Next CMS trade auction 14th February 2022 10.30am start

Next CMS trade auction 14th February 2022 10.30 am start for more motorhomes and campervans. Yes, this looks like it’s going to be a high-quality entry of motorhomes and campervans. Many direct from top vendors caravan and motorhome sales ltd. Bookmark this page to view the entry as it builds. There are many advantages of browsing, bidding and buying from this auction method. Join the trade dealers and get the many benefits to help from we buy any motorhome and caravan and motorhome sales ltd. Use the source and sell motorhomes and campervans follow the SMS auction and see the new set-up such as;

  • all vehicles brought by professional buyers
  • vehicles inspected and paperwork all done
  • video reports on each vehicle
  • condition descriptions and specifications
  • special buying terms at auction
  • join the dealer contacts and keep up to date via newsletter
  • track via the help-line 01283 240237 vehicles entry lot numbers
  • use warranty and insurance products from Engineer Aftercare
  • get vehicles that are purchased marketed for FREE on motorhomes
  • join and bid today, sell tomorrow the possibilities are endless

The smart way to buy leisure vehicles

Next CMS trade auction 14th February 2022 10.30am start

Sell your motorhome now

This has become one of the fastest ways to source and sell motorhomes and campervans. Firstly from the trade to the trade is a simple process that starts with we buy any motorcaravan team buying motorhomes and campervans direct from owners and dealers. The vehicles are put through a simple process to help a seller get a decent price. Things like all paperwork and data are held on we buy any motorcaravan section the process is simple;

  • we buy any motorcaravan source vehicles nationwide
  • offer a free valuation and collection
  • complete all online documents
  • complete a video of the condition with full information and specification
  • enter the vehicle in an SMS auction
  • market the auction and promote to the trade

SMS Auctions

As one of the UK’s top buyers and now sellers of motorhomes and campervans in the UK. The creation of the SMS auction is to provide a dedicated service to trade buyers of leisure vehicles. All the caravan and motorhome sales ltd leisure vehicles are promoted and sold in the auction. Now the story does not end there, as if you are a registered CMS client and have brought a vehicle from the auction then you can offer free add ons such as;

  • warranties and aftercare from Engineer Aftercare
  • free marketing from motorhomes campervans
  • add ons like reduced commissions
  • full training online auctions
  • insurance and finance products
  • part exchange and underwriting services/
  • aftercare support

SMS Auctions browse, bid and buy

Changing the way leisure vehicles are found CMS auctions handle all the disposals via auction. CMS video and appraise all vehicles that we buy any motorcaravan team buy. The idea is to provide potential trade buyers with as much detailed information as possible to help them to sell on to their customers.

Next CMS trade auction 14th February 2022 10.30am start

Video inspections online

Providing SMS trade auction members with all sorts of support to help them to sell vehicles entered by caravan and motorhome sales ltd. That includes help from the support team on 01283 240237 and offering add-on products bespoke to dealers.

Warranty Insurance and Finance

For all sorts of aftercare services then take a look at Engineer aftercare for all sorts of advice and help on things like warranty and guarantees servicing and storage they have strong partners who help provide bespoke warranty and dealer programmes all geared to support trade buyers provide add on value services. With habitation and breakdown support available ask for details.

Next CMS trade auction 14th February 2022 10.30am start

Coming soon lead generation support

Motorhomes campervans are renowned for lead generation campaigns and have assisted many key clients to generate good leads. So, we are going to help the SMS auction clients we will let you know more ASAP

Next CMS trade auction 14th February 2022 10.30am start

The smart way to sell leisure vehicles

Start by joining the CMS trade auction