Next Stop Belguim Motorhome Adventures

Well, this could be the best trip yet so, next stop Belguim motorhome adventures. The thought of a few days away in a motorhome is always good. The thought of a Belguim motorhome trip even better! There are a lot of good reasons to pop over to Belguim and spend a little time. Reflections, really begin the moment you see those signs for the battlefields of flanders. It is a reminder, that we will not be the last ones to take that journey to this land.

Now the moment you join the queue at the ferry port you begin to get excited. Next stop Belguim motorhome adventures have just began. It is sitting there making sure that all the paperwork and tickets are to hand. Mind you the more we become automated, the better it becomes. Along, comes Brexit to hopefully not wreck all of the good that has been done! You would not bet on it as I type this out. Others will only learn by the stupidity of it all. But, hey ho, who am I to judge things. All we want to do is to get you on board and off you go!

Next Stop Belguim Motorhome Adventures – Crossing The Channel

What better than that sea air to fill you full of anticipation. Having, now safely parked the motorhome in the right bay, you begin to think Belguim! Before you go, there are a few pointers to make you remember a few more bits and bobs. Well you never know what you will forget. Hopefully not the children or the dog!

  1. have a plan
  2. have a map, sat navs do go wrong
  3. documents, insurance, driving licences and all please
  4. tickets online or otherwise
  5. tyre pressures did you check them?
  6. add blue did you top it up?
  7. sea sick pills well we aren’t all good sea fairing folk!
  8. first aid kit
  9. standard stuff for Europe, warning triangle, breathalyzer and all
  10. a little cash in case of emergency

Next Stop Belguim Motorhome Adventures – Just The Ticket

Crikey we are three paragraphs in and not in Belguim yet! Mind you, there is the coastline up a head! So, are we going to Ostend or Ze Brugge? Oh no, not the French connection first! Yes, crossing the channel is a challenge, but, at least there is some forms of choice. It really is about going online to find a fare, that fits your pocket. Ticket costs are going to be very seasonal, cheap tickets are available. Especially, if you are happy to go across at a later un sociable times. Then that may well reflect in your ticket cost. There is also always the loyal passengers, who cross regularly, that will keep those costs down! Joining a frequent travelers club, only makes sense, when you do just that, cross regularly. Are we there yet? Keeping those children happy, is alway a challenge as well. So, lets progress at least we are onboard and floating soon!

Next Stop Belguim Motorhome Adventures – Where To Go?

Now we are in Belguim and there really is loads to do. People forget, that Belguim has a very nice coastline. Something that people often forget and head for the battlefields of flanders fields. The fact remains that in Belguim each night at 8pm, there is a moving memorial ceremony. It is called the “Last Post”. How that affects different generations. least we should forget. This is the reason to see it. A memorial is one thing, this is carried out every evening since 1928. Only to be interrupted by the German occupation, in the Second World War. The place that Ypres holds with such battles of Passchendaele all remembered, in the Flanders museum and the cloth hall. However, Belguim has a lot of options, for example go straight to the jewel in the crown Brugge, a magical place, if ever there was one. Thankfully, not damaged at all and what a place to visit. Brugge at its best, takes more than a short weekend away to see it all. I do not think you should underestimate, places like Ouestend, Antwerp, Ghent and off course Brussels. A day or two at any of those locations, will certainly be of interest to historians. As well as those who like chocolate!

Next Stop Belguim Motorhome Adventures – Hiring Motorhomes?

Now when it comes down to motorhome hire and rental, then Belguim ticks most boxes. There are some excellent motorhome hire companies, based in Belguim. Many at the main ports like Ostend and Brugge. That is where they will meet and greet the customers. With professional hand overs and some excellent motorhomes to hire. Belguim, lends itself to start a motorhome holiday and simply link into the Belguim road network. Follow the coastline North or South. That may well become a holiday in itself. Cross into France or go North into Holland and onto Germany. Belguim provides a great place to begin and end your holidays. Also, on reflection a great place for short motorhome breaks. We hope your next stop Belguim motorhome adventures will happen soon.

Next Stop Belguim Motorhome Adventures – Rentals Dutch Bull

Next Stop Belguim Motorhome Adventures

Next Stop Belguim Motorhome Adventures – Auto-Sleeper Rentals

Next Stop Belguim Motorhome Adventures