Searching Motorhomes Online

Are you using voice search, do you ask or just type a question, when searching motorhomes online? That is the question and is typing a search becoming a thing of the past? Well, it sure looks like it is changing rapidly, as the power of voice search, is set to grow. Apparently, searches on Google by 2020 will be 50% made by voice search. Changing times, to say the least, what does that hold for selling motorhomes? Quite a lot, just try asking Google for “Italian motorhomes under six meters long” or try this one “buying McLouis Fusion motorhomes”.

So, has searching motorhomes online, just got a whole lot easier. The distinctive part of the search is how the voice recognition, picks up the pronunciation. For example, if you say “McLouie” instead of “McLouis” and it does not find what you meant. You will get frustrated, with the results. So, we are really getting close to making life so easy and safe. You could say that being hands-free, will also have a new meaning. However, will the motorhome industry be embracing the technology? Some seem to have a block, on learning that customers want real service.

Searching Motorhomes Online OK Google

Customers, deserve a lot of help and they want simple motorhome information. Especially, when they are spending so much money. What other purchases over £10K are sometimes made in the field at motorhome show, in the rain?  So, we believe, it will be speaking and not type, that will win in the end. However, there is a sting in the tail, apparently, the way we write text for content via articles will need good punctuation.

Searching Motorhomes Online Found It!

Let us take a look and try to understand, what is available. Google’s ‘Search by voice’ has been on Android since 2008! Also, on the homepage in Chrome from 2011. This is really simple to use, on your phone or tablet, just open the Google app and say “OK Google” or tap the microphone, then speak your search. On your desktop PC, it is easy to just click the microphone in the Google search box. Then away you go, tell it what you want to find and bingo there is the information.

Searching Motorhomes Online Changing Times

Why do we sound so excited? Because this has to be a huge leap forward in both time and experience. Especially, when looking for a motorhome. Just think about it, can you really remember all those payloads and dimensions? Ever been looking and getting the wrong ones? Just go for it “Auto-Sleeper Burford how long is it”? The payload for an Auto-Sleeper Kemerton?

Searching Motorhomes Online New Motorhome Specification

Just looking for a new motorhome, is hard enough! How much, what is the like for like comparison? Best motorhome finance, lowest cost motorhome insurance. Buying an extended motorhome warranty. Help! Now just try a few voice searches on what you need to know. You will be surprised, just how much you will find about buying a new motorhome. My point of all this is, we do not have to wait for the technology, which is already out there. What will the issues now revolve around? Again, it will be the motorhome dealers and motorhome manufacturers, who adopt voice search. They, in our opinion, will see the customers come along well informed. Also, a salesperson will be quick to realise the answer is in a quick voice search. So, much better information on motorhomes is just an ask away.

Searching McLouis Fusion

Just ask Google in Italian! Please describe a McLouis Fusion description “motorhome four-berth fixed beds with a rear garage”. Here is the answer,   “camper letti fissi a quattro posti letto con garage posteriore”. Now that has to be a cool way of making motorhome searches online! Searching motorhomes online just got easy.

Searching Motorhomes Online The Fast Way Finding Specifications

Searching Motorhomes In Italian

“Sono interessato a un McLouis Fusion sono bravi come dicono? Qual è il miglior rapporto qualità-prezzo camper italiano? McLouis Fusion, naturalmente”! Quite simply, “I am interested in a McLouis Fusion are they as good as they say? What is the best value for money Italian motorhome? McLouis Fusion of course” Just so easy that is a fact.

Searching Motorhomes Online The Fast Way Finding Specifications