Selling Motorhomes

Nothing lasts forever and motorhomes do get old whilst the facts remain either due to age or the simple fact is that you fancy a change then selling motorhomes need some careful planning the facts are that is important if you are to have a chance of selling then you need to prepare your motorhome for sale. The first thing to consider is how you are going to get your motorhome into the best condition possible to sell it, that means maybe some elbow grease is required making a plan may also help to get things done. Targeting selling motorhomes to private buyers, motorhome dealers or if you need the cash quick then selling in a motorhome auction may be a solution, there is no doubt that a clean well presented motorhome may well help attract a buyer.

Selling Motorhomes Cleaning

Firstly, a wash off may be a place to start this needs to be approached in the right way and choosing a good quality vehicle shampoo polish that will lift that grim off without a lot of effort don’t forget to concentrate on the windows and wheels where usually the worst dirt is, then make sure that the rest of the bodywork and the roof gets some attention. Remember a buyer may want to take a look at the state of the roof so have that roof ladder handy it will impress a buyer that you take the time to clean everywhere. Checking everything like the upholstery, carpets and curtains by using a vacuum, removing stains washing anything that isn’t clean is very important.

Selling Motorhomes Presentation

A good alloy wheel protector will keep those alloy wheels shiny even if using the motorhome while waiting to sell the motorhome it won’t take long to retreat them nearer a visit from a potential buyer. Now moving on make sure that the greywater outlet works there is nothing worse than the smell of stale water so clean the tanks well make sure and that there are no missing covers while you are at it.

Selling Motorhomes Accessories Extras

Check out when you buy a motorhome what extras can be purchased like the McLouis Fusion many are now standard this helps when selling motorhomes. The key to making sure that you have the basics is going to help for sure awnings, bike racks, reversing camara and sat navigation remain popular.

Selling Motorhomes