Nick Whale Motorhomes McLouis Fusion Event

Reminder Nick Whale Motorhomes McLouis Fusion Event. Yes, it is on Saturday 10th of November for a whole day. Pop along and see the brand new McLouis Fusion range you will receive a great welcome. The McLouis fusion is the brand new range introduced by Auto-Sleeper to bring a different layout for customers old and new.

There are some really great deals to be had. Also, some top part exchanges will be the order of the day. Nick Whale motorhomes are Auto-Sleeper main dealers as well so you can inspeck some great motorhomes and see the New McLouis Fusion as well.

More new models arrive in Worcester of the McLouis Fusion Nick Whale Motorhomes, will be delighted to show you around theses excellent motorhomes. These are Italian designed motorhomes from a leading European brand. Following the announcement by Auto-Sleeper motorhomes that this famous European brand of McLouis, was returning to the UK. Auto-Sleeper being the marketing and branding arm along with administration.

McLouis Fusion Nick Whale Motorhomes

The McLouis Fusion provides what it says on the tin! A Fusion of models and layouts, between what is on offer from Auto-Sleeper. The 5 Fusions are based on the MC4 McLouis fixed bed and end garage layouts. Something that the Auto-Sleeper range did not have available. They do now! The Italian styling complements what Auto-Sleeper has on offer. There already has been a large interest in this development. Ideally prices as well, the McLouis has many good features. Nick Whale motorhomes have in stock. All 5 models on display at the the event;

  1. McLouis Fusion 331
  2. McLouis Fusion 360
  3. McLouis Fusion 367
  4. McLouis Fusion 373
  5. McLouis Fusion 379


With 5 models of the McLouis Fusion becoming available very soon. The McLouis Fusion Nick Whale Motorhomes, will all be on display shortly. The McLouis Fusion, is all being handled by Auto-Sleeper motorhomes. This is all part of the Trigano Group, an initiative to sell Trigano brands back into the UK. Auto-Sleeper and McLouis are all part of the Trigano Group set up.

McLouis Fusion Nick Whale Motorhomes Part Exchange

McLouis Fusion Nick Whale motorhomes, will take part exchanges and provide a full buyers package. They hold the new Auto-Sleeper motorhomes franchise. Now this accompanies the McLouis Fusion range. Providing full after-sales services, that are second to none. The introduction of the McLouis Fusion range is most welcome. Somewhat a triumphant return to the motorhome market in the UK. McLouis motorhomes were imported way back and now making an important return.

McLouis Fusion Nick Whale Motorhomes Key Points

Each McLouis Fusion motorhome, have been well designed and equipped. Ideal, for that summer holiday or winter break. The McLouis Fusion models have the very efficient Combi 6 E blown air heating system. The added real important benefit of the McLouis Fusion model range. That being that all 5 models can be downgraded to 3500 kg. Therefore, allowing them to be driven on a standard driving licence.

McLouis Fusion Nick Whale Motorhomes Information

The sales, distribution, after sales services, are by way of specialist dealer appointments. Therefore, this was an ideal choice for Nick Whale motorhomes who hold the Auto-Sleeper franchise. Complementing other new and used motorhomes for sale at Nick Whales. The McLouis Fusion, provides excellent alternatives and is an ideal family motorhome choice. All the motorhomes are 4 berths and many with 5 seat belts available.

Nick Whale Motorhomes McLouis Fusion Event
Nick Whale Motorhomes McLouis Fusion Event