office space at; Antenna Media Centre, Beck Street, Nottingham NG1 1EQ.

Hi there all Joe Clark here;

Well here at V21 Productions, recognised the very nature of buying or selling a motorhome, is all about detail. As they say the devil is in the detail! In our first attempts to capture the 3DVr Virtual Reality Tours, we realised that the shoot must be planned down to that very fine detail. Making sure that if it has cab air conditioning, you feel the cool breeze from the switch being on! The age of the Virtual Reality motorhome showrooms is here!

Motorhomes Virtual Reality The Future Today

When we first took a look, we also realised, that 3D Vr (virtual reality) could play an important role. Both, in displaying motorhomes to customers and helping the salesperson, to actually show them online. Especially, describing all the extras, selling online, could take the process a leap forward. Our first assignment took us a little by surprise. Because, the actual details and information a customer needs to see, is vast in some cases. Learning the motorhome jargon, certainly helped us to understand what things meant. EK was not an extra kettle, but, an end kitchen!

Motorhomes Virtual Reality Locations

Getting the backdrop to any location is vital. With motorhomes or campervans for that matter, the customer’s perception is sea, sand and sunshine! The trouble with outside locations, is the fact that the sun, often goes away! The sea gets rough, the sand then gets into the camera! So, it is back to the drawing board, (editing board) in this case and starts to coax the sun out again!

All that aside, a perfect 3D VR shoot on a nice motorhome, really temps anyone, even us! The fact, about capture a good 3D Vr Tour, of any motorhome, is that the lifestyle view, needs capturing, if possible. Motorhomes and Campervans are not cheap! In fact, that is just the message, you are wanting to portray. This motorhome may be a few years old, but, look how beautiful it has been kept? Or look at the extensive features of this new motorhome and what real value!

How VR Works

Understanding,  just how, motorhomes virtual reality works, has to be judged by what the customer finds out. Seeing is believing so to speak. This is all about understanding the key elements needed, to take a 3D Vr Tour of anything. Seeing 3D for the first time really does take your breath away.

It can be heaven or hell, depending on the subject. At V21 Productions, we have taken all sorts of locations. From museums, special buildings, inside monuments and yes, static caravans, holiday homes and motorhomes.

From its introduction, virtual reality has really caught on. Basically, this is a very computer-generated environment. That immerses the user into a virtual world. To view virtual reality a VR headset is required, which takes us to a simulated set-up.

Thus, then making us completely aloof from the actual surroundings. Anyway, using a specialist laser scanner, we are able to take many images then play them back in VR time. The more basic detail is shown in a video, later on the page.

Better Explained

Better to understand the world we actually are in. The video below explains the basics, much better than we can. Once you get the idea, the rest is a little bit better to understand. Motorhomes virtual reality, follows just the same principles. Keeping things simple is a little harder than you may think. Hold it, crash bang, wallop what a picture, what a photograph! Immortal words of Tommy Steele song, no doubt ringing in your ears.

Virtual Reality Not 360

Many people get confused, thinking that a 360-degree tour, is 3D VR – virtual reality.  Just to put the record straight, it is not! Being familiar with 360 video is one thing. Maybe, you have viewed a 360-degree tour, with a headset. In fact, some 360 videos, are even referred to as VR (virtual reality). The fact is that, both, media and marketing materials, do often use these terms, But, 360 and 3D VRr are actually two separate experiences.

To the layperson, try and consider this explanation. With 360 video, just think that you are the passenger in a car. The driver on this occasion is the filmmaker! As the passenger, you are able to enjoy the views, from your seat. With 3D Vr, virtual reality, you are driving and deciding where to go!

One way of putting it is, cinema now goes well beyond one-shot photography. With digital and multiple angles, you just enter a world of virtual reality. Back to the main, point motorhomes virtual reality, is here right now, to enhance the motorhome customers experience.


Here we know, that a picture can tell a story. However, a good compliment, to go with motorhomes virtual reality, is to take a podcast with it. So, you have options, that will make a difference. Use the podcast to take a customer live through the details of the motorhome.

Or get a key member of staff, to discuss the merits of buying motorhomes. Helping customer to see the location, its set up,  from the motorhome dealers showroom live to them. For example talking about stock due to arrive in and or special offers. The strength this brings to actual motorhome marketing is invaluable.

So, there you have it, an insight to motorhomes virtual reality marketing.

Good luck from me Joe and all at V21 productions.

How V21 Work

We do everything for the client, that also allows options, to be selected as well. First, we agree a location for the shoot. Then we select the motorhome and take it to the location. Making sure that the camara is set up in the right space.

The camara is unforgiving, if you point it at anything, it will take what it sees. So, making sure that the motorhome is visible and not just an open door or a blind, blocking the view, off we go!

The images are captured at speed and that is coordinated to enhance the customers perception. Yes, they want to see the washroom and WC but, do not need to sit down in there!

Capturing the detail is most useful, Especially, when doing a motorhome customer handover. We now see how a VR tour, can help the new owner to see how things work! Back to those options, that we mentioned.

From the VR images, we can take some great images to use as statics in a gallery on the website. That also provides us with a way, to set up a youTube video from the content as well!

So, you get three ways to promote your motorhomes. Whilst, the camara and equipment costs over £4K, the videos are based on time and travelling. This usually comes out around £200 plus traveling costs. We can manage website images and run a youTube channel as well. It all depends on how many videos need doing.