Part Exchanges

In fact, most motorhome dealers, know how important it is to provide a good and fair part exchange price. Because, if they do not then the customer will no doubt opt for the best deal. However, sometimes the best part exchange price does not guarantee a deal. Especially, if there is a long wait for a new motorhome to be built. So, as ever supply and demand can create an interesting variant on both part exchange prices and any discount on new motorhomes. So, how do motorhomes owners obtain a valuation? Thus, you may ask how good are the residual values? Just follow the simple form and the online motorhome sales team, will be there to help you. So, please provide as much information of what you would like to part exchange or indicate if you want to sell for cash. We will see what we are able to get a price,  subject to inspection and your motorhome being described correctly.

Just describe your motorhome with as much information as you can. We will with your permission, pass on the part exchange details, via email to the dealer, you want to deal with. Or just let us see what we can do to help. This will include the contact numbers and email address, that you have provided to us. The dealer will contact you, having reviewed the part exchange motorhome and its details. They will discuss with you any questions you may have. If a deal is concluded, the deal is with you the customer and the dealer. If you feel that a better part exchange price is needed, you can always come back to us. We provide this service, to help both customers and dealers.

Part Exchanges Just Provide Information

Now you may not know this but good motorhomes are fetching good prices. So, for part exchanges just fill out the form. We will pass on to one of our known motorhome dealers and see if we are able to get you a good deal. Please just provide as much information as you can;

  1. name
  2. postcode
  3. your email
  4. your phone number
  5. motorhome make
  6. motorhome model
  7. date of UK registration
  8. correct mileage
  9. service history?
  10. habitation records
  11. any accident damage?
  12. mot if needed
  13. how long have you owned the motorhome?
  14. what are you looking to buy
  15. anything extra fitted like awning, bike racks etc
  16. how can we help you part exchange or sell for cash

Part Exchanges Just Fill Out Below


Motorhomes are sometimes complicated if you need help then by all means try us!
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