RV Recreational Vehicles

RV Recreational Vehicles

RV recreational vehicles USA Canada large motorhomes what does RV stand for it stands for RV recreational vehicles possibly the ultimate dream holiday awaits in an RV. Take off into the wild west and be independent maybe that trip/holiday in an RV rental is nearer than first thought? The appeal of buying an RV recreational vehicle may also be easier than first thought. There is plenty of RVs for sale online they are not all in the USA. However, that is the place to find a lot of them the ultimate RV is the luxury motorhome coach better known as luxury hotels on wheels. With the emergence of motorhome coaches the luxury end of RVs more tourists are looking at fly-drive. The RV market due to covid is back on track.

Class B and C RV Manufacturers

A way of describing the different RV classes;

  • Class B motorhomes – look like oversized vans better known as camper vans the idea a person inside is able to stand up
  • C Class RV – C class RVs come with distinctive sleeping compartments, over the driver’s cab
  • Fifth Wheel Trailers – there are variations on C class, as you can buy a c class, on a fifth-wheel trailer arrangement
  • Travel Trailers RV – similar to a UK caravan, that is pulled by a towing hitch. Airstream is a very famous name in travel trailers

In Europe the UK RV (recreational vehicles)

RVs are a little on the large side which has led to more interest in RV rentals. The ideal family fly-drive RV for the family is really growing in popularity this also leads to an ideal way to see how to get on with an RV. Try before buying seems an excellent idea when considering buying an RV. What types of RV fit your bill there are many themes to consider from the slide outsides to very powerful luxury motorhome coaches.

RV Marathon Coach Luxury Motorhomes

The leader in the field for ultimate luxury coach motorhomes has to be Marathon Coach with locations in the USA, the 3 outlets are head office in Oregon, Texas and Florida no doubt, these are amazing leisure vehicles.

RV recreational vehicles used RV for sale

Importing an RV into the UK

Online buying an RV recreational vehicle, maybe a little easier than first thought to import or export to a chosen location. As with any type of vehicle, they must comply with the country’s rules and regulations. Importing RV recreational vehicles obstacles to overcome when buying and importing an American RV recreational vehicle. There are some guidelines to follow regarding obstacles, that are not no insurmountable. however, do some homework on what is required. Start here with the vehicle-approved individual (IVA) information and guidelines. Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) UK the IVA consists of either a basic or normal importing procedure. Because of the difference in which the vehicle is going to be inspected in addition, there is going to be the requirement for documentary evidence. Therefore, finding an RV imported from the US will require a basic IVA  this will involve a visual inspection by the DVSA.

RV Recreational Vehicles RV Importing

RV Anomalies For Consideration

So, if you have purchased your RV in the USA, sales tax will have needed to be paid in the United States. Now for the bad news, if your import is to the UK, this may well incur import VAT and duty! However, fear not, as there are exceptions for those RVs, for example, if you have owned them for more than six months. For example, if you have been longer than a year owning the vehicle. The RV is of particular historic value, built before 1950, so, this may change things and needs more research.

Import Duties

Generally, UK import duty is 10% of the purchase price, converted to sterling, plus VAT. More homework is advisable here, to be certain of the costs based on the valuation and documentation.

RV recreational vehicles RV exporting

Importing and exporting any RV may become a science in itself. However, there is the matter of the logistics to get in place, for shipping your export to another country. Again, there are shipping specialists who can help you achieve this. There are plenty of import and export specialists for sending an RV overseas online. Good USA dealers are used to handling exports of recreational vehicles. It is not uncommon, to see USA RV owners, export their RV for a holiday and then drive it home!

RV Motorhomes For Sale

Do you have an RV motorhome for sale or would like to find one? Are you looking for something a little more sophisticated? Maybe you do want to buy a luxury motorcoach and need some sound advice. Just let us see if we can help you with no promises but we will give it our best shot!

Driving licences for RV recreational vehicles

When you set off on your RV adventure, be it buying or renting an RV, check what driving licence you need. This is important and will depend on when you passed a driving test. The key is before or after the 1st of January 1997. If you have a B driving licence, before the 1st of January 1997, you can drive an RV and trailer. However, the restrictions are that it is weighing up to a combined Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM) of 8,250 KG. Those who passed after the 1st of January 1997, may only drive an RV weighing up to 3,500 KG (MAM). Also, there is a separate category C1 driving test for MAM of up to 7,500 KG.

RV Class A RV manufacturers

There are many leading brands of A-class RV recreational vehicles to choose from famous iconic names, that immediately form part of the adventurer spirit of owning an RV. There are many variations and other RV A class manufacturers the leader board maybe looks a little like this;

  1. Marathon Coach
  2. American Coach
  3. Fleetwood
  4. Forest River
  5. Newell Coach
  6. Newmar
  7. Rexhall Industries
  8. Thor Motor Coach
  9. Tiffin Motorhomes
  10. Winnebago

RV recreational vehicles Class B & C 

Online find many different options to take out an RV rental this is about where would one like to take an RV holiday. The predominant places are the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Europe is now beginning to see the opportunity and in some areas of the UK there are leading RV Rental companies:

  • Apollo RV Rentals
  • Camper Rentals USA
  • Cruise America
  • Expedition Motor Homes
  • El Monte RV
  • Motorhome Bookers
  • Motorhome Republic
  • USA RV Rental
  • Road Bear RV Rentals
  • RV Share
  • RV Rentals USA