Overweight Motorhomes

Before buying a motorhome or campervan overweight motorhomes are worth understanding. In fact, the motorhome weights for first time buyers maybe a little confusing. Also, they are essential statistics to understand when buying a motorhome or campervan. Whilst we may have seen the Police at roadside weighbridges pulling over lorries and large vehicles to check them.

Motorhome Weights

Yes, all there are legal implications that come into to this, you can be stopped and checked as well. So, the question is how heavy  is my motorhome? Is it overweight? First things to remember on new motorhome, every additional extra must be subtracted from the available payload. Right down to those removable carpets. Things like awnings all have a weight to take into consideration.

Weights And Payloads

Understanding that buying a motorhome with a modest payload with extras, reduces the payload available to use. In fact, you have to consider that carrying things like clothing, bedding, food and drink all count. There are many searches related to overweight motorhomes, they will also lead you to understand motorhome overweight fines!

There are many aspects to consider from up-rating motorhome weight to down plating a motorhome. Finding out how to take the average motorhome weight or what are the actual motorhome weights. Just finding a motorhome weight guide and where the information is on the motorhome weight plate provides the basics. Many new motorhomes have options to provide a motorhome weight upgrade.

Overweight Motorhomes Safety First

Knowing the limits of the motorhomes or campervans capability is important. Making sure that you do not overload is a legal requirement. In fact, overloading may well have detrimental effect how the motorhome handles. Also, this can affect the performance and braking / stopping distances. Therefore, safety with stability are important. In addition, overloading may affect how the insurance of your motorhome.

Especially if it is outside the limits recommended. Insurance companies will investigate every detail of an accident as motorhomes are not cheap. In addition, this could put you a position that the claim is in doubt and they may well not even payout.

How heavy is the motorhome maybe more than you thought? So, if you were going away on a long or short journey for the first time, go to a public weighbridge. There you can have it weighed there are many throughout the UK. Drive onto the weighbridge and you will then have an official certificate of the weight. This is a useful guide for if you are stopped by the Police. It also provides you with a guideline of habitation weights as well.


This stands for the “maximum technically permissible laden mass”. Also, known as “maximum authorised mass” (MAM). In most motorhome handbooks this  information is set out. In addition, this information is on the chassis plate. In fact, this is the maximum amount that the motorhome is allowed to carry in total. Taking into consideration any touring kit and passengers. This represents the measured weight of the motorhome.


MIRO this weight calculation stands for the “mass of the unladen vehicle”. Also, this is including an allowance for the driver (assumed to be around 75 kg). In addition, the fuel tank is calculated at 90% full. Other considerations the MIRO assumes that the fresh water tank empty. Therefore, if you you travel with water in the freshwater tank then the user payload will reduce.


This is the maximum user “payload” of the motorhome. The calculation includes what is deemed to be a conventional payload. In fact, this is for the allowance for passengers with the essential habitation equipment. This includes fluids for safe and proper functioning of the habitation equipment. Also, remember that this takes in optional equipment and items from the manufacturer over and above the standard specification.

UK Motorhome Guidelines

On the Government website there is information about weights and driving licences. Worth taking a look and know where you stand with overweight motorhomes,

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