Scottish motorhome rentals

Scottish motorhome rentals, what a way to visit Scotland. So, you have brought your motorhome and decided that you want to go and have a motorhome holiday. Where better than to discover bonny Scotland? Maybe, you have not quite made up your mind yet? Now, why not take the easy way out and rent a motorhome? In Scotland, you are able to use two motorhome dealers and rent direct from them.

Scottish motorhome rentals starting out

OK, now you are good to go, where are you going to start? As with any motorhome adventure, you will need a plan. The motorhome for the rental will have most of what you need rentals come down to how long you have available to see Scotland’s historic places, mountains, lochs, coastal walks and highlands. You will need a bucket list to make sure you do not miss things. However, you will be able to choose if you are a family or just a couple, wanting a long or short Scottish break. Start with places you want to visit;

  1. Aberdeen
  2. Ayr
  3. Edinburgh
  4. Sterling
  5. St Andrews
  6. Glasgow
  7. Inverness
  8. Isle of Skye
  9. Perth
  10. Fort William
  11. Ullapool

Scottish motorhome rentals destinations

A place to start is with a look at the Visit Scotland website. Here you will find a raft of information, all about Scotland. What’s on and where to go. Just putting Scottish destinations into a satnav will provide food for thought. Scotland is also famous for its people. They are so friendly and welcome all tourists. If you are a motorhome owner, you will find them very helpful. Finding your way around Scotland will be an adventure in itself. The ups and downs of the places quite stunning. From the national parks to the lochs and the monster hunting awaits you in Inverness.

Scottish motorhome rentals i know Scotland

Finding out what Scotland has to offer will amaze you. You may have a vision of what you may find. However, what is Scotland well known for many, will say Scotch Whiskey? Visiting the distilleries will keep you busy. Bagpipes, you could learn to play them! Golf, some of the world’s best courses are in Scotland. History, Bannockburn and the battles between the Scots and English! The history and Over the Sea to Sky is an adventure in itself. Edinburgh and Glasgow are some of the best things to see in both places. The coastal paths and Aberdeen are not to be missed! The wonderful sea lochs, and the loch ness monster, will keep you busy. If you need help, then look out for the iKnow Scotland signs is a network of accredited visit Scotland partners, all with excellent local expertise. They provide excellent travel advice, and insider tips about the must-see attractions.

Scottish motorhome rentals key points

Here are some key points of what to expect of the Scottish motorhome rentals. If you have questions about Scottish motorhome hire? Visit the motorhome hire website for excellent information about how to book and what to expect. Here are some pointers;

  • airport pick up all close to Scotland’s airports
  • try before you buy a motorhome
  • excellent range of motorhomes
  • competitive motorhome rental prices
  • motorhomes are usually one year old or newer
  • most are pet friendly
  • unlimited mileage
  • no restrictions
  • no extra charges
  • European travel by arrangement
  • fully maintained
  • perfect for outdoor activities
  • ideal for golf events