Sell your motorhome or campervan to we buy any motorcaravan this Xmas

Opening times, cash waiting free valuations we never close right here at we buy any motorcaravan or campervan. We are always available to offer you a price for your motorhome or campervan within reason we collect ASAP, usually within 48 hours. So what do we buy? Virtually any leisure vehicle in any condition and at this time of year sledges are our speciality. We are always looking for one owner red ones, with four reindeer where ever possible a load of presents on board. So, what do I do to sell my motorhome or campervan? Call 01283 240237 and leave a message if over the Xmas holidays, no problem we will come back to you. If we are out of the office, we will ring you back to discuss the details, make an offer for you to consider. Just give us as much information about the leisure vehicle you want to sell we will then offer a price to buy it.

We buy sledges and reindeers at Christmas time

Over the festive season, we love to help people sell their motorhome or campervan, appreciating this may be a happy time for many. So, to those who know us, we wish you all a very merry Christmas and new year. We are happy to price your leisure vehicle over the Xmas period complete the form or leave us a message on 01283 240237.

Selling Motorhomes at Xmas is easy

We know that there is sadness selling a family leisure vehicle that has provided great holidays at Xmas time. Whatever reason you need to sell your leisure vehicle, rest assured we will provide a professional service to buy your leisure vehicle and complete the transaction ASAP. We have high Trust Pilot ratings to reassure you of the services we provide.

Cash at Xmas for used Campervans

We also buy campervans especially VW and Ford ones. Campervans have made a huge comeback and have never been so popular they make an ideal second vehicle for family use and the school run. Yes, many would say that they are the ultimate family Chrismas present so why not buy a new one and we buy any motorcaravan will buy your used campervan.

Why do we remain available at Christmas and new year

Here at we buy any motorcaravan, we remain available over the holidays to buy your leisure vehicle. Our services remain the same and are simply easy to use all you need to do is;

  1. Make the call or fill in the form
  2. 01283 240237  if on answerphone leave the following message
  3. Have your details of the leisure vehicle to hand
  4. Make, model, year, mileage
  5. Number of owners
  6. Registration number
  7. MOT
  8. Service history, mechanical and habitation
  9. Any known faults
  10. Wanting to sell for cash or Part Exchange

CMS Auctions commence January

CMS Auctions commence January 2022 again vendors Caravan and Motorhome sales Ltd who own we buy any motorcaravan are back in the auction business for dealers who buy from their trade only auctions. Yes, dealers can join them and browse, bid and buy online. The dates of the first auctions are below;

  • 10th January 2021 – 10.30 am start
  • 31st  January 2021 – 10.30 am start
Opening times cash waiting free valuations we never close

Sell your motorhome or campervan for Christmas