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Reasons for selling motorhomes campervans caravans. Looking what makes us decide to sell your motorhome or campervan? A question to sell my motorhome often is with good reasons, often sad full of memories of places visited and not forgotten. So, let’s consider those many different reasons to sell your leisure vehicle. Well, you know you have been dying to get that brand new motorhome and part exchange your old one that is just one good reason to sell old faithful. Whatever the reason for selling your motorhome you can rely on “we buy any motorcaravan” to make you a cash offer. This is a solid way to sell any motorhome they will appraise and place a valuation on the phone. Organise a free nationwide collection and online payment.

Reason number 1 part exchange your leisure vehicle

Reason number one part exchange for a new or used motorhome or campervan. Part exchange is a reason for selling your motorhome or campervan and getting a good offer. Sometimes there are better prices to be had selling your leisure vehicle for a cash offer. Taking the discount on a new leisure vehicle may well be the main reason for selling motorhomes, campervans and caravans. That better offer is always a factor in selling your leisure vehicle to the highest bidder. The difference to change will always be a way of getting an idea of a top PX price. Look at adverts on leading websites that will help get an idea of the part exchange price you should accept.

Reason number 2 driving licence expiring

You never thought you would have to sell because the driving licence is no longer in place. So, driving for higher grades is stopped as medicals fail. The facts remain we are getting older, make sure you understand the driving licence regulations a point to begin. Others face the facts we have reached that time in our lives that its time to go on holiday and let others do the driving. You may still be able to downsize and drive smaller motorhomes to check out your motorhome insurance and seek help if needed.

Reason number 3 downsizing to campervan or smaller

The reality facing the fact downsizing is an option to continue the motorhome or campervan outdoors adventures. You may have a tag axel and want less payload and opt for a smaller, coach-built motorhome under the weight. Van conversions may be the ideal downsizing vehicle as van conversions are under 6 meters long and easier to choose. The next step down is a campervan VW campervans are so popular they are great for dual-purpose vehicles and offer ways to maintain using a motorhome or campervan, be it in smaller vehicles.

Reason number 4 is the lack of using it’s in storage

Surprisingly many people sell their leisure vehicles because they no longer use them. Before making that decision take a look at renting out your leisure vehicle. The goboony business model will help you hire out your motorhome and gets you some income from it. Not using any leisure vehicle can become a problem and just being out in all weathers and none use is not good. There are options of selling it at any time, but rental may be a good choice that extra income will pay for your motorhome insurance or help pay for a motorhome warranty.

Reason number 5 past its sell-by date

The cost of water ingress can be very soul-destroying if that also includes MOT failures and can make it hard to find a cost-effective repairer. Whilst they may be classic motorhomes, the maintenance is very high on old motorhomes. Often parts are no longer available. General MOT failures are about the chassis and normal wear and tear conditions, brakes, steering and electrics. No doubt the worse thing is tyre wear as the vehicle may have been in storage for a long time. The weight of a motorhome causes flat spots and cracks, hence the vehicle fails its MOT test, which results in a large bill to get back on the road.

Reason number 6 MOT failures

Like old houses, leisure vehicles need maintenance to maintain warranty obligations and are no different when keeping them in tip-top condition. They need to be maintained and have regular checks or they will no longer stay in tip-top order for longer. If you have a leisure vehicle, cleaning it may remain a challenge, especially a roof. At this point, it is time to move on before that sell-by date gets worse. Habitation checks soon flag up things that do not work and need attention, especially maintaining white goods, gas and electric appliances needing professional help. All this can be pointed out to a buyer. One thing that does cause concern is any form of water ingress or dampness it may be time to move on.

Reason number 7 storage costs

Yes, people often overlook these storage costs, as well as keeping it safe there is the aspect of being insured. Not to mention a visit from furry friends who find it a great place to live. Stuck in storage or on the drive at home the threat of theft gets greater than ever. Good secure storage is out there and it is a matter of finding the right place for you. There may come a time that the storage costs become too much to maintain whilst that friendly farmer always helps the motorhome insurance still needs to be in place adding to the costs. This results in a reluctant sale and happens to many people.

Reason number 8 peace of mind

Yes, people do grow older and sadly many fall ill and can no longer use their motorhome or campervan a sad day indeed. That is when the real professionals come in and provide a simple route to dispose of your motorhome or campervan. Providing a free valuation and collection including doing all the online change of ownership and transferring the funds directly into your bank. That real peace of mind service is all part of what “we buy any motorcaravan” do contact them on 01283 240237.

Reason number 9 any make or model

At “we buy any motorcaravan” will consider any make or model and in any condition. If you want to sell then rest assured we will want to buy only exceptional circumstances will stop us from making you an offer. Please provide as much detail about your leisure vehicle and we will be in touch with you ASAP.

Sell your motorhome

Sell your motorhome the easy way just call one of the top buyers of leisure vehicles in the UK “we buy any motorcaravan” or fill in the form and they will get back to you.