Overweight Motorhomes Insurance Cover

Motorhome insurance companies will investigate every detail of an accident because motorhomes are not cheap an overweight motorhome could make the claim invalid and not payout if the motorhome is overloaded. The motorhome may be heavier than first thought when going away on a journey for the first time go to a public weighbridge there are weighbridges throughout the UK have the motorhome weighed drive onto the weighbridge obtain an official certificate of the weight this is a useful guide if stopped by the Police providing a guideline of habitation weights as well?

Overweight Motorhomes Safety Matters MTPLM



This stands for the “maximum technically permissible laden mass” also, known as “maximum authorised mass” (MAM) in most motorhome handbooks this information is set out to understand the detail. Besides, this information is on the chassis plate this is the maximum amount that the motorhome is allowed to carry taking into consideration any touring kit and passengers this represents the measured weight of the motorhome.

Overweight Motorhomes Safety Matters MIRO



MIRO this weight calculation stands for the “mass of the unladen vehicle” also, this is including an allowance for the driver (assumed to be around 75 kg). Besides, the fuel tank is calculated at 90% full other considerations the MIRO, assume that the fresh-water tank is empty, therefore, travelling with no water in the fresh-water tank then the user payload will reduce.

Overweight Motorhomes Safety Matters Payload


This is the maximum user “payload” of the motorhome the calculation includes what is deemed to be a conventional payload this is for the allowance for passengers with the essential habitation equipment. This includes fluids for the safe and proper functioning of the habitation equipment remember that this takes in optional equipment and items from the manufacturer over and above the standard specification.