Part Exchanging Motorhomes Campervans

Are you able to cut the mustard when it’s your turn, in part exchanging motorhomes campervans is it a reasonable question to ask? Yes, this is all about getting the best price or is it? Part exchanging motorhomes campervans, getting the best price, against a new or used motorhome. You may not think it, but, many motorhome dealers, need to take in part exchanges to maintain motorhome stock levels. For sure, as the saying goes, “you cannot sell off an empty barrow”? So, what lies in store for 2021 part exchange prices? Let’s find out a bit more as prices of motorhomes campervans and caravans went up in 2020. There are just not enough used leisure vehicles for sale. Ask leading used motorhome buyers we buy any motorcaravan for a free valuation to get an idea of what leisure vehicles are worth.

Do you have any idea of your leisure vehicles value in part exchange or for a cash offer? That is not surprising as the guide prices remain a little vague and prices are rising fast. There has been a shortage of used motorhome for sale in the UK. There is a growing new and used motorhome market as such used motorhomes, has been selling well for some time, especially, the popular price range ones. Now, what would be a good idea to maximize your part exchange value? How does it all work, to get a great price on your motorhome? Let’s start with an appraisal of its current condition if carried out independently by professional buyers will help loads.

Part Exchanging Motorhomes Campervans The Condition

Establishing the condition of your motorhome may well be best done by a professional technician. You may think that it is in perfect condition. Hey but, what about that sticky door and that loose window catch? Did you ever get that small damp patch checked out? Having a full appraisal with the view to then get your motorhome, in tip-top condition, makes sense. There is a real advantage to have then a full habitation service carried out. Not forgetting a new MOT, will not go a miss. But, that professional check, followed bu a valet makes a real difference. Yes, that means inside, outside that roof cleaned is also necessary. Along with making a list of things to remember, all need attention to that detail;

  1. appraisal by an independent professional
  2. discuss any issues that need attention
  3. presentation is everything, have a professional valet done
  4. habitation service, bring up to date and record in the history
  5. MOT test if it needs one, or is short, gets it done
  6. list what extras and accessories are with the motorhome
  7. documents check them all out, have you a handbook?
  8. even consider, having an HPI check to prove ownership
  9. start to look at models and prices of similar motorhomes
  10. like for like comparisons, may be hard to find but, look online

Part Exchanging Motorhomes Campervans The Appraisal

OK, you are making progress with understanding that appraisal. Having the work all done and documented is going to become an invaluable record. Now, instead of taking a smelly motorhome in need of work for part-exchange. You have a spick and span motorhome, with a super up to date habitation record. Open that habitation door there is a smell of a fresh interior, full inside and out preparation will soon pay you back. Because if any dealer going to offer you a part exchange price, will have nothing much to do if it’s well presented. Knowing all they have to do is put it on the lot for sale, this has a value especially, if short on part exchange stock. You have something they want, a pristine, motorhome that they can sell with confidence. Rest assured, that has a value you should get a great price.

Part Exchanging Motorhomes Campervans Top Additions

When you set out, did think long and hard to decide on part exchange, having been tempted to try selling privately. But, why bother, if you are getting a great part exchange price? No hassle, haggle on the best price and the deal. Now, is it that easy if you have done your part exchange homework and done the right things it should have been. The important thing was understanding many hidden things as some may add to that part exchange value, for example, FREE lux pack accessories in the deal. A motorhome manufacturer, providing part-exchange incentives. Yes, that decision to buy a different make, maybe down to that conquest bonus! That is why the difference in dealer price was over £750! All these things may make a huge difference, a good motorhome finance deal, FREE motorhome insurance, an extended motorhome warranty. Yes, all could also make a difference.

Part Exchanging Motorhomes Campervans Market Value

Now, understanding part exchanging motorhomes campervans is not just about the motorhome price. There are many add ons that may make a huge difference we mentioned some before. However, they may be more things available, remember those words “top part exchange prices” may come in different ways, that you would not imagine. A promotion on accessories and extras thrown in the deal will make a difference. For example, on new models like the new McLouis Fusion of a free Lux pack, that’s worth a whopping £2,500 worth of value. With things like free tracker and other promotions, solar panels on special offers. Yes, all add to that part exchange value. It’s the difference to change that matters, add those free offers onto the part exchange price and you begin to see what we mean. There is always a starting PX value the word negotiation comes to mind. A good motorhome dealer will try and get you a fair part exchange price. It is pointless, offering you less than the market value. However, if your motorhome is not in good condition, then that value reflects in the price.

Part Exchanging Motorhomes Campervan Show PX Deals

OK before we wrap this article up do not forget motorhome shows part exchange deals. They are sometimes much better than you had thought, if you have your motorhome in the car park at a show, then that’s handy as dealers can see if the motorhome is in mint condition. Assuming, you followed the advice to get it in tip-top order. Some motorhome show incentives, maybe, worth an extra £500 to £1,000! So, well worth asking for the fact is, that being able to show off your motorhome and do a deal there and then! All that effort you put in pays you back good luck. Hopefully with a top part exchange from most motorhome dealers for your efforts!

Part Exchanging Motorhomes McLouis Fusion Offers

Motorhome manufacturers offer to promote new motorhomes with such things as a FREE lux pack. For example, if you are buying a McLouis Fusion that’s worth £2,500 in round value. It also adds to your PX value, when you come to sell!

Part Exchanging Motorhomes Campervans

Part Exchanging Motorhomes Dealer Offers

Motorhome manufacturers offer incentives to motorhome dealers to get bonuses for extra sales. It is about providing the best way to take in part exchanges offering, discounts as well! No part exchange sometimes is still the best deal in town.

Part Exchanging Motorhomes Campervans

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