Premium Packs Additional Extras Accessories

Premium Packs Additional Extras Accessories. There are many similar premium packs, available from the many different motorhome manufacturers and dealers. It is all about options and what a customer wants the specification to be. The premium packs are optional costs and are available sometimes in the ranges. Therefore, some are bespoke and model specific. However, some are optional for the customer to decide. Also, more likely than not, on most new motorhomes, buyers opt to have the premium packs fitted. In fact, there is a good reason for this, as when it comes to selling second hand. Thus, enhancing the range of the specification and adding real value to the residual value.

Many dealers do deals, that sometimes included a free motorhome premium pack. Also, motorhome dealers when ordering a new motorhome for stock, will always order them with the premium pack. This enhances the specification and allows a flexible way to upgrade a specification. It also helps to become a deal clincher, if a deal throws in a free dealer pack it can help customers to decide. Motorhome and Campervans usually always have some sort of motorhome premium packs on offer.

Free Premium Packs

Different motorhome manufacturers have different options available. Many are referred to as premium packs. Most have and the costs and options where applicable in their brochures. However, all new motorhome dealers will have the information to hand. You may find that they differ in certain descriptions as premium packs. Some extras are in the form of cost options, where an option that provides a different price are commonplace. All new dealers will try and help anyone find the right options and premium packs.

Premium Packs Winter Packs for Motorhomes

So, there is no doubt that the winterization of motorhomes has extended the use in colder climates. In fact, many people now go into those climates enjoying the snow. Therefore, happy with the fact that their motorhome adventures can be extended. Having Grade 3 status does provide its customers with many different options.

Premium Packs for Winter

The premium pack for winter use usually consist of Fresh and Waste Water Tank Heater Blankets. Concertina Cab Blinds. In Lieu of Cab Curtains. Truma Combi Heater Upgrade. Wheel Arch Insulation Tank Blankets. This can all be retrofitted by most motorhome dealers.

Premium Packs Grade 3 Classification

Grade 3 classification is achieved by completing rigorous testing inside Truma’s cold chamber. Thus, motorhomes are exposed to extreme temperatures of minus 15°C. So, the challenge is to overcome the cold, as it does battle with the heating system. Therefore, the interior must achieve a minimum temperature of +20°C within a four hour period.

Premium Packs With Euro Engines Upgrades

Euro six engines with the AdBlue technology on coach built and van conversions. AdBlue, unlike fuel it is not injected into the engine, but directly into a specially modified part of the motorhomes exhaust system. Therefore, this begins a chemical reaction that removes the polluting oxides of nitrogen (NOx), converting them into harmless oxygen and nitrogen. So, a selective catalytic reduction, or SCR for short. SCR is only applicable to diesel engines. In fact, the more economically you drive, typically, the less AdBlue® will be consumed.

Premium Packs Mercedes Benz Engine Technology

Mercedes Benz range is powered by the highly efficient Mercedes Benz Turbo Diesel 163bhp. There are options to upgrade to the V6 190 bhp engine. Also, available is an upgrade option to the 7 speed fully automatic gearbox. Safety-wise, the Mercedes Benz range has ESP with active skid control ABS brakes with EBD.

Premium Packs Peugeot and Fiat Engine Technology

The 150 / 160 bhp Turbo Diesel Peugeot engine is standard on many motorhomes. Mostly on the Coachbuilt and Van Conversion ranges. Customers who would like an automatic transmission option, whilst an additional cost they are available. Fiat Comfortmatic are the popular option

Premium Packs Extensions

Premium packs are used to enhance specifications or provide the customer with options. Many enhanced options, make the value of the motorhome improve. To afford those options, many motorhome manufacturers provide motorhome finance and motorhome insurance offers. Many manufacturers and motorhome dealers, promote some discounts by offering a free upgrade or special premium pack. Additional, an extended motorhome warranty sometimes come in special offers. Extra guarantees always attract attention.

Premium Packs Sat Navigation 

Premium packs often include the option of a Sat Navigation system. Along, with tracker and other security options. Sat Navigation is becoming even more popular. Sometimes combined with a free years subscription.

Premium Packs Additional Extras Accessories

Premium Packs Air Conditioning 

Premium packs also have habitation, as well as cab air conditioning. This option may have free additional sky view windows and even air conditioning in an awning area. Sometimes, combined with all air conditioning as one.

Premium Packs Additional Extras Accessories

Premium Packs Motorhome Accessories

There are also some great motorhome accessories, available via motorhome premium packs. You may want to add a bike rack or a motorhome cover for them. Things like tow bars and motorhome awnings, if not standard, may be in the premium pack. Alloy wheels, air conditioning and sat navigation are always available as options. Many via new motorhome premium packs or a retrofit deal.